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Here are the Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online. I wish I understood this when I started so this article is intended to get you ahead of the game. Follow these steps if you want to avoid some of the struggles most have in trying to establish a Home Business with these Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online.

There is no particular order to these but you do need to understand that all of these things are important. It doesn’t matter if you plan on learning paid or free strategies because you need to understand that there is so much to learn. Just concentrate on never stopping to learn about your chosen business and implementing what you learn.

1) Get To Know & Become The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money - The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money – The Best You

Top Leaders, CEO’s other successful people have certain qualities and you must see some of these qualities in yourself. Often I look at successful people as champions and actors, they become what they desire most. You need to be the best you online by showing you have top leader qualities too, you should always appear to be the alpha in the room. Not by being the loudest, smartest or biggest presence in the room but by being noticed as someone who not only helps others and has the knowledge

2) Finding Your Knowledge In The Market

You really need to have resources to keep current and to catch up to other leaders. You don’t have to be an expert but you can become one (you won’t know when it happens until long after it does). Use books, pod casts, groups on Social Sites, forums and sign up to a few email lists in your niche. Don’t overwhelm yourself with grabbing too many all at once. Get a few and as you learn to share the knowledge you learn then add more. You need to focus on identifying the greatest challenges that people just like you face in your market the most. Concentrate on knowing the solutions by trying them yourself, this is knowledge you will be able to share with the people that start following you.

3) Success Has Nothing To Do With ANY Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Not Your Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Not Your Offer

I’ve personally tried many different methods, systems, networks & companies to make money online. Even though I had some success with some of them I couldn’t sustain and grow my results. I thought I just had yet to find the right offer. This was one of my own struggles because I didn’t know then that it was my own skills that weren’t on par for success. For every success Making Money Online, there is a string of failures behind them. Until they built up their skills, plus they had great mentors and paid for a great Coach. Part of your spending in this business is for your own education, never hesitate to invest in yourself. Knowledge is only power if you know how to use it. Generating leads, selling your products are revenue generating activities and you have to learn “how” to do them daily.

4) Reach Out & Communicate

No matter how many people sign-up for your sites or respond to your ads and buy stuff you will rarely make enough to fire your boss that way. You must learn how to profit even when someone tells you no or maybe. Making Money Online is all about communication and the more people you can actually talk to about your business on the phone or in person the more you will succeed. Also reach out to other marketers that are willing to share tips and experience with you. Not all of them will, but you only want those that see in you similar qualities they identify having too.

5) Other Marketers Are Your Biggest Buyers

When you get sold on a system or offer you might think that it’s right for everyone. Truth is that most people won’t have any idea what they’re getting into so the few that do join will be lost or just give up. Be the problem solver, not the “hey my company is better than yours”. Take this example on why other marketers just like you will be your biggest buyers:

  • Other marketers in your market are already familiar with your niche
  • You both have experienced the same or similar struggles
  • You provide a solution to those struggles and find these are the “hungriest leads”
  • When your solution works well for them they are even more willing to try your offer

6) Don’t Sell, Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Communicate

Forget all that sales stuff, who wants to talk to a salesperson? Would you believe that marketers are still taught to try and sell to their friends, family and everyone else within 3 feet? It’s true, you would just run the other way when you see that person coming! The truth is that actually works for some people but it doesn’t work well for everyone. Don’t “Always Be Closing”, this is the wrong mentality! You really want to “Always Be Opening”! People want truth, answers & results! Give it to them and they will be calling you daily to get that value. Other leaders in your company will be asking you “how do you do it?” Be part of the conversation and offer value, people are attracted to value. The value you build is from all those things about your market that you consistently learn every day to share with those that follow you, sign-up for your lists & newsletters, track you on Social Sites, all of them are part of your Team. Reserve the biggest details and successes with those that join your Team, the ones on the outside looking in should get value but try to keep it basic because you really don’t know what level they’re at until they join you and you can talk with them personally. No one has ever made big success with any Home Business without help..think about that for a moment.

