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My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

The latest in blog, tips, reader comments and questions answered! I wanted to continue this tradition I started here because I enjoy doing it and it gets some good comments!

Are you one of the millions of bloggers not making any income? Or maybe you only make enough to pay for lunch a few times a week? Don’t you want more?



This quote is from The Pursuit of Happiness, Chris (Title Character) talking to his son:

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People  can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell
you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

The Latest In Blog:

My Brain On Blogging - Latest

My Brain On Blogging – Latest

Have you tried any of the forums lately? I heard from a friend a few days ago call out “The Worry-er Forum”..hah! That’s funny! Okay my point is getting your site exposed also requires getting out there among some of your peers and even competition. Be part of a conversation thread or answer some questions. Whatever your niche is you need to be there, where ever that is. Get it? Look at it this way….you are in a business meeting for YOUR brand (site/blog/etc.) and at the table with you are the people you expect ideas from. After all what are you paying them for anyway, sitting around (heck no)! So these two marketers stand up and say, “with this campaign we will get you exposure all over the place!” You ever hear of Tata Motors? Maybe you have, but unless you live close to India it’s a good bet you haven’t! Because they don’t market the world yet (yes they’re working on it). So with that in mind, why would you rely solely on free methods and S.E.O., or Adsense and Amazon to get your blog or sites exposure to your market? Not long ago I went through an airport in China and watched a Oldsmobile commercial! Marketing! That’s what getting on the forums and into the communities is all about, the more exposure you have to YOUR market the better! So go check out the groups on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. It’s going to take some of your time but it’s worth it, grow it slowly and allow the communities of your niche to know you! Thank me later!

  1. Something wild and crazy is going on over at LinkedIn, they’re now delving into the dating market! Yes I know, but why not? Do you think that’s innovation? I think LinkedIn is looking at their competition and seeing their market share and volume steadily not growing the way many others are. What’s weird for me is that even though I have a LinkedIn page for I do very little action wise with it. Maybe you’re like me, I thought it was about jobs and networking but LinkedIn’s brain works much different than mine (I’m a little crazy anyway, but I’m not figuring it out yet). Still I average about 1 new person every week to my network there, who knew I didn’t have to do anything?
  2. If you haven’t connected with me on the Social sites yet, you can find me on Skype (Glenn T Guillory, Colorado Springs), Twitter (@glenntguillory), and Google+ (Glenn Guillory, GenEnTech00, company page I’m usually doing something there daily except for Sundays (can’t find any parking on Sunday!Hah!).
  3. I still haven’t had my Traffic Blast yet so I don’t have any updates on that yet but it’s coming! Yes now I’m back to using both GetResponse, Aweber all over again! Maybe I just didn’t learn my lesson last year! I’ve turned it into a plus though because I was actually lacking in my posts here and I’m still getting more things moved into place.

Reader Comments:

My Brain On Blogging - Reader Comments

My Brain On Blogging – Reader Comments

I like to go through the comments from time to time and provide answers to questions, yes I also try to reply to every comment too (some of these are from older posts I’ve done here). Alexa has given me an extra work load in that now I also check your comment links and it’s something you should do for your site too. Here’s why, broken or links that don’t go where intended will hurt your standing so you need to fix them or fire them….”Yoouuuuur FIRE-ERRRRD-Duh!” Okay, on to the comments:

  1. Q – “Does having a site like yours take a lot of work?”
    AActually yes it does, but it’s not hard and I love what I’m doing! When you’re setting up a new site or blog, you will need your favorite plug-ins installed, customize your theme, monetize and write content! Once that’s done you can write about 2 to 3 times a week (yes I know, I’m slacking but I’ve been working on the behind the scenes stuff! So there!). Once all of that’s caught up though it’s fairly easy and you could average 2-4 hours a day working on your blog or site! The key is getting started and taking action.
  2. Q – “I’m kinda shy and not good at talking with people, how do I write good articles for my blog?”
    APractice, for this reason alone I recommend you blog or create site content around YOUR passions! Sounds easy right? Have you ever talked to someone about what you love to do? Eating, fishing or whatever? I would almost bet that you’re like a runaway motorcycle (reeennnannnannnnnn, rennananannn, wheeeeeeeeeeennnnn) yeah like that when you’re talking about what you love! Your kids, clothes, what are you passionate about? That’s what you write about because that’s what’s real and really you’re already an expert or soon to be one on the subject. Just don’t go with what’s in your head alone, do the research and know what you’re talking about. We all love to hear passion! Again, repetition is the key!
  3. Q – “My site looks funny on my phone but yours looks great, got any suggestions?” 
    A – This is my business, I’ve invested in it to be successful. All you really need is to get a domain and hosting, you can get started fairly cheap with and Once you do that, most of the themes today have compatibility with mobile so no need to get something extra( every theme that has “Responsive” in it’s name is also mobile ready). If in doubt just ask your support before you buy, “is this mobile compatible?”. If you are just getting started better safe than sorry, ask someone because now it’s important to your search rankings.
  4. Q – “Do you have guest writers on your blog? I have a blog with a similar niche if you would like to write something.”       
    A – No guest writers at this time because I’m only at this part time now, and yes I would guest write on your blog! The few things I would require is for you to send me an email with your request to:

