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Marketing – What Do I Say? Getting your message out there but don’t know what to say when someone actually calls you or you call them? Today’s post is all about the conversation, having actual conversations is not about you. This will help you to be better prepared in your Marketing and help you to have confidence in having conversations about your business.

Too Busy Too Eager:

Marketing - Your-First-Call

Marketing – Your-First-Call

Many of us (yes, including me) get our first call and we just want to break into our “Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy” song & dance! Then it hits you, “what do I say?” If you let that eagerness creep into your marketing you will be failing in one of the first golden rules because this removes the sense of urgency. Don’t be quick & eager to sign them up but channel that eagerness into hearing their story and why they are interested in what you do, what you have to offer them. Hearing their own story will give you most of the clues you need to actually provide the help they (the lead) are really looking for. Much like this, “well I saw your article on ___ and I’ve always wanted to be fit enough to Coach my daughter in soccer”. One of the biggest strengths of your business will be your ability to market towards your audiences pain. Every lead you get will not have the exact pain you market to so hearing them describe it ultimately helps you to identify with them more. Like this, “oh yes, most of us in ___ are parents and spending more time with our kids is something we value”. It just makes sense when you hear it from them first. Take some detailed notes about your lead from the conversation to weave into your next conversation with them.

Just The First, Not The Last:

Marketing - What Do I Say?,Very busy business

Marketing – What Do I Say?,Very busy business

During your first call, conversation or possible presentation one of your tasks must be to have a follow up or additional opportunities to secure the next conversation with the lead. While you may or may not be busy, give the appearance that you are. Not to say you aren’t making time for your leads but to convey the sense of urgency and establishing that your time is valuable. Even if you don’t understand it yet, time is one of your biggest commodities as a marketer. Treat your time as the precious commodity that it is, no matter how much a lead will ask or tell you they have to see your offer right away, refuse. One of the best ways I’ve used to do this is having the conversation like this:

  • “Listen, I really want to show you what I do, but I have more commitments today. What I have to show you is mostly visual, I can present it to you 11:30 tomorrow.” Notice how this is not a question
  • Uh, no. I’m still working at that time.” You say, “What’s a better time tomorrow for you?” “Well 5:30 would work for me“, they reply. “That’s a good time, listen I’m going to send you __ (your presentation, company video, capture page video, etc.), it’s the visual info I spoke of and is only a few minutes but I need you to watch it before we meet. Will you make sure to watch it right before we talk?”. It’s critical not to schedule this follow up more than 1 or 2 days from your initial conversation. People usually have short attention spans and may forget you altogether a week from now.
  • If for any reason they say no, or don’t want to see your presentation: Wish them well and give them a call or contact in some way 2 – 4 weeks from now. They are still an interested lead, the time may not be right for them at this time. Keep the contact going and check in with them from time to time, let them know about any specials and follow up on how the pain point is affecting them now. When the time is right they will be more receptive because you still made time for them and showed them you care for them as a person (just make sure to follow up, add when you will contact them next on your schedule).

Conversation Mindset:

Marketing - What Do I Say? 1

Marketing – What Do I Say? 1

You always want to present “the best you” in all of your contacts with leads, on the phone, Internet or live meets. If you do live meets, arrive early and don’t eat or drink anything other than water. Nothing worse than trying to do a presentation with bad breath, talking around food or having a big fat ugly new stain on your nice business attire. Look, speak and act the part of confident business person. If you need any forms filled out, make sure they are ready (fill out all you can, hi-light where the lead needs to fill in) before your meet and have multiple pens that actually write (it ain’t funny to experience it). Got it all? One more thing you need is the right mindset. Read this to yourself before every meeting:

  • “I know it in my heart that what I have to offer is a positive life changing experience.”
  • If you don’t believe this about your offer, company or abilities..find one that you believe in. Very few, if any will buy something from you if you don’t believe in it.

Now you have the ammo to have some great conversations, never go into them with a script. Be natural and free flowing, you will do fine. If you got some value today, let me hear from you in the comments below.

Until the next, your friend Glenn

Marketing - What Do I Say? - Contact Glenn

Marketing – What Do I Say? – Contact Glenn

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Home Blog – That ‘Ole Grey Matter ‘O Mine (the latest in money)

This week updates for, latest in comments and answers with a few bits & tips thrown in! Start pinching those pennies because something big is coming soon!

Did You Hear About The Latest Hack Attempts?

Hackers Coming

Hackers Coming

Home Business security is getting mucho attention these days. I’m just bracing for the latest big hack. The other day seen a news ticker that said a U.S. military site was hacked. Well I’m getting back-ups done plus I’m crossing my fingers too. I miss the days when large hacks weren’t even acknowledged in public, Sunspots anyone? Here’s the deal, Target, Apple’s Cloud Server, GetResponse, Spotify, AWeber, Bitly and the latest big one was Sony. Some still think it was a publicity stunt for Sony but aren’t large hacks becoming more common? You just can’t turn a blind eye to it and really believe that if you’re online you won’t be affected in some way. Did I mention the Sunspots? Hah!