7) Consistency Is King

“Build it and they will come”, well even that came from a movie with advertisements, stars going on the talk circuit and people talking about it. That’s how you have to approach Making Money Online, get your products and solutions out to the people who want & need them over and over! Do you follow any successful blogs? How often are new posts put up? I’m not saying that you need to put up daily content on a blog but where ever you do that should be your goal. Put out great content (value again) on a consistent basis, at a minimum you should put out value every week with the goal of being able to put out interesting niche related content multiple times a week. Every successful marketer on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. puts out useful content on a consistent basis. Work your way up to doing this.

8) Traffic Is Not Leads

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Get Traffic

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Get Traffic

Imagine your business helps people wanting to look better by removing the appearance of fat in a matter of 10 minutes. So you set up shop at the beach, showing off your toned body from using the product and your competition sets up shop in the downtown business district. Who is more likely to make sales if you and your competition are at the same skill level? You will because more people who are actually thinking about their looks and appearance will be in that location and not in the busy downtown district. Just because many people are looking at your product doesn’t mean you will sell more. Targeted Leads are buyers and Traffic is more like window shoppers. Even people looking for handouts know where the best targeted leads are, they’re usually where all the business pedestrians are because those are their targeted leads. You need to identify who will need and buy your stuff. Write down what their average age is, are they most likely male, female or both, do they have children, homeowners, what do they do for fun? Knowing who your targeted leads are and how to market to them will guarantee Making Money Online. You can’t just stop there though, keep compiling data until you know much as possible about who looks for what you have to offer.

9) Results Are Not What You Expect

The vast majority of every Home Business owners don’t make it, many quit because they couldn’t generate any results. The real fact is that many that quit did have results they just didn’t know what to look for. One thing I like to teach is that doing the same strategy with paid methods will take 3 months to see profit (that’s the minimum result). Just because you’re not making sales doesn’t mean you aren’t making a difference, you still have to be consistent and nothing happens overnight. Using the so called “free methods” take much longer and still produces results but most often they still won’t be sales or income.

10) You Will Fail And Fail, & Fail Again

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - You Will Fail

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – You Will Fail

I would be willing to bet that no one ever told you this before even though it’s been right in front of you for long as you’ve been researching Home Business or Making Money Online. Remember this, “behind every successful marketer is….a ton of failures”. Doesn’t every successful Online Entrepreneur have a story about how they failed before they “figured it out”? The answer is yes, so keep your competitive juices going by acknowledging that struggling and failure come with the territory. Keep at it, “don’t ever stop, keep pushing”.

Where’s the comment Bro?! If you liked this post, leave a comment below (I thrive on comments). Have a suggestion for a related subject? I respond to all personally.

See you next time, your friend,


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Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Contact Glenn

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Contact Glenn

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The Year In Review

The Year In Review, where I’ve been, where I’m going & where would you like to go? I’m using “The Year In Review” as a perspective on my future in the blogosphere (no it’s not a word, but I’m going with it). Going to do my best to get my readers up to date and give you more to expect from me in the coming year! Looking back, I can see now the progress I’ve made but there is still a long way to go for me and I really want to bring along many others with me.


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Call Glenn


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Make Money Blogging – Go Big Before It’s Too Late!

I’m my alter ego Nostro-Gen-us (who said I can’t have more than one?) with a dreaded prediction for your business future (key wicked witch cackle!). I’ve got a few tales for you about the state of the Internet/Online business in the not so far away future! Do you know what’s coming, even if you do ARE YOU PREPARED?!


Future Telling

future telling

future telling

You have heard this saying I’m sure, “Go Big or Go Home!” Or how about this one, “If you can’t run with the Big Dogs, get off the porch!” Well I’m telling you soon those statements will apply to every online business, my business, your business, heck almost every small ownership on the net will soon be threatened right out of their profits! I’m not trying to rattle your chain or send you to a BUY NOW button, no far from it (okay I am trying to rattle your chain but it’s for your own good, don’t ‘cha believe me?). It’s actually the natural progression of every industry. Only instead of going home it will be more like go away!

