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Blogging Like A Rock Star? How you can grow your audience to new heights with these easy to use tips.



Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of free methods, trying “appease” Google will make most new Bloggers heads spin. I primarily use paid methods but I do all that I can to also learn and put to use S.E.O. and other low cost methods. Why? Well because I have customers and a growing audience, it pays off in the long term to learn all that you can about your craft. So let’s dive into the Tips!

Content Is Only King If It’s Great:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - King Content

Blogging Like A Rock Star – King Content

How do you make your content great? Great content passes the “I’m not bored with this” test. Think about it, does your Headline get attention? Can you grab new readers attention with eye catching visuals, engaging videos and easy flow writing style? Dust off your Crown and utilize some of these ingredients;

  • Headlines To Grab Your Readers Attention! Keep your Headlines short but sweet, related and matching. The best Headlines will grab the readers attention, “okay you got me for a few more seconds”. The best thing to know is that your Headline can grab a readers attention but what follows needs to do the same. Here’s an example, “10 Tips To Make Money From Your Blog!” “How To Write Great Content In 3 Easy Steps!” Readers love lists, numbers & don’t like to be confused by headlines that don’t fit the content that follows it.
  • Meta Descriptions, if you’re using a free platform most often the Meta-Title & Description are derived from your heading. So you want a good and concise description of what the content is right in the heading. This is important not only for S.E.O. but when your Posts or Article show up in other places not have a good Description in the heading will leave your posts way in the back of the line! On Self Hosted sites the Meta-Title & Description areas are usually located directly below the content box when your creating & editing, be sure to fill those in before hitting “publish”.
  • Adding images & video will make your content more appealing! What are great images? Your images should be related to your content but should also evoke a response like, “Eewww”, “Cute”, “Funny”, “Cool”, “Laughter”. Images that create a internal response or a emotional aspect help to make your content a “hit”. You want hits and not duds, let me put it this way….”Who would you rather listen to on any given day..1) A dreary professor or 2) A teacher that makes learning fun?” Give value and keep it interesting. Some of the coolest images you can use are on Flickr. Pick the ones that give you a particular feeling (use creative commons, they’re free). Make a note that you will get the best response from images that convey happiness vs images that convey sadness or anger.

How To Add Your Rock Star Elements:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - Add Your Rock Star Ingredients

Blogging Like A Rock Star – Add Your Rock Star Ingredients

You’re Niche or Market are constantly on the search for value, the stuff they want. How to lose weight quickly, great diet with little exercise, developing the best golf swing, making money online, the best foods to eat, make money blogging, who’s dating the hot people, etc. Where ever you fit into your chosen Niche, you must attack some of the common keywords and keyword phrases. Continue to use these same keywords through out every post, but do this for your audience and not the search engines! Don’t let S.E.O. dictate to you what’s popular, let your audience do that. One of the best examples is Pat Flynn, his primary keyword phrase “Smart Passive Income” didn’t exist until he built the audience for it. Go ahead and Google Search “Smart Passive Income”, Pat Flynn is there multiple times on the first and subsequent pages! His primary keyword wasn’t even a searchable traffic keyword until he built his audience around it! Now you would have to pay and arm or leg to outrank him for it or spit out ba-jillions (hey it’s not a word but you get the point), of content targeting what is basically his keyword phrase!

  1. Blogging Like A Rock Star - Do Some Research

    Blogging Like A Rock Star – Do Some Research

    Target primary keywords (about 4 that are searched and have traffic that’s 5K to 50K per month as a start) that aren’t the most popular but have decent amount of people searching. I recommend using U.S. search numbers to start with. These are your “Hub” keywords, now also add some related keyword phrases of your primary ones, these are like satellites to your primary keywords. These targeted keywords will help you build up an audience, but always provide great value with your content by helping them solve the biggest problems or pains in your Niche.

  2. Always ask yourself before hitting publish, “did I just provide great value”? What’s the answer, “Yes it’s pretty good!”, “Maybe”, “Meh”, “Blech”? Don’t rewrite the whole thing, read it and then revise! An old writer’s saying  goes something like this, “write like your drunk and edit like your sober”. Think that’s a Hemingway quote. Direct your writing as if you are talking directly to the reader, get them involved by asking questions and providing them with value. Great value beats “fluff” all the time! Read your post out loud just to make sure it makes sense and sounds good, use a friend as a sounding board if it helps.
  3. Use the greatest source EVER to assist you! Whenever you get stuck and need some fresh ideas to write about, this is what I do – First I think about, “what do I know now that I wished I knew before about my Niche?”. Second if I want to know about a new subject or want some good research for an idea I search YouTube for “how to ___ fill in the blank”. Third and last I search other blogs in my own Niche for more ideas! That alone should keep you swimming in great content!