Make sure to check out the latest happenings on the Site here:

I hope you got a few somethings of use on My Brain On Blogging! Until the next….stay tuned!

Dedicated To YOUR Success!



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Marketing – What Do I Say? Getting your message out there but don’t know what to say when someone actually calls you or you call them? Today’s post is all about the conversation, having actual conversations is not about you. This will help you to be better prepared in your Marketing and help you to have confidence in having conversations about your business.

Too Busy Too Eager:

Marketing - Your-First-Call

Marketing – Your-First-Call

Many of us (yes, including me) get our first call and we just want to break into our “Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy” song & dance! Then it hits you, “what do I say?” If you let that eagerness creep into your marketing you will be failing in one of the first golden rules because this removes the sense of urgency. Don’t be quick & eager to sign them up but channel that eagerness into hearing their story and why they are interested in what you do, what you have to offer them. Hearing their own story will give you most of the clues you need to actually provide the help they (the lead) are really looking for. Much like this, “well I saw your article on ___ and I’ve always wanted to be fit enough to Coach my daughter in soccer”. One of the biggest strengths of your business will be your ability to market towards your audiences pain. Every lead you get will not have the exact pain you market to so hearing them describe it ultimately helps you to identify with them more. Like this, “oh yes, most of us in ___ are parents and spending more time with our kids is something we value”. It just makes sense when you hear it from them first. Take some detailed notes about your lead from the conversation to weave into your next conversation with them.

Just The First, Not The Last:

Marketing - What Do I Say?,Very busy business

Marketing – What Do I Say?,Very busy business

During your first call, conversation or possible presentation one of your tasks must be to have a follow up or additional opportunities to secure the next conversation with the lead. While you may or may not be busy, give the appearance that you are. Not to say you aren’t making time for your leads but to convey the sense of urgency and establishing that your time is valuable. Even if you don’t understand it yet, time is one of your biggest commodities as a marketer. Treat your time as the precious commodity that it is, no matter how much a lead will ask or tell you they have to see your offer right away, refuse. One of the best ways I’ve used to do this is having the conversation like this:

  • “Listen, I really want to show you what I do, but I have more commitments today. What I have to show you is mostly visual, I can present it to you 11:30 tomorrow.” Notice how this is not a question
  • Uh, no. I’m still working at that time.” You say, “What’s a better time tomorrow for you?” “Well 5:30 would work for me“, they reply. “That’s a good time, listen I’m going to send you __ (your presentation, company video, capture page video, etc.), it’s the visual info I spoke of and is only a few minutes but I need you to watch it before we meet. Will you make sure to watch it right before we talk?”. It’s critical not to schedule this follow up more than 1 or 2 days from your initial conversation. People usually have short attention spans and may forget you altogether a week from now.
  • If for any reason they say no, or don’t want to see your presentation: Wish them well and give them a call or contact in some way 2 – 4 weeks from now. They are still an interested lead, the time may not be right for them at this time. Keep the contact going and check in with them from time to time, let them know about any specials and follow up on how the pain point is affecting them now. When the time is right they will be more receptive because you still made time for them and showed them you care for them as a person (just make sure to follow up, add when you will contact them next on your schedule).