The Big Dogs Run – Always Getting Bigger

Big Dog Taking Over

Big Dog Taking Over

The Mom & Pop Stores are almost completely gone, Corporate Business has taken over nearly every market. When is the last time you listened to a locally owned radio station in any city? It happens in every market, once they know there’s money to be had the Big Dogs move in and move you out. Hear how those that started Marketing Online far back as 2004 talk about how many times Google laid the smack down on them and they had to start over? Well one thing they don’t mention (no not because they’re old, get offa my lawn!) is that EVERY thing was cheaper too. Advertising, email lists, services etc. could be had for pennies! So why is it more expensive and harder now? Because the user’s are willing to pay more! Take a look at the prices on popular search keywords, can you afford to pay 5-10-100 dollars for that kind of advertising? It’s become so expensive because now even Big Banks advertise online! Where does that leave me and you? Out in the cold? There is one thing that’s preventing the Big Dogs from putting us all out in the cold so far, something you already know…You can’t throw lots of money at the Internet and expect great returns! You can have the prettiest blog around and buy tons of paid for content but it won’t make you a dime! You can buy media for months straight and still not make a sale! So we still have time to make our fortunes before the Internet Time Bomb explodes on us!

Internet Business Time Bomb

Internet Business Time Bomb

Social Media Vamp

Social Media Vamp

How To Beat The Explosion

I don’t know his name (whatshisname) but I was watching a news program and one of the features was about how this star from “Vampire Diaries” had a Social Media company working for him. With the help of his Social Media people, he has turned his millions of followers into endorsements and conversions! Wish I could afford that Social Media guy, but hey I don’t have the million followers yet!

Learning From The Best

Learning From The Best

An alternative to hiring a Social Media or even Traffic Guru is to leverage OUR business with success. Nothing will get you success online bigger and better than having someone who already makes giant profits online helping you. Find a program, contact someone willing to teach you not what to do but “how to do it successfully”. Having a one on one Coach will make your business explode beyond where you are right now!

No it’s not easy at first because it might take you getting on the phone or even do what I’ve done and beg sometimes (hey it worked, stop judging me). You’re going to make mistakes in this Biz, I have and will make more (look away, I’m hideous!) so why not make fewer mistakes with experienced help? Be careful though as most online profiteers charge more than most can afford, some charge $50k for one on one training! Find a peer to help by first building your own network between people in the biz.

Get In Contact

Get In Contact

Get In Contact – Explode Your Brand:

  1) Reach out and communicate, you might be surprised to find that even many big time money makers will talk to you! The easier and not as expensive route is to build up your network, that goes hand in hand with building your audience and reaching out to other marketers. Start going to marketing events! Any events happening near your location? Another surprising fact is that there is a higher number of online marketers that go on to success after attending those marketing events and take action! Don’t you want to be the next?

2) You can also send your business into the next gear by getting calls from your prospective clients/customers. This can be extremely difficult at first but for those that want to be on YOUR team or buy something from YOU will be more receptive with someone they can talk to (insert YOUR smiling face here). You might be surprised how many contact requests I get asking if I’m a robot or automated response system. Add your contact information such as phone number (or Skype name), ONLY to potential client/customers from your funnel that are engaged in what you offer. Most important (here comes the hardest part) is you will have to be available for those calls. You can also hire a team once you have built your own experience with calls. Simply start writing scripts on what works and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale of your product, or what ever service you are providing.

Clock Is Ticking

Clock Is Ticking

The bottom line is all of us that are pursuing success online are on the clock and time is ticking down. Finding success is still a difficult journey even when you are already on the right path. For every successful online biz 98% of them had someone of experience and success that guided them in some way. I have a 6 & 7 figure Coach/Partner helping me with my own business right now. Yes I do understand not everyone can go the same route that’s why I also want you to know that the sooner you can go big making money blogging, making money online with your business the better.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn

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The Traffic Clause – Sign Here

How to get traffic to your site or blog, more ideas to increase your traffic. For most “markieters” the very first stumbling block is “how to get” increased traffic to their sites and offers. Face it, the first time with your site or blog online you were hoping for a great big Traffic jam on your site! Then reality smacks you with the fact that most of us are just like “road landmarks” at our first sites. No one stops by to see how you’re doing, and they don’t even stop to take pictures! You need big time Traffic! In order to get there you have to start building up what you already have. This method will help put you on the path to eliminate the traffic nightmare!