Above all it is the consistency of doing all these things together that will ultimately build your great audience of eager readers. Now just when you thought that was it I’ve got some Secret Sauce to give you! Just by adding these 3 elements, you will start getting somewhere from day one (well almost but this will be one of your most rewarding habits, promise!). For every post, page, article or promotion, all the way to the emails you send out. Include these 3 elements:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - Blogging Your Masterpiece copy

Blogging Like A Rock Star – Blogging Your Masterpiece copy

  • Reach – Is the content reaching your targeted audience where they are?
  • Engagement – Did you include a great Call To Action? “Click Here”, “Comment Below”, ask your audience to do something. You never get anything if you don’t ask for it.
  • Conversion – Did you include a method to get leads onto a list, buy a product, sign up for your Webinar, etc.?

Hope you enjoyed the value today, share with a peer or friend and make sure you check out for more of The Goods!

Until the next,

Your Friend Glenn

Blogging Like A Rock Star - GTGuilloryblog.comLogo1v1

Blogging Like A Rock Star – GTGuilloryblog.comLogo1v1

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My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

The latest in blog, tips, reader comments and questions answered! I wanted to continue this tradition I started here because I enjoy doing it and it gets some good comments!

Are you one of the millions of bloggers not making any income? Or maybe you only make enough to pay for lunch a few times a week? Don’t you want more?



This quote is from The Pursuit of Happiness, Chris (Title Character) talking to his son:

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People  can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell
you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

The Latest In Blog:

My Brain On Blogging - Latest

My Brain On Blogging – Latest

Have you tried any of the forums lately? I heard from a friend a few days ago call out “The Worry-er Forum”..hah! That’s funny! Okay my point is getting your site exposed also requires getting out there among some of your peers and even competition. Be part of a conversation thread or answer some questions. Whatever your niche is you need to be there, where ever that is. Get it? Look at it this way….you are in a business meeting for YOUR brand (site/blog/etc.) and at the table with you are the people you expect ideas from. After all what are you paying them for anyway, sitting around (heck no)! So these two marketers stand up and say, “with this campaign we will get you exposure all over the place!” You ever hear of Tata Motors? Maybe you have, but unless you live close to India it’s a good bet you haven’t! Because they don’t market the world yet (yes they’re working on it). So with that in mind, why would you rely solely on free methods and S.E.O., or Adsense and Amazon to get your blog or sites exposure to your market? Not long ago I went through an airport in China and watched a Oldsmobile commercial! Marketing! That’s what getting on the forums and into the communities is all about, the more exposure you have to YOUR market the better! So go check out the groups on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. It’s going to take some of your time but it’s worth it, grow it slowly and allow the communities of your niche to know you! Thank me later!

  1. Something wild and crazy is going on over at LinkedIn, they’re now delving into the dating market! Yes I know, but why not? Do you think that’s innovation? I think LinkedIn is looking at their competition and seeing their market share and volume steadily not growing the way many others are. What’s weird for me is that even though I have a LinkedIn page for I do very little action wise with it. Maybe you’re like me, I thought it was about jobs and networking but LinkedIn’s brain works much different than mine (I’m a little crazy anyway, but I’m not figuring it out yet). Still I average about 1 new person every week to my network there, who knew I didn’t have to do anything?
  2. If you haven’t connected with me on the Social sites yet, you can find me on Skype (Glenn T Guillory, Colorado Springs), Twitter (@glenntguillory), and Google+ (Glenn Guillory, GenEnTech00, company page I’m usually doing something there daily except for Sundays (can’t find any parking on Sunday!Hah!).
  3. I still haven’t had my Traffic Blast yet so I don’t have any updates on that yet but it’s coming! Yes now I’m back to using both GetResponse, Aweber all over again! Maybe I just didn’t learn my lesson last year! I’ve turned it into a plus though because I was actually lacking in my posts here and I’m still getting more things moved into place.