Conversation Mindset:

Marketing - What Do I Say? 1

Marketing – What Do I Say? 1

You always want to present “the best you” in all of your contacts with leads, on the phone, Internet or live meets. If you do live meets, arrive early and don’t eat or drink anything other than water. Nothing worse than trying to do a presentation with bad breath, talking around food or having a big fat ugly new stain on your nice business attire. Look, speak and act the part of confident business person. If you need any forms filled out, make sure they are ready (fill out all you can, hi-light where the lead needs to fill in) before your meet and have multiple pens that actually write (it ain’t funny to experience it). Got it all? One more thing you need is the right mindset. Read this to yourself before every meeting:

  • “I know it in my heart that what I have to offer is a positive life changing experience.”
  • If you don’t believe this about your offer, company or abilities..find one that you believe in. Very few, if any will buy something from you if you don’t believe in it.

Now you have the ammo to have some great conversations, never go into them with a script. Be natural and free flowing, you will do fine. If you got some value today, let me hear from you in the comments below.

Until the next, your friend Glenn

Marketing - What Do I Say? - Contact Glenn

Marketing – What Do I Say? – Contact Glenn

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Do you ask for leads to follow, look at your ads, click your links? You won’t get any of what you want if you don’t ask it. You will Get What You Ask For in Marketing, but are you asking the right people the right questions? Marketing all starts with keyword research aimed toward your desired results, so how do you ask the right people the right questions is what this post is about.

Avoiding The Wrong Keywords:

Marketing - No Bad Words

Marketing – No Bad Words

Overall you want the appearance of great professionalism, only good & positive words. But bad words aren’t the only words you want to avoid in marketing. You want to keep away from the most common keywords in your industry and also avoid having the words used with your keyword and in your advertising:

  • Free
  • Quick Money
  • Fast Money
  • Push Button
  • Free & Easy

Just about any combination of the above words will generate tons of clicks and responses but the majority of people you attract with these words are not where most of the buyers are. What you will see instead when using these keywords will be “Freepreneurs”. These are people that look for free stuff and want magic buttons to make money. Having one thousand of these clicks never equal the positive response of one targeted lead.

Why Asking Is All Important:

Get into the habit of asking for what you want a lead to do in all of your marketing. In your posts, ads, articles on other media or platforms you must let the lead know what you expect them to do. Click here, leave a comment, take this quick survey, sign-up. This is called having a “call to action”, once you start implementing a “call to action” in your marketing you will see a noticeable increase in response if you don’t use them now. Just imagine reading a great post from someone and not having any means to see what else they have written? That’s a possible lead that writer has just lost simply because they didn’t have a simple “click here” and get more value training just like this.

Circles That Feel Like Straight Lines:

Marketing - Get-What-You-Ask-For

Marketing – Get-What-You-Ask-For

You always want to double check the path you send your leads on and keep it all congruent. All this means is that you want to make sure that you are providing exactly what you stated in your ad or posts. Think about it like this, if you ask for Opt-Ins for your list you must provide what you promised to deliver. If you offer more Tips or Training for someone to sign up then when the lead signs up they will see “Tips or Training” sent to them from you. All of your marketing should perform like a never ending circle but feel like a straight line to your leads. Not a traffic jam of lost proportions:

  1. Lead finds your Site and Opts In for your list for Tips
  2. List gives more Tips as promised and sends leads back to Site
  3. You give more & more value to the lead on the list & your Site
  4. Your list gives the leads related promotional income generating offers
  5. Emails to your list send those leads back to more value on your site
Marketing - Your Winning Smile

Marketing – Your Winning Smile

So make sure you are asking for the actions you desire in all you do in your marketing, ask the right questions and always provide exactly what you promise. Now you know that having great “call to action” is required in all your marketing, be sure to ask the right thing from the desired people. It’s much like marketing your winning smile! Always think to yourself, “did I put a good call-to-action” in there?



Let me hear your comments below, I respond personally to all comments and questions. More value soon, always your friend Glenn.

Happy Marketing/Blogging

Marketing - Get What You Ask For - Call Me

Marketing – Get What You Ask For – Call Me

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My Beef With Infographics has more to do with how they appear and not the info they provide. Infographics are everywhere these days but have you considered how they are received by the majority of your audience? My Beef With Infographics is that when shared most of the info is lost on the reader.