Get Traffic

Get Traffic

There are a few blogs that I follow when I have time, I remember distinctly what one of them wrote and wanted to write something that would help. The blogger had written this, “A big shout out to my followers..all three of you!”. I thought it was hilarious! After wiping the laughter tears from my eyes I thought “I can help there, bloggers want traffic just like marketers”.

Traffic Building – The First Step In Your Niche or Hub Site

  1. Know your niche, find your subject/know your subject, match it to a niche. Does that make any sense? Probably not so I’ll explain, some of you will know what type of site you want. If that’s the case then you need to find what niche it belongs to. Getting started and having a choice of something you enjoy to make it a money making site may seem monumental. Don’t worry, it’s just a little hill and we will get over it fairly easy! All this means is you need to find your money making keyword phrase. So for your site or blog you must decide if you want/need a niche site or hub site. A niche site will rank specifically for ONE keyword phrase and a hub will rank for multiple keywords.
  2. Keyword Planner

    Keyword Planner

    Search for (if you don’t already have it bookmarked) Google AdWords, or Keyword Planner. If you have never been to Google you will have to register for an account but everything is free and you won’t have to spend any money here (unless you create a miracle ad that gets past the stringent requirements) and order some ads. This has been set up by Google for two purposes, to better encourage utilizing their ads and confuse the heck out of someone who has never done this before! Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Next go to the tools and analysis and pick the drop down for the keyword planner. You will find about 4 initial choices here and you will need to play around with them to get familiar (won’t you teach someone this eventually?).

  3. Next will be what we actually came here for, which is getting specific keywords to rank for on your site, blog, ads, videos, etc. Did you know that your keywords would be applied to that much? Let me tell you now and this may be the first time anyone has but this can take ALL DAY if you’ve never done it before. As you can see in the screen shot we searched for volume of the keyword, “bass guitar”.

Getting Started With Keywords – Do it right every time!

I’ve done something here on this site as an example but always keep in mind that this site is not the average “free” method site. I use a combination of free and paid methods for traffic but not everyone has a budget for that. Any way I used a negative keyword on this site two or three times just to see what would happen. I actually ranked on the first page for a little while with “markieter”. Do you remember the blogger I mentioned? Well after I stopped laughing at his joke, I looked around at some of his articles and the about page. What stood out to me was he plays and teaches some basics about Bass Guitar. So we are going to use that in our steps to see how to get your sites and blogs ranked.
*NOTE: Using Google search to check your keywords will give priority to local businesses and ads ranked first if your profile/location are known (check your Google profile if you have one).

  1. Sign into your Google adwords account or create a new account: Google Adwords Keyword Planner . I want you to really understand that your keyword is important for not just free search traffic but applies to Media Buying for ads and also for domains. If you want to rank and get free traffic (niche site), you want the advantage of having your domain name include your keyword too. Or if you will have a hub site with different offers from the same niche and you need the keyword phrases you want to rank for. The best reason for this is to have your site name EXACTLY the phrase that’s searched for in the search engine, minus your dot whatever. This is also why some larger marketers and site flippers buy up domain bundles, the keyword phrase with every dot variation available! You can get domain bundles from but I’m getting to far ahead.
  2. Go to the Tools and Analysis Tab, choose the drop down “Keyword Planner”. Next you will see 4 choice tabs in the planner, we are looking for volume of our keyword. Make sure you check the “choice options” on the left hand side for the following: Targeting tabs should be, United States/English/Google/Negative Keywords. The U.S. is your biggest targeted market(you can choose others but this is my general choice), English is the choice language (unless your marketing multilingual offers and sites), Google is the search results your looking for and negative keywords because we don’t want anything overlooked when first getting ideas. Leave the filters and options blank or at zero, we will change that later as you narrow down your keyword. So type into the search bar your niche, for this example we are searching “bass guitar”. Click on “Get Ideas”, and all the related keywords will show.
  3. Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    The next step will be to leave the keyword planner alone for now as we start with another tool. Never stop here and try to rank for your keyword at this point! Now you’re going to open up the one tool that will give you the “details”. Market Samurai is one of the best kept secrets to free traffic, go ahead and download the free version here: Market Samurai Free. You will need your user & pass info for Adwords to enter into Samurai. After your download and have the program open it’s time to get started. First in Samurai click on “create new project” and enter the following: The keyword we got good volume from keyword planner, enter it again in the “title” line. Then in the language/region line make sure it is english and united states. Next click the “create” button and the page in Samurai will refresh with some new choices. On this page click the choice for “keyword research”.