Comments! You know one of the biggest drawbacks from having a “always on” brain like mine is that I really don’t remember everything I have written (booo!). Just so you know, maybe you haven’t been here much but this is how it works here. I try to answer every comment, I will even answer your emails to me (you can contact me at but I can’t reply to spam emails (see above). So if you see one of your comments here, please take a look at your link to see what I mean. I’m here to help but it’s a bit harder when I can’t email you from the link you used to comment. Also I tend to delete repeat comments, if you post the same comment word for word more than once it’s trash. I want your comments and will really try to help you solve an issue or two, so keep the original comments coming please. Hey I really do try to work in many as possible!

Here’s the latest Q & A:

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Question: I love your platform and your writing has encouraged me to start my own blog! What do you recommend for someone new?

Answer: “Like New” or “Fresh Out The Box”? Two things I always repeat when I recommend anything online. 1. do your research and 2. Take action! I really think for new bloggers that getting your feet wet with a free blog is the way to go. You can make mistakes and create a number (your choice, just manage your time) different blogs until you get the feel of your biggest passion. Another consideration is to ask yourself this, “what do I want the result to be?” Do you want to make money by providing a great need, change the world, what? Make a plan A and a plan B starting from the end and work out the details in reverse! Let me know if that helps you!

Question: With your writing style why aren’t you writing a book or something?

Answer: Way to put the pressure on! Sometimes I think you guys and gals are collectively coming up with ways to get me to commit (hey, I’m not afraid of commitment! No really!). I have the opportunity but not the time right now, but maybe I can see it in the not too distant future! Maybe I’ll just start with another e-book and see how it goes.

Question: Where can I subscribe, where’s your RSS feed?

Answer: Yes I’m getting this more and more, see my first few sites I actually started as a sort of S.E.O. experiment. I wanted to teach myself and others the power of media buying and share my experiences. I really didn’t anticipate much response at all. So go check out or and sign up to the RSS feeds there.

Want some more tools? Let’s get some Social tools!

Building your list is the single greatest resource for your business, what better way to build that list than with a great Capture/Lead Page?

Get my FREE Lead & Capture pages: MITS Lead Pages

Grey Matter Overload or Help, Make It Stop!

I must confess I’ve been afflicted by several Marketer Bugs! Fat fingeritis, Hot Shiny Button Syndrome and worst of all Information Overload! Heal thyself (I said heel)! Okay I don’t have any suggestions for Fat fingeritis but I can help with the other two!

Grey Matter Overload

Grey Matter Overload

Shiny Button Syndrome is what we all go through at some point (go ahead admit it) where everything that sounds great (this has gotta work!) we buy it. Before the dust has even settled on your download, the buy button is engaged again! Aaaaahhhh! The best solution for this is the Delete and Unsubscribe buttons to counter Shiny Button Syndrome. Want to know a secret? Most of those offers WON’T work anyway if your attention is divided towards all those other offers, ad copy and emails. So when you get the latest shiny object guaranteed for your business to EXPLODE, remember you have to give it your full attention to really see it work (or not) as promised. Isn’t great ad copy awesome! This same method works with Information Overload, well most of the time. Just keep in mind that learning new things requires your undivided attention but don’t try to do “18 simple modules!” in one or two days. Are you going to remember that stuff? Try to get as much value from new things as possible, even if it didn’t work well you can share that information with your own audience.

Latest Updates for are ongoing, be sure to check out my other sites. More to come soon, but until next time please keep coming back and I’ll keep more articles coming!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn



Sorry this one is just a short message, I know I’ve been threatening to get some video’s done since (let’s not bring up the past okay). Anyway it’s finally here:

You may notice a few small changes, the first is I am now responding on the blog to each and every ones comments. What?! You may be wondering why I would do that? It’s all about engagement (we talked about engagement of your audience a few articles back). This is the best way I know to let you know that I hear your comments and that you can also engage with me here. So take that to your own blogs and sites, after all who keeps coming back to a site that never responds to them?


Go see the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, just search Glenn Guillory.

More updates on the way!

Dedicated to your success,




Internet Business – Make Money Blogging. The steps you need in order to start Making Money Blogging. How to make money online with your blog. If you’re not sure if your doing the right things for your business to make profits, this will clear up some of your questions.

I was already making money online and had ten websites that weren’t making any money for me. That was when I turned to media buying to make money online but I soon realized having a blog or site was VITAL to making money online! “Whaaat?”, yes you heard me right. If you want to make the most for your business and set yourself up for success you need to have a blog or site, period!

Forever ago when I was learning and taking business classes, my studies of the stock market businesses led me to something surprising. What I learned was that the most resilient companies had a moat! A moat is basically what protects a company from being copied, over-run (take overs) or becoming obsolete. One of the best examples of having a moat is McDonald’s. They have been copied but never outdone, emulated but they remain relevant among burgers and fast food year after year!