What’s A Infographic:

My Beef with Infographics1

My Beef with Infographics1

They’re actually pretty cool, information delivered with images. Some of them have animation too! The idea was great, images married to text to get a point or process across that is more pleasing to readers than plan old text could ever be. What’s not to like in a Infographic? Well in most cases, Infographics look cool on a blog (most of the time). Getting our message out their and trying to grow an audience requires that you need share on other sites and platforms. This is when I start losing my appreciation for Infographics because when shared they’re often hard to read on those other platforms. Cool if the whole idea is to get people onto your site where they can see it better, but….(saw it coming didn’t you). Too often the great Infographic you created ends up looking like this one here on the right. The images come through in most cases but the text is lost on the other places where it might be shared. Can you imagine trying to look at this on your Cell or other device?


Better Alternative:

My Beef With Infographics2

My Beef With Infographics2

Of course I should offer an better alternative to the Infographic, got beef better have a solution right? My solution is in the latest push that’s actually been going on for the past two years in the Social Communities. You didn’t think that Google buying YouTube didn’t have long term impact did you? So here’s my alternative, video. What’s quicker and easier than video? Not much. The rise of the “Go-Pro” is just another signal that if you’re marketing or building a online presence and not doing video you will get left behind. Who could have thunk (hey it’s a word here), that video would keep getting easier to do? Not me for sure! Now you can shoot, upload and share directly from your phone! In HD no less! I’m not only impressed but curious even more so by the latest moves by some of the Social platforms regarding video on their respective sites.


How & Why Video:

My Beef With Infographics - Video Is Better On FB

My Beef With Infographics – Video Is Better On FB

It’s all a big war of content and the Social sites don’t want to be left out. Recently Facebook has made moves to give better traction to video’s directly loaded to their site over other media. Just take a look at the response of video’s there compared to text and images right in your Newsfeeds. Twitter on the other hand recently announced their own app for uploading your video’s directly to Twitter! If that’s not a signal to start adding more video’s to your marketing I don’t know what is. Recently I’ve experienced an explosion of sorts on my own FB page with video’s. Get in the video game or get left behind, you should see where PPC & video has taken my likes now.

Over all I’m not saying leave the Infographics behind but if they are not a big part of your online efforts then take a look at video. Video expands your reach better and still gets your content out there without any loss between sites or mediums. So please comment below and let me hear your opinion.

Until next time, check out what I’m sharing in other places:

Glenn’s Tips On Twitter

Learn About Leads: Glenn’s FB Fan Page

Official Site Page:

Marketing Blog:

My Beef With Infographics - Call Me

My Beef With Infographics – Call Me


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Why buy Solo Ads? Here are the Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads, when you should and when you shouldn’t. Not to discourage you from ever buying Solo Ads but most marketers with little experience usually don’t know what they’re getting into. The Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads is information for you to reach your own conclusions armed with better facts.

Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads1

Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads1

Warm Market, Cold Leads:

The first thing you really should understand about what a Solo Ad really means to your business is that you have absolutely no control over who, what, why & how the leads came to be on the list for your Solo Ad. Mostly they will be leads in your particular niche/market but why would they be more responsive to your ad more than the others they have seen? Sometimes the leads your Solo is going out to have been bombarded by free offers and lots of crap. So you’re approach needs to be skilled for the response you’re looking for.

Sales or List Building?

best reasons to avoid solo ads3

best reasons to avoid solo ads3

You’re hoping for sales with a Solo Ad right? How do you think those sales will happen and why would these people buy from you anyway? That’s the glaring problem with most marketers trying their hand at Solo Ads. People that “Know, Like & Trust” you are the ones that buy because they perceive you have tons of value for them, it’s only a tiny amount that buy right off. You must target building a relationship with the leads that will sign up to your list and yes building your list should be your first priority with any Solo Ad. To make any sales you need to first have an offer of great value for your ad and make it enticing by over delivering that value. You really want to address niche/market pain or common problems. Give them a great solution in your Solo Ads. Sales will come from great follow ups once they are added to your list. So have a way for them to see your offer but make the primary (what they see and read the most) content about how you can solve their common niche/market problem.