  4. Next if this is the first time using Market Samurai you will need to enter your “Google Adwords” info and after that click “generate keywords”. You will next see a pop-up window in the software that tells you it’s pulling your keyword data from Google. Next the page shows you around 800 or so keyword phrases, so now we need to get rid of the ones we don’t want. Click on “Keyword Analysis” near the bottom right corner for the next step.
  5. Market Samurai Settings

    Market Samurai Settings

    This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Look at the screen shot here, enter these exactly:                                               1. Local SEO Traffic = 10
    2. Phrase-to-Broad = 20
    3. Make sure ‘Adwords CPC’ is checked. (You will see how much people are paying for the keywords in Adwords)
    4. SEO Comp = 100000
    5. Make sure ‘Title Comp’ is checked. Also below that double check these are correct- Match Type: Broad, Period: Daily, Filter: Normal. Now click “Analyze Keyword”. Now the software is getting rid of the keywords that are too difficult to rank for.

  6. Now that the list has been narrowed down to some great keywords, you want to look in the “SEOT” column for keywords greater than 1,000 but less than 20,000. You select them by clicking the box to the left of the keyword but be careful in this step. Avoid phrases that contain words like “free”, or “easy’, for the majority of these you have to use your judgment. Most people searching with the words “free” or “easy” are hard sells and most likely not buyer traffic. Once you have picked the keywords you want click the drop-down box near the left bottom corner “Actions On Selected”, and pick “Open In New Tabs”. Now you will see your new keywords in tabs near the top of the window, click on the first one.
  7. You will get the choice page again, click on “Keyword Research” and start the same process all over again. Remember this is narrowing your search to “money keywords” that you should be able to rank for, my S.E.O. mentor calls this “drilling down”. What is the most important in this process is that you want at least 10 to 20 secondary keywords even if you have found your keyword phrase. Also remember the “free & easy” rule and every keyword phrase you should be able to use in a sentence. There are two other aspects to look at for these keywords, SEOT – Look for numbers 800 + and SEOTC – from 1,000 to 20,000. Numbers higher than that will be too competitive and difficult to rank for.
Search Your Keyword

Search Your Keyword

Once you have those keyword phrases check the boxes of the ones that your satisfied with and click “export”. The software will allow you to save the list to your desktop. Then before you buy a domain or write articles for your keyword(s) do a search on them in Google and see if any ads show up. The ads are a sure sign that you have a “money keyword”, you can see the keyword I drilled down to was “warwick bass ibanez”. With your Backlink Vision you can also “peek” at the competition and see the average links, page & domain authority and Alexa rank to confirm how easy you can get ranked with your keyword!

Dedicated to your success,

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Home Blog – Comments, Latest Stuff & Updates, blah!

Whoa! What a week! I am soooo tired right now, (you say how tired are you?). So tired my dream was of having a dream of getting some sleep, (badda baa, mild audience claps). Ah so much for comedy, anyway some of you know that I intended to have a video running for the blog near the start of this January. Didn’t work out that way and I was slightly overwhelmed by doing something I had never felt the need to do. Yes I’m guilty of thinking it would be easy, man you all should have warned me! Now I know how geezers feel, because there was way more than I expected (get offa my lawn!) ha! First up, let’s talk comments!

Brain Fried My Blogging - Blogging Fried My Brain

Brain Fried My Blogging – Blogging Fried My Brain

What’s new in Comments –

  • As of this week I’ve been answering every approved comment, so if you didn’t see your comment here it was in the spam folder.
  • Again thank you for all of the praise, it let’s me know that I’m putting some useful stuff out there. Also means that this blog will continue to grow.
  • The blog is now averaging about 50+ views per hour right now so the amount of spam has increased also. Keep this in mind for your own sites and blogs. I use the Askimet plug-in that filters all of the spam and it costs about 5 dollars a month. Don’t just erase your spam folder without viewing what’s in there because some of that mail may be a real person trying to reach you. There are some spammers that will have a complete conversation with others using your web pages so delete those soon as you see them. Would you believe there was a spam message about Serotonin!
  • Last thing about comments, I welcome all comments! If you have a suggestion for articles or just need something in particular, let me know. I will do my best to get it to you quickly as I can, there was one comment where it wasn’t that clear what the writer was asking. I’m not sure but I think the writer was asking me to write some more on what to do after you have an offer. Anyone agree with that? Let me know.