Reader Comments:

My Brain On Blogging - Reader Comments

My Brain On Blogging – Reader Comments

I like to go through the comments from time to time and provide answers to questions, yes I also try to reply to every comment too (some of these are from older posts I’ve done here). Alexa has given me an extra work load in that now I also check your comment links and it’s something you should do for your site too. Here’s why, broken or links that don’t go where intended will hurt your standing so you need to fix them or fire them….”Yoouuuuur FIRE-ERRRRD-Duh!” Okay, on to the comments:

  1. Q – “Does having a site like yours take a lot of work?”
    AActually yes it does, but it’s not hard and I love what I’m doing! When you’re setting up a new site or blog, you will need your favorite plug-ins installed, customize your theme, monetize and write content! Once that’s done you can write about 2 to 3 times a week (yes I know, I’m slacking but I’ve been working on the behind the scenes stuff! So there!). Once all of that’s caught up though it’s fairly easy and you could average 2-4 hours a day working on your blog or site! The key is getting started and taking action.
  2. Q – “I’m kinda shy and not good at talking with people, how do I write good articles for my blog?”
    APractice, for this reason alone I recommend you blog or create site content around YOUR passions! Sounds easy right? Have you ever talked to someone about what you love to do? Eating, fishing or whatever? I would almost bet that you’re like a runaway motorcycle (reeennnannnannnnnn, rennananannn, wheeeeeeeeeeennnnn) yeah like that when you’re talking about what you love! Your kids, clothes, what are you passionate about? That’s what you write about because that’s what’s real and really you’re already an expert or soon to be one on the subject. Just don’t go with what’s in your head alone, do the research and know what you’re talking about. We all love to hear passion! Again, repetition is the key!
  3. Q – “My site looks funny on my phone but yours looks great, got any suggestions?” 
    A – This is my business, I’ve invested in it to be successful. All you really need is to get a domain and hosting, you can get started fairly cheap with and Once you do that, most of the themes today have compatibility with mobile so no need to get something extra( every theme that has “Responsive” in it’s name is also mobile ready). If in doubt just ask your support before you buy, “is this mobile compatible?”. If you are just getting started better safe than sorry, ask someone because now it’s important to your search rankings.
  4. Q – “Do you have guest writers on your blog? I have a blog with a similar niche if you would like to write something.”       
    A – No guest writers at this time because I’m only at this part time now, and yes I would guest write on your blog! The few things I would require is for you to send me an email with your request to:

Make sure to check out the latest happenings on the Site here:

I hope you got a few somethings of use on My Brain On Blogging! Until the next….stay tuned!

Dedicated To YOUR Success!



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Home Blog – That ‘Ole Grey Matter ‘O Mine (the latest in money)

This week updates for, latest in comments and answers with a few bits & tips thrown in! Start pinching those pennies because something big is coming soon!

Did You Hear About The Latest Hack Attempts?

Hackers Coming

Hackers Coming

Home Business security is getting mucho attention these days. I’m just bracing for the latest big hack. The other day seen a news ticker that said a U.S. military site was hacked. Well I’m getting back-ups done plus I’m crossing my fingers too. I miss the days when large hacks weren’t even acknowledged in public, Sunspots anyone? Here’s the deal, Target, Apple’s Cloud Server, GetResponse, Spotify, AWeber, Bitly and the latest big one was Sony. Some still think it was a publicity stunt for Sony but aren’t large hacks becoming more common? You just can’t turn a blind eye to it and really believe that if you’re online you won’t be affected in some way. Did I mention the Sunspots? Hah!

Comments! You know one of the biggest drawbacks from having a “always on” brain like mine is that I really don’t remember everything I have written (booo!). Just so you know, maybe you haven’t been here much but this is how it works here. I try to answer every comment, I will even answer your emails to me (you can contact me at but I can’t reply to spam emails (see above). So if you see one of your comments here, please take a look at your link to see what I mean. I’m here to help but it’s a bit harder when I can’t email you from the link you used to comment. Also I tend to delete repeat comments, if you post the same comment word for word more than once it’s trash. I want your comments and will really try to help you solve an issue or two, so keep the original comments coming please. Hey I really do try to work in many as possible!

Here’s the latest Q & A:

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Question: I love your platform and your writing has encouraged me to start my own blog! What do you recommend for someone new?

Answer: “Like New” or “Fresh Out The Box”? Two things I always repeat when I recommend anything online. 1. do your research and 2. Take action! I really think for new bloggers that getting your feet wet with a free blog is the way to go. You can make mistakes and create a number (your choice, just manage your time) different blogs until you get the feel of your biggest passion. Another consideration is to ask yourself this, “what do I want the result to be?” Do you want to make money by providing a great need, change the world, what? Make a plan A and a plan B starting from the end and work out the details in reverse! Let me know if that helps you!

Question: With your writing style why aren’t you writing a book or something?

Answer: Way to put the pressure on! Sometimes I think you guys and gals are collectively coming up with ways to get me to commit (hey, I’m not afraid of commitment! No really!). I have the opportunity but not the time right now, but maybe I can see it in the not too distant future! Maybe I’ll just start with another e-book and see how it goes.