List Sign Ups? What’s Next:

best reasons to avoid solo ads2

best reasons to avoid solo ads2

This is the meat & potatoes so to speak, marketing to those new leads that signed up to your list. The one thing you should be mindful of is making sure you are consistent, marketers call it “Congruency”. Make sure that your message stays consistent from the Solo Ad (text, landing page, everything used with the Solo Ad pitch). A certain theme and title like, “Glenn’s Top 6 Methods To Get Fitness Experts As Your Customers”, should remain the theme through out your marketing. Your first follow up message to these new leads should continue to address how to get those sought after fitness buyers into their business (this is just an example). The leads from your Solo should get what you promised in the Solo right away, after all that’s why they gave you their information. Follow these steps to have great follow up steps:

  • Deliver more value (the solutions goods), here is where you will include your product again but in a secondary way. Example,”Here’s my top choice fitness product that converts buyers”.
  • Make contact quickly (you want personal contact, meeting, phone conference or direct call if possible).
  • Later include a message that allows your new leads to get to know your story, don’t make it too long. You want your leads to identify with the struggles you have had and also how you’ve overcome them. Don’t be too needy, you’re a busy business person to your leads and your time is valuable. If you haven’t had contact yet, send a reminder on the benefit they are not taking advantage of.
  • Keep delivering value, some leads won’t be ready for your business when you expect or want them to. Some great leads may follow you for a year before buying because they’re not ready. Keep your value and overall message consistent.

Solo Ads Unknowns:

best reasons to avoid solo ads4

best reasons to avoid solo ads4

Following the above steps still doesn’t give you any guarantees because you still have to trust the Solo Ad seller. How they got the leads in the first place and how they deliver your ad should be a concern. You will never know how fresh the leads for your Solo Ad are or what type of messages they are most likely to respond to. You have to develop a relationship with the seller too, hopefully they will provide exactly what they promise for your Solo. Tracking the Solo Ads performance from the number of clicks to the response are critical so you know how the Ads performed. A good response performance would be 25 – 30% of your clicks added to your list but don’t stop there. Make sure you keep tracking those leads, name them in a list from the seller. Active responses, buys, actual calls (you calling them), and track those responses from on 1st, 2nd and 3rd month responses. Results should tell you that:

  1. Your process and copy are very good (positive)
  2. Your Solo Ad seller has a good list and you want to test again to see if you can repeat or exceed previous results. If you get similar great results twice, go big and negotiate a larger Solo (positive)
  3. Little to no response could mean your process is not optimized well and doesn’t offer great value or your Seller has a stale over marketed list. Which is it? (negative)
  4. High Opt-In rate but poor response, you just don’t know what the seller has communicated to these leads prior to your Solo. Solo Ads have no guarantee so your stuck to figure out if it is your process or the Solo seller (negative)
  5. Low Opt-In rate zero response, both your process and the seller’s list can be poor or your process may need more work. An easy tip to test your process would be to test your landing pages with PPC ads. Poor response with PPC ads are most likely due to poor targeting and a poor process (negative)

Top Reason Not To Do Solo’s:

best reasons to avoid solo ads - Doubt-It

best reasons to avoid solo ads – Doubt-It

Solo Ads are widely marketed to everyone in Home Business and purchased often by those new to marketing. Those without the skills I’ve described above, if you can’t create a great process how would you know how well a Solo Ad can perform for you? Targeted Leads are the best leads and the only ones you really want in my opinion (unless you just have money to burn). You never know how targeted the leads are with a Solo Ad until after getting the clicks.

I recommend you at least try 2 Solo Ads for your business to make your own determinations. Now I won’t say I will never do another Solo Ad buy but because my own experience was both good and bad, it wasn’t until my knowledge grow before I understood why some didn’t work so well. So this article will hopefully help you avoid being in the dark avoiding or missing the mark with Solo Ads.

Did you get value? Leave your comments and suggestions below and check out some other places where I share value:

GTGuilloryonline on G+

Glenn T Guillory FB Fan Page

Set up your free 1 On 1 Coaching Call with Glenn on Skype:

Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads - Contact Glenn

Best Reasons To Avoid Solo Ads – Contact Glenn

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Here are the Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online. I wish I understood this when I started so this article is intended to get you ahead of the game. Follow these steps if you want to avoid some of the struggles most have in trying to establish a Home Business with these Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online.

There is no particular order to these but you do need to understand that all of these things are important. It doesn’t matter if you plan on learning paid or free strategies because you need to understand that there is so much to learn. Just concentrate on never stopping to learn about your chosen business and implementing what you learn.