What’s new G? – The Latest Stuff

  1. GTGuillory blog channel on YouTube! So you might be wondering, “why in the heck did the video take so long?”. Good question, here’s why: Research! Even with a video on “Tube”, you have to research your keyword phrase. Ranking, money site data (is there money in the keyword right now). So even though I had now idea of how to upload a video, write a script and complete a channel I did have a head start on a few things. Right now with what I learned and accomplished (440 clicks in the first 2 days! 122 views!), I’m working on a second video that will have a free giveaway with the same offer.Very first video for passive income: YouTube Video

    I'll call it "Passive Income"

    I’ll call it “Passive Income”

  2. Right now I’m working on a Traffic Building article, that will give you the A-Z of getting traffic for your blog or sites. Plus I’ve started compiling a resource guide so you can see some of the resources I use for most of the things I do to make profits online. It’s taking longer than I expected because I really thought my resources would be like a 12 line list (see I can admit when I’m wrong, really I can).
  3. Still trying to get a Facebook campaign up off the ground but I’m running out of time ( I’m really saying that my recent lack of sleep reminds me of college classes at 6 am on Saturday! Yeach!). I really want to get this one done and let you know how it works. Hopefully it makes a bunch of profits but sometimes “markieters” just have to do so many different things to know what will really work.

Updates & blah! –

Soon after I am done with the Traffic article, I already lined up even more projects to put into the Web! When does it ever stop? I know but I really do love it! Weird thing is my brain is always coming up with ideas, what if scenario’s and tons of different things on most days. It seems that every now and then where ever I’m at on the Internet I keep running into those Empowered folks. I’m not in that network for my own reasons because I had found success in different ways (as you know from my articles, “warning:more blatant promotion”). I just thought there has got to be something I can offer Empower affiliates to make things simpler for them too. Well I did find something, so if your curious about it and want a head start before I put it in a upcoming article, video, etc. Just shoot me an email from your company or personal email and I’ll send you a link. You’re going to want this one because it can increase your bottom line. Blogging to the world is the goal and bringing along all of those that want to learn how with me.

GTGuilloryblog City

GTGuilloryblog City

Please let me know how the articles here are helping your business, more and more to come!

Dedicated to your success,

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making money online

making money online

Making Money Online – Getting Started After You Have A Product Offer

Now that you’ve found an offer (affiliate offer or your own creation), and you know it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Woo hoo! What do you do now? Here is how to get started once you have an good converting offer!
NOTE: Getting started your offer needs to have at a minimum: High converting landing/capture pages, alternate offers (pages that encourage Opt-In and/or sales when visitor chooses to leave the 1st page), and most of all Opt-In to capture emails to your list (also called a lead capture page). Offering your own product should also have a means to capture the emails of interested buyers.

  • Never have any offer that doesn’t allow you to capture emails to your list.

With your offer know that you will undoubtedly get more visitors to the offer, than you will generate sales for it (typical for your first). Depending upon the offer and the amount of control you have towards the capture pages, diversity can be your best friend. Having multiple styles of the offer (capture pages, ads), allows you to split test against subtle differences to the offer. This can be different colors to your backgrounds, varied images and slightly different ad copy (one of my mentors is making “smooch” lips increase conversions!). If you’re using media buying ads with your offer, a good rule of thumb is to have at least 10 – 15 or more variations of the ad to find the winning combination.

