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Attraction Marketing, how you can grow your business and build a great responsive audience with your blog or site. Attraction Marketing is exactly what it sounds like, attracting people from your particular niche or market segment. In this article I describe how you can grow a responsive audience that will eagerly grab and share what you’re doing.

Have A Vision:



What is the goal of your business? Sell your own products, affiliate offers, get volunteers or anything else you need to know a few things for Attraction Marketing.  Growth of your business through your marketing efforts will show from interaction & responses by your audience. To get interaction and responses you need to have something more than just standard company information on your products. If your goal is to sell something you need to have a greater perceived value to give your audience:


  1. Identify who your audience is, average age, interests, single, married, etc. Some marketers call this info their “Avatar”, all it means is knowing all you can about who you market to.
  2. What are common problems of your audience that you can solve (lose weight, save time, improved golf swing, make more sales). Write these down and really get into it because this will help you to identify the value you will provide. A big key to Attraction Marketing success.
  3. Next you should be focused on building a list from your identified audience. An email list will be the resource of your business income. The actual bulk of your income initially will come from the real interactions you have with your list or the “follow – up”, this is where the big money is made.
  4. Figure your Vision end result or goal and build from the end backwards to the present.

Plan & Execute:



Now that you’re getting closer to your vision and know more about your audience let’s get into how your plan will be achieved with Attraction Marketing. The biggest value you can provide is by solving the issues of other people in your niche just like you were looking for! This is where you identify how to provide the answers, better & bigger does not work well but providing the common solutions will build your audience and list quicker!

  • Provide a solution with a “Lead Magnet”
  • Add leads to a list on a auto-responder, this is your newsletter
  • Provide continuous value on your Blog & Newsletter (your emails)
  • Direct your leads towards your vision through the newsletter
  • In it’s entirety this is the basis of your “Funnel”


Tools & Resources:

  • Make Capture/Lead pages for your Lead Magnet with this low cost system called MITSPages
  • Use an auto-responder like Aweber (what I use) or MailChimp (free until your list exceeds 500)
  • I could never include every detail in this (might end up being a book) so the last resource I wanted to list is my contact information. If you are just getting started with a blog and would like some 1 on 1 help just reach out and send me an email:

Would you like to learn what I do to help your business? My business is not for everyone but I know it is a positive life changing benefit. Do you dream of your own Home Business? Call me:

Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Attraction Marketing - Call Me

Attraction Marketing – Call Me

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Home Business Myths and finding success online. Have you joined multiple companies looking for the right one? Got into a Home Business that gave you high expectations then let you down? In most cases the reason it didn’t work for you is one of the Home Business Myths, knowing how a Home Business truly works. Here I will outline to you what need to learn about your business to really make it really work well.

Join The Best Company Myth:

A great company pays you commissions on time and has a complete great customer support system too. Some of the better companies for new marketers are “done for you” because many of the business parts are taken care of so that you can concentrate on getting leads into your business. What’s usually missing is having that one person of experience (Coach or Mentor who values YOUR success) to actually assist you in promoting you instead of the company . You should know people will join you when you are positioned to help them get leads and make sales in their company of choice. This gives you the leverage to later promote your company and make sales. So by having the leverage of value, which company you join and which offer you have doesn’t matter.

Get Your Offer In Front Of The Masses Myth:



“All you need to do is get your offer in front of hundreds every day & you will get sales!” Here is one of the biggest misunderstandings for new marketers..EVER! Why? The best results is that you will get 1 – 3% actually join your offer. Those leads will be sold much in the way that you were but what happens when you’re not making sales at a better rate? Disappointment follows and the same happens to your leads because there was never much value outside of your offer. When you offer real value, then those hundreds are grabbing the value your giving and will grab your offer too!

The Part Time Myth:

“In just a few hours a day you can make as much money as you want”, this too is a myth. How can you accomplish something you’ve never done before to get a result you have never had? This is another one of those things that can actually work for some but doesn’t work well for everyone. What’s the most important aspect of actually building a Home Business? Your “Personal Value Level”, you build it up to gain knowledge and experience.



