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11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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Internet Business – Make Money Blogging. The steps you need in order to start Making Money Blogging. How to make money online with your blog. If you’re not sure if your doing the right things for your business to make profits, this will clear up some of your questions.

I was already making money online and had ten websites that weren’t making any money for me. That was when I turned to media buying to make money online but I soon realized having a blog or site was VITAL to making money online! “Whaaat?”, yes you heard me right. If you want to make the most for your business and set yourself up for success you need to have a blog or site, period!

Forever ago when I was learning and taking business classes, my studies of the stock market businesses led me to something surprising. What I learned was that the most resilient companies had a moat! A moat is basically what protects a company from being copied, over-run (take overs) or becoming obsolete. One of the best examples of having a moat is McDonald’s. They have been copied but never outdone, emulated but they remain relevant among burgers and fast food year after year!

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

So for you own company you need a moat right? Yep! Only with your own site or blog your moat is your Internet Footprint and your own unique content! You’re invited to come along for the ride as I expand the blog experience and my reach. Sure you’ve heard the Google horror stories, penguins and such right? Sorry but penguins don’t worry me (but bears or sharks would work!). Good content doesn’t keep all of the sharks at bay, but don’t think that it’s not important. Reading my articles you should notice two things that you should do with your own articles:


  • A unique writing style, easy to read and understand. All my articles are written specifically to provide useful information for you.
  • I use the methods I mention, so each and every article has my own experience in it.

So having useful and unique content is great but it’s not enough to really make money online, you need to build traffic. One of the things I’m about to explain here I’m guilty of not doing but you will be able to see it soon (videos). Your unique content builds your audience and from there you will start to make money blogging. However if you don’t have a large footprint you have not optimized your business to it’s full potential.

Build Your Footprint –

Create your Social Media Footprint, it all starts with your site or blog. Keep in mind that the name of your site or blog is your brand. If your blog is called “Jane’s Blogging Secrets”, then the same name should follow among your Social sites. I recommend also having a company email account with the same name.

  1. Build your Social Footprint with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, Linked In Company Page, Google+ and YouTube. Be careful with setting up your Facebook Fan Page because some limitations exist. Get your individual Facebook and Google+ accounts tied to your company email, then create the Facebook Fan Page. For example, “” because you will have individual access a Fan Page alone will not. Your Google+ account is extremely important as Google will give you a better organic ranking from using your Google+ (yes it’s true, Google likes itself).
  2. Company pages should be done on Google+ and LinkedIn, your company pages can be with your company name if different from your actual site (domain), or blog. Just keep in mind that your LinkedIn Company page will be more of a hub for your business. Use it to primarily promote your “brand” as another way for targeted traffic to find your businesses.
  3. Each one of your Social Media pages will be linked to your web site and or blog. On WordPress sites or blogs this is done from your Dashboard in Settings (right below tools, in case you forgot where it was). You want to have much automation as possible so that the posts you put on site or blog is shared on your Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Google+ and also LinkedIn. Encourage your readers to take action with re-tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook and share/plus1 on Google+.

Capture Your Targeted Audience –

  1. You will need a Auto-Responder (I use AWeber and GetResponse) to install an Opt-In on your site. Look to also install your sign-up on your Company and Fan Pages too.

    Make Money Blogging02

    Make Money Blogging02

  • Send all of this traffic from your Social Media, Site or blog to your Opt-In/Sign-up. I have multiple lists and sign-ups so my example may be a little confusing. The key is that you want ALL of your targeted traffic to Opt-In to your list.
  • Start off with some automated emails (about 30 days to start with and build more from that). Your first automated email should be a “Thank you”, email that describes that you’ll be sending them a lot of useful information. You can vary the time of delivery for your automated emails. I like to space mine apart so that not more or less than two emails are delivered in the same week. I will also vary the time in days between the emails and split between giving useful tips and offers also. Use the Affiliate networks for your offers, Clickbank, Clicksure, Peerfly, or Amazon. Just make sure your offer is relevant to your niche, this is where you can make money blogging efficiently. Don’t blast your list too often with emails and always alternate between affiliate offers and valuable tips. Research and test, discover what works best for you. A good rule of thumb is remembering how many emails would be too much for YOU to get.
  • Now you need to offer your targeted traffic something of value for signing up for your list. Offer free e-books or videos for your traffic once they have signed-up to your list. “Get my free report on making making money online”, this is a “call to action” that gives away a free report on how to make money online. If you can it’s best to have at least 4 free giveaways, always give a great value with your free offers (yes it’s that important).

Media Engagement –

  1. Here’s the secret sauce to it all for making money blogging by using Social Media! Automation to post previews of your articles on your Social Media sites is one key toward getting traffic. A call to action can be written several different ways so take advantage of that, “want free tips, sign-up here”, “make money in 48 hrs here”, “sign-up to get your 2 free reports”.
  2. Have at least 10 pages of useful tips and articles on your site or blog but add to the site regularly. When you post a new article, record it to video and post to your YouTube channel. Consider how many different ways to present your post on your media sites. You can research this method by researching “article spinning”.
  3. Post to your Company pages twice a week and post to the other media sites every day. If you can post twice a day that’s the optimal number and you can see your engagement numbers increase with Tweets on the weekend at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock. Try to include in most of your posts images and video if you can. I use it’s free.
  4. Ask for re-tweets, likes, shares and keep driving the traffic to your sign-up. As you gain followers, follow them back and send them a personal “thank you” message. Post comments to the articles or discussions you like, sometimes just offering encouragement to a fellow blogger, Fan Page, Twitter poster, can add even more followers for you that you can send to your list.

Try these steps and you’ll be making online money before you know it. Feel free to email me if you encounter any issues or want more details on some of the steps. Keep positive and try to add a step every day. It does get easier the more you do these steps but you need to keep at it each day. To make money blogging sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?

To your success,