Question: Where can I subscribe, where’s your RSS feed?

Answer: Yes I’m getting this more and more, see my first few sites I actually started as a sort of S.E.O. experiment. I wanted to teach myself and others the power of media buying and share my experiences. I really didn’t anticipate much response at all. So go check out or and sign up to the RSS feeds there.

Want some more tools? Let’s get some Social tools!

Building your list is the single greatest resource for your business, what better way to build that list than with a great Capture/Lead Page?

Get my FREE Lead & Capture pages: MITS Lead Pages

Grey Matter Overload or Help, Make It Stop!

I must confess I’ve been afflicted by several Marketer Bugs! Fat fingeritis, Hot Shiny Button Syndrome and worst of all Information Overload! Heal thyself (I said heel)! Okay I don’t have any suggestions for Fat fingeritis but I can help with the other two!

Grey Matter Overload

Grey Matter Overload

Shiny Button Syndrome is what we all go through at some point (go ahead admit it) where everything that sounds great (this has gotta work!) we buy it. Before the dust has even settled on your download, the buy button is engaged again! Aaaaahhhh! The best solution for this is the Delete and Unsubscribe buttons to counter Shiny Button Syndrome. Want to know a secret? Most of those offers WON’T work anyway if your attention is divided towards all those other offers, ad copy and emails. So when you get the latest shiny object guaranteed for your business to EXPLODE, remember you have to give it your full attention to really see it work (or not) as promised. Isn’t great ad copy awesome! This same method works with Information Overload, well most of the time. Just keep in mind that learning new things requires your undivided attention but don’t try to do “18 simple modules!” in one or two days. Are you going to remember that stuff? Try to get as much value from new things as possible, even if it didn’t work well you can share that information with your own audience.

Latest Updates for are ongoing, be sure to check out my other sites. More to come soon, but until next time please keep coming back and I’ll keep more articles coming!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn


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Home Blog – My Brain On,….Limited Time Only!

Ever get overwhelmed by your current “To Do” schedule? I have and my solutions are not exactly how I thought it would be but I did get a solution. Sharing a bit of what I’ve learned up to this point with my Franchise and what’s been happening with GenEnTech00 (parent company) lately. Oh yeah, some reader comments and answers too! Let’s get started!

What happened to my site?!

Hey! Where's My Site?

Hey! Where’s My Site?

You may find yourself at a point in your blogging or marketing life where you will have to say goodbye to some of your creations. I have been pushing my own limits and that tiny rubber-band broke, POW (yeah, gotta work on my sound effects)! You can no longer find my plug-in offer site GTGuilloryrapidmarketing, or the alternate blog There still floating out there somewhere in Internet space and maybe if your that curious (please get a life), you may still be able to see them. I wasn’t able to make time for them anymore, between media buys, maintaining 2 blogs and loading another site/blog. Something had to give (actually a lot of something), so for now the media buying will grind down to a trickle and I’ve freed up more time to devote to the Franchise (he keeps talking about that!). I just hope that those examples provided enough of the help I intended….farewell, you did me proud (the slow tear falling from one eye).

Information Overload!

To Do List Heaven - Sticky Notes

To Do List Heaven – Sticky Notes

If you have read more than a few of my articles you know I a big believer in “To Do” lists! I’ve got sticky notes all over the place! Maybe that’s not for you, or you just need something more organized before those that same the same living space go all Jakie Chan on you and your sticky’s? Sticky notes are my key to getting my tasks done but I was made aware of something that does the same thing and doesn’t need wall space! Have you ever heard of It’s basically a software that helps you to organize and meet your day to day, week to week..etc. Close to a virtual assistant to help you get things done and best of all, it’s free! There are some more advanced versions but you won’t need those right away. It even has a simple training program to get you familiar with how it works, go try

Share Some of That Franchise Stuff!

I Want My Retreat Too!

I Want My Retreat Too!

Training and more training, what did you expect? I’m getting some great behind the scenes stuff done and also found out that I missed out on a killer retreat! The big “marketer on the higher reality” (the creator and owner of the Franchise Biz, let’s call him Mothra, yes it was a giant moth but hey it’s what I came up with), invites everyone at every level to a retreat every year! You’re gonna love this, he invites everyone to this retreat to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry! You (that would be me, maybe you too later) get to also meet other franchise owners that have been having success! Awards are given, local dances and traditional shows, the whole nine! Here’s the kicker, you can bring your wife, husband, kids and all you have to do is take action with your Franchise and pay for the tickets getting you there and back! It’s gets even better, Mothra PAYS for everything else!!!! Food, 5 star hotel stay, drinks, activities, all on big Mothra’s dime! Get this, the one I didn’t know about last year was in Fiji! Can you picture that? Over here! Yes please! Hopefully when I open the doors to the Franchise you will get on board too, then you can meet me there! Come on, you know you want to!