Never Make Calls To Anyone Myth:

It’s great having a sales team from your Company making sales for you, I use it myself buuuut (new it was coming didn’t you). Read the example below the image:




  • Think about one of your Co-Workers wanting to buy a car your selling.
  • Can you imagine one of YOUR Co-Workers just walking up to you with cash in hand saying, “I’ll take it”?
  • Even people that know you don’t just “buy” from you without having a conversation about it, “how does it drive?”, “can I get it for less?” “anything else I need to know before buying?”.
  • You want to have conversations with your leads in order to better help them solve whatever there problems are. What better way to find out and build trust than letting leads know you really are who they think you are through live conversation by phone call, Google Hang-Out, Skype, etc.?

One the biggest struggles is getting leads consistently and this is my number one secret that helped me start getting leads: MITS PPC Course

Giving you value, I hope you enjoyed this one. I’ll talk to you again real soon!

Your Friend Glenn: P.S. Call Me, Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Business Frustration - Call Glenn

Business Frustration – Call Glenn



Home Blog – Comments, Latest Stuff & Updates, blah!

Whoa! What a week! I am soooo tired right now, (you say how tired are you?). So tired my dream was of having a dream of getting some sleep, (badda baa, mild audience claps). Ah so much for comedy, anyway some of you know that I intended to have a video running for the blog near the start of this January. Didn’t work out that way and I was slightly overwhelmed by doing something I had never felt the need to do. Yes I’m guilty of thinking it would be easy, man you all should have warned me! Now I know how geezers feel, because there was way more than I expected (get offa my lawn!) ha! First up, let’s talk comments!

Brain Fried My Blogging - Blogging Fried My Brain

Brain Fried My Blogging – Blogging Fried My Brain

What’s new in Comments –

  • As of this week I’ve been answering every approved comment, so if you didn’t see your comment here it was in the spam folder.
  • Again thank you for all of the praise, it let’s me know that I’m putting some useful stuff out there. Also means that this blog will continue to grow.
  • The blog is now averaging about 50+ views per hour right now so the amount of spam has increased also. Keep this in mind for your own sites and blogs. I use the Askimet plug-in that filters all of the spam and it costs about 5 dollars a month. Don’t just erase your spam folder without viewing what’s in there because some of that mail may be a real person trying to reach you. There are some spammers that will have a complete conversation with others using your web pages so delete those soon as you see them. Would you believe there was a spam message about Serotonin!
  • Last thing about comments, I welcome all comments! If you have a suggestion for articles or just need something in particular, let me know. I will do my best to get it to you quickly as I can, there was one comment where it wasn’t that clear what the writer was asking. I’m not sure but I think the writer was asking me to write some more on what to do after you have an offer. Anyone agree with that? Let me know.

What’s new G? – The Latest Stuff

  1. GTGuillory blog channel on YouTube! So you might be wondering, “why in the heck did the video take so long?”. Good question, here’s why: Research! Even with a video on “Tube”, you have to research your keyword phrase. Ranking, money site data (is there money in the keyword right now). So even though I had now idea of how to upload a video, write a script and complete a channel I did have a head start on a few things. Right now with what I learned and accomplished (440 clicks in the first 2 days! 122 views!), I’m working on a second video that will have a free giveaway with the same offer.Very first video for passive income: YouTube Video

    I'll call it "Passive Income"

    I’ll call it “Passive Income”

  2. Right now I’m working on a Traffic Building article, that will give you the A-Z of getting traffic for your blog or sites. Plus I’ve started compiling a resource guide so you can see some of the resources I use for most of the things I do to make profits online. It’s taking longer than I expected because I really thought my resources would be like a 12 line list (see I can admit when I’m wrong, really I can).
  3. Still trying to get a Facebook campaign up off the ground but I’m running out of time ( I’m really saying that my recent lack of sleep reminds me of college classes at 6 am on Saturday! Yeach!). I really want to get this one done and let you know how it works. Hopefully it makes a bunch of profits but sometimes “markieters” just have to do so many different things to know what will really work.

