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Home Blog – My Brain On,….Limited Time Only!

Ever get overwhelmed by your current “To Do” schedule? I have and my solutions are not exactly how I thought it would be but I did get a solution. Sharing a bit of what I’ve learned up to this point with my Franchise and what’s been happening with GenEnTech00 (parent company) lately. Oh yeah, some reader comments and answers too! Let’s get started!

What happened to my site?!

Hey! Where's My Site?

Hey! Where’s My Site?

You may find yourself at a point in your blogging or marketing life where you will have to say goodbye to some of your creations. I have been pushing my own limits and that tiny rubber-band broke, POW (yeah, gotta work on my sound effects)! You can no longer find my plug-in offer site GTGuilloryrapidmarketing, or the alternate blog There still floating out there somewhere in Internet space and maybe if your that curious (please get a life), you may still be able to see them. I wasn’t able to make time for them anymore, between media buys, maintaining 2 blogs and loading another site/blog. Something had to give (actually a lot of something), so for now the media buying will grind down to a trickle and I’ve freed up more time to devote to the Franchise (he keeps talking about that!). I just hope that those examples provided enough of the help I intended….farewell, you did me proud (the slow tear falling from one eye).

Information Overload!

To Do List Heaven - Sticky Notes

To Do List Heaven – Sticky Notes

If you have read more than a few of my articles you know I a big believer in “To Do” lists! I’ve got sticky notes all over the place! Maybe that’s not for you, or you just need something more organized before those that same the same living space go all Jakie Chan on you and your sticky’s? Sticky notes are my key to getting my tasks done but I was made aware of something that does the same thing and doesn’t need wall space! Have you ever heard of It’s basically a software that helps you to organize and meet your day to day, week to week..etc. Close to a virtual assistant to help you get things done and best of all, it’s free! There are some more advanced versions but you won’t need those right away. It even has a simple training program to get you familiar with how it works, go try

Share Some of That Franchise Stuff!

I Want My Retreat Too!

I Want My Retreat Too!

Training and more training, what did you expect? I’m getting some great behind the scenes stuff done and also found out that I missed out on a killer retreat! The big “marketer on the higher reality” (the creator and owner of the Franchise Biz, let’s call him Mothra, yes it was a giant moth but hey it’s what I came up with), invites everyone at every level to a retreat every year! You’re gonna love this, he invites everyone to this retreat to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry! You (that would be me, maybe you too later) get to also meet other franchise owners that have been having success! Awards are given, local dances and traditional shows, the whole nine! Here’s the kicker, you can bring your wife, husband, kids and all you have to do is take action with your Franchise and pay for the tickets getting you there and back! It’s gets even better, Mothra PAYS for everything else!!!! Food, 5 star hotel stay, drinks, activities, all on big Mothra’s dime! Get this, the one I didn’t know about last year was in Fiji! Can you picture that? Over here! Yes please! Hopefully when I open the doors to the Franchise you will get on board too, then you can meet me there! Come on, you know you want to!

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Reader Comments & Quests

Comment: Find the latest news and updates right here!

Wouldn’t you know that’s an actual comment on one of the posts here! Made me think, what latest news and updates did I write about? Not sure but I’m here to help, (note to self, stop making these notes because I can’t find them later!). Ooookaaaay…here goes!

Have you heard the latest in hacking? Some well known marketers have been getting hacked! Not like you would first think either, these hackers are using these big names as bait to send out spam stuff! So I have a question for everyone, if you have an idea of how to prevent this please leave comments and suggestions about this please! I had an account hacked once and that nut is still out there somewhere (I still can’t talk about it, sniffles).

gtguilloryblog - comments & suggestions

gtguilloryblog – comments & suggestions

Question: Is it hard to start up a blog and does it require a massive effort?

Answer: I’m going to stick to my guns and say “no”, it doesn’t take a Herculean effort or a tremendous amount of time and “know-how” to start up a blog. Do you feel a “but…” coming? It is ridiculously easy now to start up a free blog and write content that you have wanted to give the world! But…(ha you knew it was coming!), when you have had sites, other blogs etc…you already know much of what you want, how you want it delivered, etc. I’m not saying it’s hard but with each one more effort is required simply because your ability and knowledge has grown since the last site or blog you created.

Question: Where else can I find information like you have on your blog?

Answer: Hopefully nowhere besides gtguilloryonline! Yes I put a unique spin on things but I’m kinda partial to me (hey I’m cuddly too!). I can tell you about some of the sites I visit when I have the time….do a little research and find these sites: Tim Bonner (blogger), Traffic Generation Cafe (Anna H, highly recommended because she’s a coffee fiend like me), and of course the Big Bad Blogger John Chow. I do apologize to the other bloggers I follow for not mentioning you (really I DON’T have Alzheimer’s). Send me a rant in the form of a comment to one of the articles and I will make sure to mention I’m following your blog and you’re my best bud (really I will mention it if you want me to, lbnol).  Some of my best friends are bloggers!