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Reader Comments & Quests

Comment: Find the latest news and updates right here!

Wouldn’t you know that’s an actual comment on one of the posts here! Made me think, what latest news and updates did I write about? Not sure but I’m here to help, (note to self, stop making these notes because I can’t find them later!). Ooookaaaay…here goes!

Have you heard the latest in hacking? Some well known marketers have been getting hacked! Not like you would first think either, these hackers are using these big names as bait to send out spam stuff! So I have a question for everyone, if you have an idea of how to prevent this please leave comments and suggestions about this please! I had an account hacked once and that nut is still out there somewhere (I still can’t talk about it, sniffles).

gtguilloryblog - comments & suggestions

gtguilloryblog – comments & suggestions

Question: Is it hard to start up a blog and does it require a massive effort?

Answer: I’m going to stick to my guns and say “no”, it doesn’t take a Herculean effort or a tremendous amount of time and “know-how” to start up a blog. Do you feel a “but…” coming? It is ridiculously easy now to start up a free blog and write content that you have wanted to give the world! But…(ha you knew it was coming!), when you have had sites, other blogs etc…you already know much of what you want, how you want it delivered, etc. I’m not saying it’s hard but with each one more effort is required simply because your ability and knowledge has grown since the last site or blog you created.

Question: Where else can I find information like you have on your blog?

Answer: Hopefully nowhere besides gtguilloryonline! Yes I put a unique spin on things but I’m kinda partial to me (hey I’m cuddly too!). I can tell you about some of the sites I visit when I have the time….do a little research and find these sites: Tim Bonner (blogger), Traffic Generation Cafe (Anna H, highly recommended because she’s a coffee fiend like me), and of course the Big Bad Blogger John Chow. I do apologize to the other bloggers I follow for not mentioning you (really I DON’T have Alzheimer’s). Send me a rant in the form of a comment to one of the articles and I will make sure to mention I’m following your blog and you’re my best bud (really I will mention it if you want me to, lbnol).  Some of my best friends are bloggers!

An Excerpt From The Latest Newsletter – Find Your Why?

find your "why"

find your “why”

Do you set goals and reach them, are you finding success with your business? Do you know your “why”? Why are you in the business or seeking to start making money online? Is it to pay for that dream vacation? Maybe you just want to earn an extra income? Or you want a business of your own to replace the current job you have? What ever YOUR “why” is, you can accomplish those goals better by identifying and knowing what your own motivation is. When was the last time you set a goal and accomplished it without having a clear understanding of what it was and how to do it?

P.S. This is only part of the Newsletter, when the new site is opened up you can sign up and get benefits directly to your email! It’s getting closer now and the “Grand Opening” should be in April! Just need to spray that new car smell stuff all over before anyone walks in!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn


P.S. Get some value Mojo from my Facebook Fan Page! Glenn T Guillory On FB
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Make Money Blogging – Go Big Before It’s Too Late!

I’m my alter ego Nostro-Gen-us (who said I can’t have more than one?) with a dreaded prediction for your business future (key wicked witch cackle!). I’ve got a few tales for you about the state of the Internet/Online business in the not so far away future! Do you know what’s coming, even if you do ARE YOU PREPARED?!


Future Telling

future telling

future telling

You have heard this saying I’m sure, “Go Big or Go Home!” Or how about this one, “If you can’t run with the Big Dogs, get off the porch!” Well I’m telling you soon those statements will apply to every online business, my business, your business, heck almost every small ownership on the net will soon be threatened right out of their profits! I’m not trying to rattle your chain or send you to a BUY NOW button, no far from it (okay I am trying to rattle your chain but it’s for your own good, don’t ‘cha believe me?). It’s actually the natural progression of every industry. Only instead of going home it will be more like go away!

The Big Dogs Run – Always Getting Bigger

Big Dog Taking Over

Big Dog Taking Over

The Mom & Pop Stores are almost completely gone, Corporate Business has taken over nearly every market. When is the last time you listened to a locally owned radio station in any city? It happens in every market, once they know there’s money to be had the Big Dogs move in and move you out. Hear how those that started Marketing Online far back as 2004 talk about how many times Google laid the smack down on them and they had to start over? Well one thing they don’t mention (no not because they’re old, get offa my lawn!) is that EVERY thing was cheaper too. Advertising, email lists, services etc. could be had for pennies! So why is it more expensive and harder now? Because the user’s are willing to pay more! Take a look at the prices on popular search keywords, can you afford to pay 5-10-100 dollars for that kind of advertising? It’s become so expensive because now even Big Banks advertise online! Where does that leave me and you? Out in the cold? There is one thing that’s preventing the Big Dogs from putting us all out in the cold so far, something you already know…You can’t throw lots of money at the Internet and expect great returns! You can have the prettiest blog around and buy tons of paid for content but it won’t make you a dime! You can buy media for months straight and still not make a sale! So we still have time to make our fortunes before the Internet Time Bomb explodes on us!