Updates & blah! –

Soon after I am done with the Traffic article, I already lined up even more projects to put into the Web! When does it ever stop? I know but I really do love it! Weird thing is my brain is always coming up with ideas, what if scenario’s and tons of different things on most days. It seems that every now and then where ever I’m at on the Internet I keep running into those Empowered folks. I’m not in that network for my own reasons because I had found success in different ways (as you know from my articles, “warning:more blatant promotion”). I just thought there has got to be something I can offer Empower affiliates to make things simpler for them too. Well I did find something, so if your curious about it and want a head start before I put it in a upcoming article, video, etc. Just shoot me an email from your company or personal email and I’ll send you a link. You’re going to want this one because it can increase your bottom line. Blogging to the world is the goal and bringing along all of those that want to learn how with me.

GTGuilloryblog City

GTGuilloryblog City

Please let me know how the articles here are helping your business, more and more to come!

Dedicated to your success,

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Traffic Lead Generation – Benefits In Your Inbox

Traffic Lead Generation – Benefits In Your Inbox

How to benefit and optimize Traffic Lead Generation from all those excessive emails that arrive in your email inbox. Why you’re getting so many emails since growing your online business through the Internet.

So here you are trying to get ahead with your Internet Marketing Business but you keep getting all those emails! What’s that all about?! Where are all these people coming from?

If you’re like me when I was getting started you’ve signed up for a few affiliate programs, blogs, forums etc. Suddenly you’re getting bombarded by tons of emails! Some go to the spam folder but most of them end up in your inbox! I get millions (not really but it seems like it) of these emails daily to my personal and company email. I actually spend time and go through all of them. Would it surprise you to learn that many of these emails are jewels for beginner affiliates and marketers?


Too Many Emails – At some point you actually agreed to receive emails from marketers and everyone of them should have a means for you to unsubscribe from their list. Some will prove difficult to keep out of your inbox but the others are from proven Internet Marketers. Many of those same people you already know or will find out have tons of success. Do they send you emails everyday? The answer will be no for most of them but they send just enough to keep their readers (you) engaged. So they send you promotions and tips once a week or so because it’s part of their marketing campaign and makes money.

How To Benefit From The Emails – Last month I was listening to another millionaire marketer and he explained to me that sometimes he will ignite a new funnel with emails before the campaign launch. He sometimes loads up his auto responder with many as 2 years worth of emails! Here’s how you can apply the success of those marketers to your own business:

  1. First and foremost you must have something to market such as your offer or product (an offer that converts sales and adds to your email list), landing pages and a auto-responder list that you are building (or website newsletter). This is your “funnel” and you should be ALWAYS active in building your list.
  2. The biggest action for you outside of building your list is engaging the people on your list. You do that by sending emails to them at least twice a week. Give them deals and great tips they can use to help them solve their own problems (this works in any niche). This is one reason for them to STAY on your list and builds their trust in you as an expert.
  3. Maybe you need help getting started with ideas to send your list or find writing doesn’t come so easily. The gold is right there in your inbox! Almost everything you need and could ask for, it’s like having an email coach! Pick a few of the marketers that you like and find their tips and offers useful. Then every time they send you an email that’s your alarm to send a broadcast to your own list! You can emulate the same subject or offers but make sure you research it to offer your own unique take and increase your own expertise!

You will find that some of those offers found in emails (monetizing your list) from other marketers are exclusive to them and you can’t offer the same product. Just find another offer that converts from your own network, you should also be an affiliate for more than one network just for this reason. Traffic Lead Generation will come from you promoting and building your list. Monetizing that list is a big part of your business profits. If you haven’t heard it yet, “the money is in the list”.

Do your research, every successful marketer regardless of niche or product shares in the habit of testing and tracking most every thing to make it work better. Traffic Lead Generation gets potential customers to your web sites, landing pages and affiliate offers. You want to keep those members within your list and you continue to grow it and yourself. Get qualified for a system that really works, click here if your serious about making money:

To Our Success,