An Excerpt From The Latest Newsletter – Find Your Why?

find your "why"

find your “why”

Do you set goals and reach them, are you finding success with your business? Do you know your “why”? Why are you in the business or seeking to start making money online? Is it to pay for that dream vacation? Maybe you just want to earn an extra income? Or you want a business of your own to replace the current job you have? What ever YOUR “why” is, you can accomplish those goals better by identifying and knowing what your own motivation is. When was the last time you set a goal and accomplished it without having a clear understanding of what it was and how to do it?

P.S. This is only part of the Newsletter, when the new site is opened up you can sign up and get benefits directly to your email! It’s getting closer now and the “Grand Opening” should be in April! Just need to spray that new car smell stuff all over before anyone walks in!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn


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Home Blog – My Brain On Blogging

This issue of the blog will address more reader comments (they just keep coming, veddy gud!). Also it’s right around the corner, so I will also address your online taxes! Yea tax time (hope you don’t believe that).

Reader Comments Answered:

  1. Question: Where do you get your info? It’s good!                                Answer: Thank you! My information on every article here comes from much research, then trail and error. I actually try things and stick with the best ways to make money online.
  2. Question: Where should I start and how do I get my own blog?                                                                                                Answer: It’s actually very easy to start your own blog, a bit easier than in the past. You gotta love competition! That’s why it’s so easy to go on or to start your own blog! There are many other choices too, just research, explore and pick the one that suits you. Word of caution though, being a marketer I know much about what is out there but you still learn everyday. You may see at some point advertising that “you can make money with your own blog”. Truth is new blogs are getting dropped like bad habits everyday (hey a boxing cliche!). Add to that millions of bloggers out there everyday for every niche you could ever imagine. I’m not trying to discourage you, but I want to give you a head start that many don’t get. Once you’ve found your calling (marketer/bloggers call it a niche), then YOU need to look at the competition to get ideas to improve upon! Learning how to make money from home is not difficult but you have to take action! People are attracted to great content so you want to create great things with your blog, over and over and over again. You will find this is one of the best ways to make money online!
  3. Question: What should I know about Hosting for my own site?                                                                                        Answer: To put it in plain terms (I thought I wrote about this somewhere?), Hosting is basically what holds and keeps your sites/blog/pages on the Internet. Every thing in the Internet is “hosted” in some way. Once you have a domain you will need Hosting such as,, or even (gasp)! WordPress does the Hosting for your free blog, if you get a blog through (their are others but these are what I use). You can also get your own servers and host all of your own stuff (big time advertisers do this to “host” and control their many different ads, but competition is heating up there too).
  4. Question: Why don’t you use Empower Network for huge backlinks?                                                                         Answer: I don’t do MLM or cyclic systems at all, no offense but in my own experience these types of programs are not the best ways to make money online. See my review article on cyclic offers, besides I try to maintain an honest and detailed approach here so I don’t recommend anything that hasn’t worked for me.
  5. Question: Why don’t my comments show?                                                                                                                            Answer: If the email you have tied to your link or the one you have registered can not be verified, your comment will go straight to the spam folder. I go through the spam folder every other day and will sometimes “un-spam” a comment but that doesn’t always happen. I can not send a reply to you if your address can not be verified and I try to reply on all questions. Either a direct email reply to you or here in the blog comments review.
  6. Question: Where are your contact details?                                                                                                                         Answer: The contact details can be found on the “about” page, but since I’ve been asked this many times so I will also put it in the sidebar or plain sight some where else soon.

Finally I will address Taxes for your business since it’s that time of year for W-2’s and statements. When I started out, every network I joined as an affiliate and every “money making” site, service, etc., I signed up with my site name. My taxes were as an individual, but as you scale up into upward tax brackets consider taking steps tax wise for your business. Get a good tax preparer that is experienced (get some good recommendations for your area) for your business. Most of all UNDERSTAND everything that your preparer does and ask questions. It’s harder to know if someone is being honest with you for the unknown. The same applies to “how to make money from home”, doesn’t it? Yes!

Learn how to make money from home, see if you qualify for the best way to learn how to earn: MITS (Learn How To Get Leads For Yourself)

Let me know how I can help you:



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Home – Make Your Articles Great!

Looking to improve your own articles? Here’s some great tips from Copy-blogger! If anyone would like me to guest post on your blog please contact me (

Use these great tips for your blog!