Internet Business Time Bomb

Internet Business Time Bomb

Social Media Vamp

Social Media Vamp

How To Beat The Explosion

I don’t know his name (whatshisname) but I was watching a news program and one of the features was about how this star from “Vampire Diaries” had a Social Media company working for him. With the help of his Social Media people, he has turned his millions of followers into endorsements and conversions! Wish I could afford that Social Media guy, but hey I don’t have the million followers yet!

Learning From The Best

Learning From The Best

An alternative to hiring a Social Media or even Traffic Guru is to leverage OUR business with success. Nothing will get you success online bigger and better than having someone who already makes giant profits online helping you. Find a program, contact someone willing to teach you not what to do but “how to do it successfully”. Having a one on one Coach will make your business explode beyond where you are right now!

No it’s not easy at first because it might take you getting on the phone or even do what I’ve done and beg sometimes (hey it worked, stop judging me). You’re going to make mistakes in this Biz, I have and will make more (look away, I’m hideous!) so why not make fewer mistakes with experienced help? Be careful though as most online profiteers charge more than most can afford, some charge $50k for one on one training! Find a peer to help by first building your own network between people in the biz.

Get In Contact

Get In Contact

Get In Contact – Explode Your Brand:

  1) Reach out and communicate, you might be surprised to find that even many big time money makers will talk to you! The easier and not as expensive route is to build up your network, that goes hand in hand with building your audience and reaching out to other marketers. Start going to marketing events! Any events happening near your location? Another surprising fact is that there is a higher number of online marketers that go on to success after attending those marketing events and take action! Don’t you want to be the next?

2) You can also send your business into the next gear by getting calls from your prospective clients/customers. This can be extremely difficult at first but for those that want to be on YOUR team or buy something from YOU will be more receptive with someone they can talk to (insert YOUR smiling face here). You might be surprised how many contact requests I get asking if I’m a robot or automated response system. Add your contact information such as phone number (or Skype name), ONLY to potential client/customers from your funnel that are engaged in what you offer. Most important (here comes the hardest part) is you will have to be available for those calls. You can also hire a team once you have built your own experience with calls. Simply start writing scripts on what works and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale of your product, or what ever service you are providing.

Clock Is Ticking

Clock Is Ticking

The bottom line is all of us that are pursuing success online are on the clock and time is ticking down. Finding success is still a difficult journey even when you are already on the right path. For every successful online biz 98% of them had someone of experience and success that guided them in some way. I have a 6 & 7 figure Coach/Partner helping me with my own business right now. Yes I do understand not everyone can go the same route that’s why I also want you to know that the sooner you can go big making money blogging, making money online with your business the better.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn

P.S. Get your value Mojo here! See what I’m sharing on my Fan Page: Glenn’s FB Fan Page
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Make Money Blogging – “Free” Failure

You want traffic for your blog, sites, video’s on YouTube, offers etc. If getting the right eyeballs on your blog is not working with S.E.O. methods this will get you on track. Let’s call it Phase I of your Traffic Campaign, and know that once it starts you’re going to be hooked!

Many of you may know that I have another blog and a YouTube channel with a few videos promoting passive income and tips to help raise the blog Army with tips that actually work towards success for your business. Some such as my primary video channel shows the current amount of views, did you ever wonder how I got 3,000+ views for that video in 1 month?(I just looked again, it’s almost 4k now) - logo – logo

