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My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

My Brain On Blogging

The latest in blog, tips, reader comments and questions answered! I wanted to continue this tradition I started here because I enjoy doing it and it gets some good comments!

Are you one of the millions of bloggers not making any income? Or maybe you only make enough to pay for lunch a few times a week? Don’t you want more?



This quote is from The Pursuit of Happiness, Chris (Title Character) talking to his son:

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People  can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell
you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

The Latest In Blog:

My Brain On Blogging - Latest

My Brain On Blogging – Latest

Have you tried any of the forums lately? I heard from a friend a few days ago call out “The Worry-er Forum”..hah! That’s funny! Okay my point is getting your site exposed also requires getting out there among some of your peers and even competition. Be part of a conversation thread or answer some questions. Whatever your niche is you need to be there, where ever that is. Get it? Look at it this way….you are in a business meeting for YOUR brand (site/blog/etc.) and at the table with you are the people you expect ideas from. After all what are you paying them for anyway, sitting around (heck no)! So these two marketers stand up and say, “with this campaign we will get you exposure all over the place!” You ever hear of Tata Motors? Maybe you have, but unless you live close to India it’s a good bet you haven’t! Because they don’t market the world yet (yes they’re working on it). So with that in mind, why would you rely solely on free methods and S.E.O., or Adsense and Amazon to get your blog or sites exposure to your market? Not long ago I went through an airport in China and watched a Oldsmobile commercial! Marketing! That’s what getting on the forums and into the communities is all about, the more exposure you have to YOUR market the better! So go check out the groups on Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. It’s going to take some of your time but it’s worth it, grow it slowly and allow the communities of your niche to know you! Thank me later!

  1. Something wild and crazy is going on over at LinkedIn, they’re now delving into the dating market! Yes I know, but why not? Do you think that’s innovation? I think LinkedIn is looking at their competition and seeing their market share and volume steadily not growing the way many others are. What’s weird for me is that even though I have a LinkedIn page for I do very little action wise with it. Maybe you’re like me, I thought it was about jobs and networking but LinkedIn’s brain works much different than mine (I’m a little crazy anyway, but I’m not figuring it out yet). Still I average about 1 new person every week to my network there, who knew I didn’t have to do anything?
  2. If you haven’t connected with me on the Social sites yet, you can find me on Skype (Glenn T Guillory, Colorado Springs), Twitter (@glenntguillory), and Google+ (Glenn Guillory, GenEnTech00, company page I’m usually doing something there daily except for Sundays (can’t find any parking on Sunday!Hah!).
  3. I still haven’t had my Traffic Blast yet so I don’t have any updates on that yet but it’s coming! Yes now I’m back to using both GetResponse, Aweber all over again! Maybe I just didn’t learn my lesson last year! I’ve turned it into a plus though because I was actually lacking in my posts here and I’m still getting more things moved into place.

Reader Comments:

My Brain On Blogging - Reader Comments

My Brain On Blogging – Reader Comments

I like to go through the comments from time to time and provide answers to questions, yes I also try to reply to every comment too (some of these are from older posts I’ve done here). Alexa has given me an extra work load in that now I also check your comment links and it’s something you should do for your site too. Here’s why, broken or links that don’t go where intended will hurt your standing so you need to fix them or fire them….”Yoouuuuur FIRE-ERRRRD-Duh!” Okay, on to the comments:

  1. Q – “Does having a site like yours take a lot of work?”
    AActually yes it does, but it’s not hard and I love what I’m doing! When you’re setting up a new site or blog, you will need your favorite plug-ins installed, customize your theme, monetize and write content! Once that’s done you can write about 2 to 3 times a week (yes I know, I’m slacking but I’ve been working on the behind the scenes stuff! So there!). Once all of that’s caught up though it’s fairly easy and you could average 2-4 hours a day working on your blog or site! The key is getting started and taking action.
  2. Q – “I’m kinda shy and not good at talking with people, how do I write good articles for my blog?”
    APractice, for this reason alone I recommend you blog or create site content around YOUR passions! Sounds easy right? Have you ever talked to someone about what you love to do? Eating, fishing or whatever? I would almost bet that you’re like a runaway motorcycle (reeennnannnannnnnn, rennananannn, wheeeeeeeeeeennnnn) yeah like that when you’re talking about what you love! Your kids, clothes, what are you passionate about? That’s what you write about because that’s what’s real and really you’re already an expert or soon to be one on the subject. Just don’t go with what’s in your head alone, do the research and know what you’re talking about. We all love to hear passion! Again, repetition is the key!
  3. Q – “My site looks funny on my phone but yours looks great, got any suggestions?” 
    A – This is my business, I’ve invested in it to be successful. All you really need is to get a domain and hosting, you can get started fairly cheap with and Once you do that, most of the themes today have compatibility with mobile so no need to get something extra( every theme that has “Responsive” in it’s name is also mobile ready). If in doubt just ask your support before you buy, “is this mobile compatible?”. If you are just getting started better safe than sorry, ask someone because now it’s important to your search rankings.
  4. Q – “Do you have guest writers on your blog? I have a blog with a similar niche if you would like to write something.”       
    A – No guest writers at this time because I’m only at this part time now, and yes I would guest write on your blog! The few things I would require is for you to send me an email with your request to:

Make sure to check out the latest happenings on the Site here:

I hope you got a few somethings of use on My Brain On Blogging! Until the next….stay tuned!

Dedicated To YOUR Success!



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Attraction Marketing, how you can grow your business and build a great responsive audience with your blog or site. Attraction Marketing is exactly what it sounds like, attracting people from your particular niche or market segment. In this article I describe how you can grow a responsive audience that will eagerly grab and share what you’re doing.

Have A Vision:



What is the goal of your business? Sell your own products, affiliate offers, get volunteers or anything else you need to know a few things for Attraction Marketing.  Growth of your business through your marketing efforts will show from interaction & responses by your audience. To get interaction and responses you need to have something more than just standard company information on your products. If your goal is to sell something you need to have a greater perceived value to give your audience:


  1. Identify who your audience is, average age, interests, single, married, etc. Some marketers call this info their “Avatar”, all it means is knowing all you can about who you market to.
  2. What are common problems of your audience that you can solve (lose weight, save time, improved golf swing, make more sales). Write these down and really get into it because this will help you to identify the value you will provide. A big key to Attraction Marketing success.
  3. Next you should be focused on building a list from your identified audience. An email list will be the resource of your business income. The actual bulk of your income initially will come from the real interactions you have with your list or the “follow – up”, this is where the big money is made.
  4. Figure your Vision end result or goal and build from the end backwards to the present.

Plan & Execute:



Now that you’re getting closer to your vision and know more about your audience let’s get into how your plan will be achieved with Attraction Marketing. The biggest value you can provide is by solving the issues of other people in your niche just like you were looking for! This is where you identify how to provide the answers, better & bigger does not work well but providing the common solutions will build your audience and list quicker!

  • Provide a solution with a “Lead Magnet”
  • Add leads to a list on a auto-responder, this is your newsletter
  • Provide continuous value on your Blog & Newsletter (your emails)
  • Direct your leads towards your vision through the newsletter
  • In it’s entirety this is the basis of your “Funnel”


Tools & Resources:

  • Make Capture/Lead pages for your Lead Magnet with this low cost system called MITSPages
  • Use an auto-responder like Aweber (what I use) or MailChimp (free until your list exceeds 500)
  • I could never include every detail in this (might end up being a book) so the last resource I wanted to list is my contact information. If you are just getting started with a blog and would like some 1 on 1 help just reach out and send me an email:

Would you like to learn what I do to help your business? My business is not for everyone but I know it is a positive life changing benefit. Do you dream of your own Home Business? Call me:

Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Attraction Marketing - Call Me

Attraction Marketing – Call Me

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Blog – Live

The newest happenings marketing, what is all about. New site, new funnel and finally get to show you more about blogging online profits!


Hey Where Did You Go?

Well it’s good to be missed but I didn’t go anywhere! I’ve been working overtime, my red eyes are now a few shades redder now (sleep is not over-rated! Waaaah!). Been working on the new site, did I mention Usually I really don’t have to put this much effort into a site but I really wanted to do this one right and provide the best example for everyone to see! So let’s go behind the scenes of how this site came together.

How To Get Started:

First I had to purchase my Domain (I actually already owned multiple domain variations of my name, so this step was actually already done). One big difference you may have with this depending on if you want to establish your Brand or Keyword.