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.
Great Content & Tips for You,

Dedicated to helping you,


Call Glenn

Call Glenn


Home – Answers To Reader Comments

Home – Answers To Reader Comments

Lately the blog is getting even more spam, even if your site is verified your email address must be genuine. Otherwise your comments go directly into the blog spam folder and is deleted (shameless plug for Askimet here, it works!). Most of the questions though are real so I will answer most of them for you here.

  1. “Do you have any other content related to this one?” – Yes visit my other blog for even more articles or look up gen guillory expert author on
  2. “How do I subscribe or do you have a RSS feed?” – No RSS feed and the only way to sign up for more information is through offers or the Social Media buttons here. If you join the Easiest System Ever (find the review page) you will also get value tips, bonuses and more advantages for making money online.
  3. “Do you have any content related to my niche?” – Yes, I try to be specific on the tips for getting traffic, research and methods towards making money online but the majority of the tips can be used for most niches. Just do the suggested research towards your own niche.
  4. “Any free information for making money online & how do I make money from blogs?” – All of the tips here are free and most of the make money online articles give free and paid methods. You won’t find any “advertise on Craigslist” types of methods because even though they work these methods have been over done. You will find it extremely difficult to make money this way unless you have a unique approach that works for you. Second the next post will address “making money online from blogs”, in the next few days.

You can choose the follow option on this blog, “like” through Facebook or Twitter and Google+.

To a more successful future,

P.S. Just for visiting today, I’m giving away a free S.E.O. analysis tool!
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Easiest System Ever

Easiest System Ever

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Traffic Lead Generation – Benefits In Your Inbox

Traffic Lead Generation – Benefits In Your Inbox

How to benefit and optimize Traffic Lead Generation from all those excessive emails that arrive in your email inbox. Why you’re getting so many emails since growing your online business through the Internet.

So here you are trying to get ahead with your Internet Marketing Business but you keep getting all those emails! What’s that all about?! Where are all these people coming from?

If you’re like me when I was getting started you’ve signed up for a few affiliate programs, blogs, forums etc. Suddenly you’re getting bombarded by tons of emails! Some go to the spam folder but most of them end up in your inbox! I get millions (not really but it seems like it) of these emails daily to my personal and company email. I actually spend time and go through all of them. Would it surprise you to learn that many of these emails are jewels for beginner affiliates and marketers?


Too Many Emails – At some point you actually agreed to receive emails from marketers and everyone of them should have a means for you to unsubscribe from their list. Some will prove difficult to keep out of your inbox but the others are from proven Internet Marketers. Many of those same people you already know or will find out have tons of success. Do they send you emails everyday? The answer will be no for most of them but they send just enough to keep their readers (you) engaged. So they send you promotions and tips once a week or so because it’s part of their marketing campaign and makes money.

How To Benefit From The Emails – Last month I was listening to another millionaire marketer and he explained to me that sometimes he will ignite a new funnel with emails before the campaign launch. He sometimes loads up his auto responder with many as 2 years worth of emails! Here’s how you can apply the success of those marketers to your own business:

  1. First and foremost you must have something to market such as your offer or product (an offer that converts sales and adds to your email list), landing pages and a auto-responder list that you are building (or website newsletter). This is your “funnel” and you should be ALWAYS active in building your list.
  2. The biggest action for you outside of building your list is engaging the people on your list. You do that by sending emails to them at least twice a week. Give them deals and great tips they can use to help them solve their own problems (this works in any niche). This is one reason for them to STAY on your list and builds their trust in you as an expert.
  3. Maybe you need help getting started with ideas to send your list or find writing doesn’t come so easily. The gold is right there in your inbox! Almost everything you need and could ask for, it’s like having an email coach! Pick a few of the marketers that you like and find their tips and offers useful. Then every time they send you an email that’s your alarm to send a broadcast to your own list! You can emulate the same subject or offers but make sure you research it to offer your own unique take and increase your own expertise!

You will find that some of those offers found in emails (monetizing your list) from other marketers are exclusive to them and you can’t offer the same product. Just find another offer that converts from your own network, you should also be an affiliate for more than one network just for this reason. Traffic Lead Generation will come from you promoting and building your list. Monetizing that list is a big part of your business profits. If you haven’t heard it yet, “the money is in the list”.

Do your research, every successful marketer regardless of niche or product shares in the habit of testing and tracking most every thing to make it work better. Traffic Lead Generation gets potential customers to your web sites, landing pages and affiliate offers. You want to keep those members within your list and you continue to grow it and yourself. Get qualified for a system that really works, click here if your serious about making money:

To Our Success,