“Free” Not Free

GTGuilloryonline - SEO Free

GTGuilloryonline – SEO Free

We have all heard this, “Rank on the 1st page in minutes!” That’s never happened for me(takes me half the day just to write an article!), no matter the method, plug-in or any other steps available out there. Now this is not a knock on S.E.O., but I’m here to tell you it’s not free! Here’s the qualifier, free methods are not free because they take extensive amounts of your time! How do you get that time back? How many of the Top Sites have the S.E.O. attributes you were taught, can you even see them? Well they do have tons of backlinks and mentions all over the net, so what is it? It’s THE MAN keeping us down! Sorry I get carried away, but in a sense it’s true. If you have ranked sites before it’s not all that difficult to repeat, do you remember I ranked #1 for the negative keyword “Markieters” for a little while? S.E.O. free methods do work but what the heck, for new marketers it takes forever (seems that way right!). Markieters took almost not time and I didn’t have ANY links for it, but on the other hand has plenty links and I worked on the S.E.O. What is the result you ask? Let me put it this way, genguilloryonline averages about 4-6 views a day. That’s all S.E.O., slow and steady (an S.E.O. expert would have done better but let’s be real)! On the other hand I used paid methods with S.E.O. on gtguilloryblog and average about 50 views an hour, yipee yah! Have I opened your eyes to different possibilities now?

Shake-In, Not Stirred Shake In Shake In

Well I thought it was a cool title for this paragraph (meh!). Here’s what I need you to do BEFORE you experience the traffic explosion, get leads! Set up your funnel, have Opt-Ins for everything! You want to shake the customer tree and have new leads land into you pot or as we call it “your funnel”. Everything you do online should start with excitement first, sign up second and funnel third! Send traffic to your Opt-In before anything else! Send ALL traffic to your OPT-IN, the funnel and your efforts to keep your leads responsive does all the rest. How few ads or offers do you see where the marketer doesn’t add you to their list? YOU need to do the same. Every promotion needs to add leads to your list and sales to your profits.

Fire-Bad; Traffic Good! - Fire Bad, Traffic Good – Fire Bad, Traffic Good

Would you believe me if I told you that not all traffic is good traffic? Which would you rather have, one hundred leads that generate 2 sales or 1 great lead that buys from you for a lifetime? Yes I knew you would say that! So why did I even ask?

Traffic is not created equal and tons of traffic does not guard against not getting ANY profits at all, use this equation: Traffic is not Equal to Sales. So that would mean what? You don’t need a large list to have success! If you can find one responsive customer, nurture that relationship then find another, keep repeating! You will know once you’ve shaken the customer tree and found the hiding spot, then keep going back until you’ve emptied the tree (we call it scaling)! You can do that with paid traffic but only in SMALL doses. Small as in the smallest allowable buy or CPA (cost per action, you pay when leads click, like, etc.). This is where you only pay for the traffic when an action is completed, such as clicking on your link to a lander that sends those leads to your list (whoops, another hint). The other reason for the smallest attempts is it allows you to fail until you find the best source that works. Using $5 for an ad that didn’t get you leads is much easier to handle until you get it right than the $50 that didn’t get you anything. “Think about why you’re reading this for a moment….for most it’s because this is an answer to a problem you have experienced!” I’m part of YOUR conversation before you even knew the conversation existed. That’s exactly where ads come in, YOU need to make the conversation your leads have been dealing with in your niche! Be their “Ah ha” moment!

How you can get lots of Traffic

The best method I have used is to combine S.E.O. methods (remember not free, costs you time) with paid methods, such as ads. One of the best paid sources I use that’s relatively cheap is Co-Promote. What it does is bring together bloggers and site owners to promote each other, free and paid promotions! Just keep in mind you are promoting from your site or blog in an ad form that needs to appeal to both bloggers and their readers. Here’s one of mine to use as an example:

gtguilloryblog - Co-Promote Example

gtguilloryblog – Co-Promote Example

I have also used Facebook Ads and Boost’s, the Boost is pretty easy as you can make a post on your Fan Page and give it a boost with Facebook traffic. Just write a post that links to your newsletter sign up, landing page, etc. The key is to send leads to your funnel, you will have to add in searched keywords to get in front of traffic for your niche. This can get tricky and practice, testing and building your experience will help. Facebook actually provides much boring data for your results, so use them and compare (secret sauce alert). Run multiple ads or boosts with slight variations, you will notice that most of my videos feature attractive females right? I do that because an attractive female will actually generate more leads with men & women than not having a person at all or having a attractive guy would. If you have never done a Facebook Boost or ad before you should really go on the cheap and add all the highly searched keywords and do not limit age, preferences etc. Here’s the reason why: Once you get the results in some areas, your ad will have better responses among certain ages and groups! This data will help you hone in on where YOUR leads are, their average age and preferences! Where else can you get that?! - Free Failure – Free Failure

Some of you will also have a little “shock & awe” that I also used the Google monster for traffic. Shock because Google is very unfriendly to IM (Internet Marketing), ads. How did I make it work? Very simple, I kept trying! I was actually dropped by Google for 2 months without reason but got re-instated after 4 or 5 contacts and keeping my cool (that’s important!). Another work around you can use is to always be honest in your offers (no shady allowed), and use multiple cards and accounts if you can. Did you know that some gift cards you can load up and use just like a credit card? Brilliant! The biggest key I would propose to you is to never confuse Traffic or Clicks with sales, the secret sauce to your blog becoming or maintaining your primary income is to maximize every lead with a minimum cost! Here are some helpful links for you to maximize your S.E.O. for the best ways to make money online right now:

Traffic Travis – Improve your site search engine rankings, free.