1) Get To Know & Become The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money - The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money – The Best You

Top Leaders, CEO’s other successful people have certain qualities and you must see some of these qualities in yourself. Often I look at successful people as champions and actors, they become what they desire most. You need to be the best you online by showing you have top leader qualities too, you should always appear to be the alpha in the room. Not by being the loudest, smartest or biggest presence in the room but by being noticed as someone who not only helps others and has the knowledge

2) Finding Your Knowledge In The Market

You really need to have resources to keep current and to catch up to other leaders. You don’t have to be an expert but you can become one (you won’t know when it happens until long after it does). Use books, pod casts, groups on Social Sites, forums and sign up to a few email lists in your niche. Don’t overwhelm yourself with grabbing too many all at once. Get a few and as you learn to share the knowledge you learn then add more. You need to focus on identifying the greatest challenges that people just like you face in your market the most. Concentrate on knowing the solutions by trying them yourself, this is knowledge you will be able to share with the people that start following you.

3) Success Has Nothing To Do With ANY Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Not Your Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Not Your Offer

I’ve personally tried many different methods, systems, networks & companies to make money online. Even though I had some success with some of them I couldn’t sustain and grow my results. I thought I just had yet to find the right offer. This was one of my own struggles because I didn’t know then that it was my own skills that weren’t on par for success. For every success Making Money Online, there is a string of failures behind them. Until they built up their skills, plus they had great mentors and paid for a great Coach. Part of your spending in this business is for your own education, never hesitate to invest in yourself. Knowledge is only power if you know how to use it. Generating leads, selling your products are revenue generating activities and you have to learn “how” to do them daily.

4) Reach Out & Communicate

No matter how many people sign-up for your sites or respond to your ads and buy stuff you will rarely make enough to fire your boss that way. You must learn how to profit even when someone tells you no or maybe. Making Money Online is all about communication and the more people you can actually talk to about your business on the phone or in person the more you will succeed. Also reach out to other marketers that are willing to share tips and experience with you. Not all of them will, but you only want those that see in you similar qualities they identify having too.

5) Other Marketers Are Your Biggest Buyers

When you get sold on a system or offer you might think that it’s right for everyone. Truth is that most people won’t have any idea what they’re getting into so the few that do join will be lost or just give up. Be the problem solver, not the “hey my company is better than yours”. Take this example on why other marketers just like you will be your biggest buyers:

  • Other marketers in your market are already familiar with your niche
  • You both have experienced the same or similar struggles
  • You provide a solution to those struggles and find these are the “hungriest leads”
  • When your solution works well for them they are even more willing to try your offer

6) Don’t Sell, Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Communicate

Forget all that sales stuff, who wants to talk to a salesperson? Would you believe that marketers are still taught to try and sell to their friends, family and everyone else within 3 feet? It’s true, you would just run the other way when you see that person coming! The truth is that actually works for some people but it doesn’t work well for everyone. Don’t “Always Be Closing”, this is the wrong mentality! You really want to “Always Be Opening”! People want truth, answers & results! Give it to them and they will be calling you daily to get that value. Other leaders in your company will be asking you “how do you do it?” Be part of the conversation and offer value, people are attracted to value. The value you build is from all those things about your market that you consistently learn every day to share with those that follow you, sign-up for your lists & newsletters, track you on Social Sites, all of them are part of your Team. Reserve the biggest details and successes with those that join your Team, the ones on the outside looking in should get value but try to keep it basic because you really don’t know what level they’re at until they join you and you can talk with them personally. No one has ever made big success with any Home Business without help..think about that for a moment.

7) Consistency Is King

“Build it and they will come”, well even that came from a movie with advertisements, stars going on the talk circuit and people talking about it. That’s how you have to approach Making Money Online, get your products and solutions out to the people who want & need them over and over! Do you follow any successful blogs? How often are new posts put up? I’m not saying that you need to put up daily content on a blog but where ever you do that should be your goal. Put out great content (value again) on a consistent basis, at a minimum you should put out value every week with the goal of being able to put out interesting niche related content multiple times a week. Every successful marketer on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. puts out useful content on a consistent basis. Work your way up to doing this.

8) Traffic Is Not Leads

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Get Traffic

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Get Traffic

Imagine your business helps people wanting to look better by removing the appearance of fat in a matter of 10 minutes. So you set up shop at the beach, showing off your toned body from using the product and your competition sets up shop in the downtown business district. Who is more likely to make sales if you and your competition are at the same skill level? You will because more people who are actually thinking about their looks and appearance will be in that location and not in the busy downtown district. Just because many people are looking at your product doesn’t mean you will sell more. Targeted Leads are buyers and Traffic is more like window shoppers. Even people looking for handouts know where the best targeted leads are, they’re usually where all the business pedestrians are because those are their targeted leads. You need to identify who will need and buy your stuff. Write down what their average age is, are they most likely male, female or both, do they have children, homeowners, what do they do for fun? Knowing who your targeted leads are and how to market to them will guarantee Making Money Online. You can’t just stop there though, keep compiling data until you know much as possible about who looks for what you have to offer.