  1. Establishing a “Brand” takes much more work and is not necessarily what I recommend for anyone getting started. Think of all the commercials for say….Ford! Magazines, billboards, even ads on the Net are all “Brand” advertisements, meant to keep that name in front of you! The key with Branding is that it really doesn’t “sell”, it’s only useful for establishing a name, item or place.
  2. Establishing a Keyword or phrase is more of what I recommend because it gives you an amount of search traffic already built in that you found during your research of the right keyword phrase for your site or blog, makes sense right? Getting started or getting the first success is critical that you have done the research for your keywords and find the money word! That word is the one you need to use for not just your Domain but also your first 4-12 articles!

So I already had the Domain, needed to contact my Hosting provider to get the Domain registered, WordPress and some choice plug-ins uploaded so that I could get started. You need to know which Hosting service YOU want to use before starting this process, one you know is good but sometimes going with a new one can save you a few headaches! MY Hosting service for the new site is Brainhost, let’s just say their support is not the quickest but I still love the regular services I have. So it took about two (insert bad words here…) weeks for them to get this done! If and when I do another site, I will hire a good free lance person to do it for me. Wouldn’t you think “emergency” is “really fast” or “next day”? Apparently I was mistaken on this, sorry I’m kinda whining. Now if you don’t have your Hosting service install WordPress for you or if you use another platform, make sure that you have someone explain what your steps are after this is done. Some require that you register your site again, fill out and maintain your site maps and other little things we don’t usually have to do. Which ever the case may be, I can almost guarantee you can get some plug-ins to cover all of what you need (ask about site/blog S.E.O. plug-ins too, there’s too many for me to mention).

  1. I picked on of the more responsive Theme designs for my site, this makes it a little easier on you as the admin. Plus it’s better for your S.E.O. and ranking, most all new themes are compatable for mobile so that’s less worry too!
  2. Next you will need to start customizing your site to fit your needs. Do you plan on making some money at some point, or are you going to operate strictly as a biz with products to buy direct from you? I’m going to assume (don’t say it!) that you want a blog or site with similar needs like mine.
  3. You need to have at least 4 articles to get started with, focusing on your Keyword Phrase and linking internally to that first page about your niche keyword! Stay with me here, (wake up and smile)! SECRET SAUCE ALERT!!!

Where The Money Is For Your New Site:

Have you heard yet (at least from me) that monetizing your site is another “most important” steps to accomplish? So how do you get that done?

  • Secret Sauce Alert!

    Secret Sauce Alert!

    What’s your answer? Adsense? Nope! Amazon? Nope!

  • Sure you can add those later but they’re not as important, #1 is getting your sign-up added!
  • Right now, a page or pop-up is the best way to go (converts better than the regular form).
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot the “how”, well I recommend using “Pop-Up Domination” or OptimizePress.
  • You can install both through your site directly or through the FTP (a portal accessed from your cpanel, if the confusion is starting to build right now just ask your Hosting for assistance).
  • You also need to have a new list on your Auto-Responder for this sign-up to complete setting up the plug-in.

Yeah, about that list thing:

Do you know how to build a funnel? I used to sell one of mine, maybe I’ll do that again in the future. Anyway what you need to do is Live - List Email Live – List Email

go into your newly made list and start building a funnel for your new client/subscribers. Dependent upon your niche and type of business you need to have most of the emails already completed (the biggest reason for my lack of sleep, ah ha!). Yes there are additional factors you need to consider for those emails.

  1. Thank you, welcome email should go out immediately to your new subscriber’s. Let your readers know what they can expect from you in your emails. This is your first impression, let people know a little bit of your profile ie. married, kids, passionate about pet birds. This will be the start of your relationship with your readers but don’t make it too long, you will start telling your story in the next 2-3 emails.
  2. “How I got started in this business”, will be in the content of your next few emails. Make it a soap opera if you can, have cliff hangers at the end of the email so your readers want to get your next email. Vary the days on all your emails between 2 or 3 days from the previous sent.
  3. The remaining content can be your offers mixed with offers and useful insights that are “gotta have” information.
  4. Last thing with your list is to constantly cultivate your list relationship with “Broadcasts”. These are the emails you send 2-4 times in addition to the automatic ones. Why? Don’t you know when you get an auto email and a personal one? Believe me your audience knows!

Go out and make it a great day!

Dedicated To Your Success,


Go To now and get a FREE Blueprint to start building your own business list! If you want your blog to succeed, want to start building your list with targeted leads. You need to watch this video! Get it below:

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