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

So for you own company you need a moat right? Yep! Only with your own site or blog your moat is your Internet Footprint and your own unique content! You’re invited to come along for the ride as I expand the blog experience and my reach. Sure you’ve heard the Google horror stories, penguins and such right? Sorry but penguins don’t worry me (but bears or sharks would work!). Good content doesn’t keep all of the sharks at bay, but don’t think that it’s not important. Reading my articles you should notice two things that you should do with your own articles:


  • A unique writing style, easy to read and understand. All my articles are written specifically to provide useful information for you.
  • I use the methods I mention, so each and every article has my own experience in it.

So having useful and unique content is great but it’s not enough to really make money online, you need to build traffic. One of the things I’m about to explain here I’m guilty of not doing but you will be able to see it soon (videos). Your unique content builds your audience and from there you will start to make money blogging. However if you don’t have a large footprint you have not optimized your business to it’s full potential.

Build Your Footprint –

Create your Social Media Footprint, it all starts with your site or blog. Keep in mind that the name of your site or blog is your brand. If your blog is called “Jane’s Blogging Secrets”, then the same name should follow among your Social sites. I recommend also having a company email account with the same name.

  1. Build your Social Footprint with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, Linked In Company Page, Google+ and YouTube. Be careful with setting up your Facebook Fan Page because some limitations exist. Get your individual Facebook and Google+ accounts tied to your company email, then create the Facebook Fan Page. For example, “” because you will have individual access a Fan Page alone will not. Your Google+ account is extremely important as Google will give you a better organic ranking from using your Google+ (yes it’s true, Google likes itself).
  2. Company pages should be done on Google+ and LinkedIn, your company pages can be with your company name if different from your actual site (domain), or blog. Just keep in mind that your LinkedIn Company page will be more of a hub for your business. Use it to primarily promote your “brand” as another way for targeted traffic to find your businesses.
  3. Each one of your Social Media pages will be linked to your web site and or blog. On WordPress sites or blogs this is done from your Dashboard in Settings (right below tools, in case you forgot where it was). You want to have much automation as possible so that the posts you put on site or blog is shared on your Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Google+ and also LinkedIn. Encourage your readers to take action with re-tweets on Twitter, likes on Facebook and share/plus1 on Google+.

Capture Your Targeted Audience –

  1. You will need a Auto-Responder (I use AWeber and GetResponse) to install an Opt-In on your site. Look to also install your sign-up on your Company and Fan Pages too.

    Make Money Blogging02

    Make Money Blogging02

  • Send all of this traffic from your Social Media, Site or blog to your Opt-In/Sign-up. I have multiple lists and sign-ups so my example may be a little confusing. The key is that you want ALL of your targeted traffic to Opt-In to your list.
  • Start off with some automated emails (about 30 days to start with and build more from that). Your first automated email should be a “Thank you”, email that describes that you’ll be sending them a lot of useful information. You can vary the time of delivery for your automated emails. I like to space mine apart so that not more or less than two emails are delivered in the same week. I will also vary the time in days between the emails and split between giving useful tips and offers also. Use the Affiliate networks for your offers, Clickbank, Clicksure, Peerfly, or Amazon. Just make sure your offer is relevant to your niche, this is where you can make money blogging efficiently. Don’t blast your list too often with emails and always alternate between affiliate offers and valuable tips. Research and test, discover what works best for you. A good rule of thumb is remembering how many emails would be too much for YOU to get.
  • Now you need to offer your targeted traffic something of value for signing up for your list. Offer free e-books or videos for your traffic once they have signed-up to your list. “Get my free report on making making money online”, this is a “call to action” that gives away a free report on how to make money online. If you can it’s best to have at least 4 free giveaways, always give a great value with your free offers (yes it’s that important).

Media Engagement –

  1. Here’s the secret sauce to it all for making money blogging by using Social Media! Automation to post previews of your articles on your Social Media sites is one key toward getting traffic. A call to action can be written several different ways so take advantage of that, “want free tips, sign-up here”, “make money in 48 hrs here”, “sign-up to get your 2 free reports”.
  2. Have at least 10 pages of useful tips and articles on your site or blog but add to the site regularly. When you post a new article, record it to video and post to your YouTube channel. Consider how many different ways to present your post on your media sites. You can research this method by researching “article spinning”.
  3. Post to your Company pages twice a week and post to the other media sites every day. If you can post twice a day that’s the optimal number and you can see your engagement numbers increase with Tweets on the weekend at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’clock. Try to include in most of your posts images and video if you can. I use it’s free.
  4. Ask for re-tweets, likes, shares and keep driving the traffic to your sign-up. As you gain followers, follow them back and send them a personal “thank you” message. Post comments to the articles or discussions you like, sometimes just offering encouragement to a fellow blogger, Fan Page, Twitter poster, can add even more followers for you that you can send to your list.

Try these steps and you’ll be making online money before you know it. Feel free to email me if you encounter any issues or want more details on some of the steps. Keep positive and try to add a step every day. It does get easier the more you do these steps but you need to keep at it each day. To make money blogging sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?

To your success,