Spy Fu – Download your competitions profit generating keywords!

Monitor Backlinks – Free tool to monitor and discover your S.E.O. backlinks

Duda Mobile – Make Your Site Mobile! (you asked for this one in the reader comments, delivered!)

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn

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Home Blog – My Brain On Pause!

So what the heck happened? We went offline for 3 days and I found out something new, some platforms just don’t know what the others are doing. Since I was not moving the site to a “preferred friend” hosting service it was not a smooth transition. Since these two services both utilize WordPress platforms I figured it would work well, nope! I’ve always had great service from both but during this attempted move the response time from both averaged 2-3 days to get an answer. Plan B here I come, will launch another site to get the example going so keep an eye out for that. Whoa!  Moving bites! Just so you know I’m not kicking back with my umbrella drink, jotting this down to let you know I’m still around. Working on a new site launch to make everything clearer which is giving me less time than before. So I’ll cram a few topics in, some updates and the most recent comments flowing in.

Make Money Blogging Useful Tip – Tell me if you ever heard this one before

Can you afford to spend less than a dollar a day for some advertising? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Where's Your List!

    Where’s Your List!

    Go to your favorite freelance site (elance, SEO Mojo, Fiverr, ODesk, etc.) and place a job requirement for 9 banners ( 15-20 is actually the best numbers to test but these numbers are for media buys) and 2 landing pages for your blog or site. The landing page is to expand on the readers interest and the reason for two is so you can compare which combination works best. Make sure they are of the most common size of 300 x 250 or 250 x 250, have varied images and ad copy (your call to action). The 300 x 250 size works better in most cases for sites not geared towards mobile traffic.

  2. Your Banners will point towards your site/blog sign up, encouraging visitors to click on the banner image to get what they need most in your niche. Free offers work great for this, an e-book, free report, video training (a little imagination to be different maybe?).
  3. The whole point to this is not to get sales but to build your list, when you get the Opt-Ins from your landing page those are added to your list. So how and where are you putting the ads/banners?
  4. Find up and coming blogs that you like that get small amounts of traffic and make them an offer, $100 per annum to put your banner on their site! Yes it’s a risk of very few to no clicks on your banners but for the ones that do your paying less than .35 a day! If you get 2 clicks a day that’s an even better return on your investment! It’s about numbers, because you might have to ask 50 to 100 blogs for 3 to put up your banners but it’s relatively cheap. Give it a try!

Recent Stuff, Comments & Updates

  1. comments comments

    Okay I’m getting tons of comments here but I’m going to start getting choosey now. Many of the article post comments are great but some of you are just copy and paste. Don’t get me wrong I love the praise and encouragement, but even a guy with Alzheimer’s (don’t believe my wife, I don’t have it! Too young! LMBO) would recognize repeated comments. So the ones that look like exactly like one I’ve already replied to won’t get approved and posted.

  2. I was reading on another blog the other day and saw a word I REALLY liked! There was a line that said,”Don’t be a Glasshole!”, hah! I’m sorry but I really thought it was funny!
  3. Loads of requests about my contact info, how I write articles, and most of all what I recommend most for starting a blog. I’m pretty sure my contact info is still on the about page, will double check it though. It just so happens I did write a post about creating great articles on, please check it out. Oh, please leave a rating if you liked it!
  4. The last question that seems to keep coming up is how to start a blog and finding more info about money online.     1. You can start up a new blog fairly easily with the free methods and have the biggest benefits. Which help starting your first blog offering some additional methods for your site to get traffic and followers. GoDaddy and being the most poplular. 2. Check out the forums and groups on Social sites for more information towards your niche, if your looking for money online niche their are actually too many to name. Warrior Forum is very popular for making money online and I would suggest to go on any search engine for “(your niche) forums”.

Updates & Latest News

  • updates updates

  •  Any day will reach over 3,000 views on the first Passive Income,   video on YouTube
  •  What area do you need the most info that would help you the   most to make money online? I’m asking and seeking your answers
  •  Site move didn’t work out, so plan B will be a new site. Will continue on this blog as I get the new up and ready.
  •  Continued expansion into the Social Media areas to increase the Brand, are you doing the same for your business?

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