Split testing and tracking –

  1. Even if you’ve never done an A/B test before it’s something that every marketer that makes money has, so you want to get started doing this and gain your own experience. What ever you feel the most comfortable with for your ads, this can be Solo’s, JV Partnerships, Swaps with other sites or blogs and text ads. Once you’ve started sending small amounts of traffic to the offer you’re going to use your variations. Remember this is a testing phase so limit the size of exposure to keep costs down. This testing will show you which variations perform better for sales, Opt-Ins, buyer locations and even more data than I have room to mention here. The goal is to identify what variation works best and where your traffic is actually coming from. The best performing variation will be your main choice to send the traffic to. MITSPages is another great resource for capturing leads, making sales, etc. The best part is you can use the free version (one time only $1 charge).
  2. Sometimes you will encounter having two or three of your variations that are extremely close in their performance. You will still want to go with the best performing variation but you can take an element of the best to tweak and test the other variation again.
  3. One of the biggest benefits of affiliate offers is most of the testing for the best converting pages has been done for you! The negatives are that most affiliate offers don’t allow you to change anything if at all, and all that testing was really for the creator benefit more so than for the affiliate. That benefit of control goes to having your own offer but you have to do all the initial split testing yourself. Find an offer of similar qualities to help your own, you can use or for insights but I don’t recommend long term use of these for beginners because it can be an expense your business won’t pay for right away.
  4. The mantra of many successful marketers is “always be testing”! Doing this gives you experience to quickly identify who, what, when, where & how. Who is your target audience, what factors can be attributed to your audience, when the best times occur for marketing to your audience and where your audience is in the web. The “how” is figured out from a combination of all the other factors as you determine your audience. For example if you’re marketing a weight loss offer, your audience will be primarily female and ages 35 – 60 (pretty close). Example: marketing a weight loss offer to males 25 – 40 years old would not be the best optimization of your offer, you might even end up losing money! Know your audience!
  5. Tracking the clicks to each page from your offer pages, ads, articles and sites is one of the greatest needs of marketing (try bitly and/or tinyurl). Tracking allows you to get data from your tests and lets you build easy links. A tracking pixel allows you to insert into your offer pages a tracking to help you collect click-through rates and performance of different pages in your offer and allows re-targeting. I used to use pixels with my ads but I now use Facebook (they have tracking pixels too), for my links. Both allow you to track conversions, create trackers for pages and give you reports on all the data collected.

Setting Up Your Auto-Responder –

  1. Your Opt-In is usually in the first page of the offer, the data you actually collect is up to you. I usually just set mine up for first name and email address but some affiliate offers and different niches may require you to collect more data. For instance a lead collecting offer my require you to provide first & last name, email address, age and phone number of each lead to collect your commission. Placing your Opt-In on the page is usually just simple as copy and pasting the code from your auto-responder. Other times it can prove confusing for me (can’t explain it but sometimes I don’t get it), if you can find a good tech free lancer they usually don’t charge much to do this.
  2. The auto-responder has already had you to name this list and personalize the “Thank you” response before creating the code to install onto your page. After the install, go back to your auto-responder and start building your down/up selling emails and thank you page (most auto-responders have a thank you after your leads confirm the Opt-In). Recommend that you set a personal “Thank you” email set to “send immediately” after someone signs up. This can be done in the “follow-up” series for the list in your auto-responder dashboard. I really like Aweber, that’s what I use and you can get started building your list with Aweber here and your first month will only be $1: Get Aweber Here

Getting Traffic To Your Offer –

This is without a doubt THE area that everyone has a problem with at some point in their business. Even those offers that tell you “no site, no experience required”, are a bit misleading. Why? Because you will need every benefit at your disposal to market your offer for traffic! If you don’t have money or your budget is so small it can only be seen under a microscope, you want every advantage you can get!