9) Results Are Not What You Expect

The vast majority of every Home Business owners don’t make it, many quit because they couldn’t generate any results. The real fact is that many that quit did have results they just didn’t know what to look for. One thing I like to teach is that doing the same strategy with paid methods will take 3 months to see profit (that’s the minimum result). Just because you’re not making sales doesn’t mean you aren’t making a difference, you still have to be consistent and nothing happens overnight. Using the so called “free methods” take much longer and still produces results but most often they still won’t be sales or income.

10) You Will Fail And Fail, & Fail Again

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - You Will Fail

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – You Will Fail

I would be willing to bet that no one ever told you this before even though it’s been right in front of you for long as you’ve been researching Home Business or Making Money Online. Remember this, “behind every successful marketer is….a ton of failures”. Doesn’t every successful Online Entrepreneur have a story about how they failed before they “figured it out”? The answer is yes, so keep your competitive juices going by acknowledging that struggling and failure come with the territory. Keep at it, “don’t ever stop, keep pushing”.

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Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Contact Glenn

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Contact Glenn

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How To Choose The Right Auto-Responder is extremely critical for your business. Because if you plan on doing marketing with your Blog/Site, Affiliate Marketing, just about any Network Marketing for the long haul choosing the wrong one will cost you big. Your Auto-Responder also represents your business ability, poor service will make it look like your business is also providing poor service.

Why Auto-Responder:



What do you even need an Auto-Responder for? Your Business really needs to build a list if you want to leverage the power of the internet. With your Auto-Responder you can collect the information of your leads and stay within the FCC rules. Marketers that avoid or violate those rules will find it extremely hard to get back up and running after your IP is black listed. Having the auto-responder allows you to cultivate the relationship with your leads. Plus you can send as many emails to them as you want because you just can’t send 100’s of emails from your normal email box without raising big flags everywhere!

Too Many Choices, What’s The Difference:

Right now there are many different auto-responders to choose from, the most common ones I’ve listed some of the top ones here:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • GVO

Between just these 4 I’ve listed here, each one has some subtle differences. Take MailChimp & GVO, these are typically free to get started and will attract a fair amount of $$ challenged new marketers. Once your list exceeds 500 then monthly charges will kick in. Far as I know, these companies notify you as your list starts to approach the 500 mark. They do not have the same functionality of Aweber & GetResponse but most new marketers don’t even notice (more on that later). With Aweber & GetResponse there is more functionality and they’re made to be very user friendly. I use Aweber because they are typically among the first to respond to changes that might affect your marketing. This is big because it helps you stay ahead with your marketing without doing something that violates upcoming regulations without your knowledge. There are things that Aweber will not allow because they are committed to keeping their service regulation compliant. Wouldn’t you rather know you’re compliant without reading Federal (and in some cases country regulation too) regulations and trying to understand that stuff? That’s why I use Aweber primarily!

The Biggest Reason To Choose Wisely:

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Choose-Wisely

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Choose-Wisely

About a year ago the hack towards many of the services we marketers use actually affected me. I was using two different Auto-Responder then (some affiliate companies will already have integration with a auto-responder, so I ended up with two), and about 3,000 people on each one. Well the hack actually didn’t shut down the auto-responders but it slowed them down. Well my “other than Aweber” auto-responder shut down for 2 days to complete some prevention and safeguarded measures. That didn’t sit well with me and I moved to get my list moved into the other auto-responder that was treating me better in my eyes. So I learned “how to” migrate my leads from one to the other. Here’s the bad news, migrating from one to the other requires everyone on the list to double opt-in to this new list and auto-responder. If it doesn’t sound that bad to you now imagine this, “Hello, hope you have enjoyed being a part of Company X with Glenn. We need you to sign-up for our new list and then confirm again to keep getting emails from us”. Would you do that? The majority of my 3k plus leads didn’t either, huge sinking feeling but I’m over it now (kind of over it).

So now that you know how to choose the right auto-responder I hope you join me in using Aweber. The first month is only $1 and it’s pretty easy to use.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1


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How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Call Me

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Call Me