  1. Use every free traffic source at your disposal:
  • S.E.O. niche marketing with a free blog advertising your offer
  • Forums marketing, active participation in the forums for your niche (approx. 10 – 20)
  • Press releases, use multiple free services. Understand that this is just putting you and or your offer out among the Internet and will release itself as basically your article or snippet. Treat these as if you were writing a great article that captures peoples attention and makes them feel THEY NEED what you’re offering, (many services will not accept without a site/domain or URL)
  • Article writing, most of the popular article magazines (I have used the most), will publish a limited number of your articles for free. They already have traffic looking for great articles, join 4 – 6 of these free publishing sites. Write an article related to your niche EVERYDAY, spin the article slightly for each site. Some of the sites will check the Web to make sure your article hasn’t been published before somewhere else (another service that will not work without a reference URL/site or blog).
  • Social Media is a great free marketing tool, Pinterest, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Twitter, too many to name! Even if you’re already on these sites you can still use them for your business. Set up a company email (don’t forget to check it often) and tie your social sites to the company email. Here’s the secret sauce (one that I didn’t know myself) if you’re just getting your business up choose your name wisely. Unless YOUR name is directly related to your niche (my first name is actually money, lol). Choose something that goes with your keyword phrase as your company name, email address, etc. Why? It will give you more back link juice because you will be starting out with more links and help kick start your authority.
  • Google+ and YouTube I have listed separately because it’s just that important. Google is the number one search engine and does the most important page ranking. Page ranking equals traffic, so link your site or blog with a Google+ page. YouTube information should have it’s own article but since I still haven’t posted videos yet it wouldn’t make much sense. Did you know that you can blog on YouTube? Yes! Here’s the thing, and this just started late 2013 in a serious way. Do a Google search of your niche (or any popular niche), video’s are ranked in Google search! That means another free means of Traffic! You want to make sure that the videos you make for the offer contain your offers link and keyword phrase in the description.

These tips I’ve outlined here will help you make money online! Always do your research, marketers that have a mid-sized audience will be the ones you want to emulate and or out rank. The world wide web is the greatest tool ever created and there is so much information to be found, sometimes you just have to know the right question to ask it. If you can do this, you will definitely MAKE MONEY! Now that you’re on your way I have to ask, did you click the lips or the title below them? Insert my huge maniacal laugh right here.

Even more future success,


Call Glenn

Call Glenn


Home Blog – More Reader Comments

Have any suggestions on an area you’ve been looking for more details in? Ask away but please, pleeeeease! Have an email that actually works, I’m getting many comments and the majority of them have good feedback. Most of them end up deleted because they go straight to the spam folder (note, if the email address you add can not be verified this happens). Oh yeah, big hello and THANK-YOU’s to all who have started following this blog, plus one on Google+, liked on Facebook and Twitter! Surfers, Marketers, Bass players, Fitness experts, Forex Traders! All finding useful information right here! So in keeping with my “shameless promotion” tag, tell your friends too! Ask them to check it out here and follow or “like” too!

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Alright, on to the reader comments:

  1. Question: This first one is not really a question but does need a comment from me because anyone who blogs or utilizes the Internet to make money will experience this at some point.                                                                                          Answer: I don’t speak Japanese, or Mandarin, I do look at those sites and translate some of your comments. You could “triple”, your profits and income by translating your spoken language site into English. Really, there are a few plug-ins that will allow readers to translate ( wordpress can do a dual language or a plug-in for multilingual, check forums).
  2. Question: What do you plan on putting here next?                                           Answer: I keep threatening (call it a threat until I actually make it happen) to get a video up onto YouTube. Pretty much practicing what I preach, remember how I said that video would be huge this year? As it turns out I now remember why I didn’t do this before and that’s because it’s a ton of work! Part of it is just that I can be a perfectionist but the other is just that when you’re doing things online some things work well and others ( meh! ). Some of you remember starting your blog or getting up your first site that had success right? It all worked and was done overnight right? Even when you have all the tools and information to hit a home run, it just never works out that way. Not until you have already done it a few times with some level of success. Also I’m doing a Facebook campaign research experiment and will be letting you know how it worked out in the near future.
  3. Question: Why don’t I see more ads and pictures on your site?                         Answer: One of my other sites has Google and Amazon ads installed, I used to do this for everyone of my sites when I first started out because that’s what I was taught. Doesn’t work that way (at least not for me), surprise! I try to keep the blogs, sites, etc. simple and have just enough appeal for you to come back. I would say that this blog averages on any given day 300 – 600 visitors a day (climbing every week). When this site/blog starts to have a larger audience of 6 to 8k then it would make sense to me having ads other than my own here. Most every image, link or ads you see on this blog are for and from my own business. Remember keep it simple, this still works well.

Keep checking back, lots of good things in the pot to put out about making money online and I will add some of our soon to be “famous sauce”, (it’s a secret) to them! More how to make money from home coming too!

Always looking for the best info to help you find your success!

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Call Glenn