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Blogging Like A Rock Star? How you can grow your audience to new heights with these easy to use tips.



Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of free methods, trying “appease” Google will make most new Bloggers heads spin. I primarily use paid methods but I do all that I can to also learn and put to use S.E.O. and other low cost methods. Why? Well because I have customers and a growing audience, it pays off in the long term to learn all that you can about your craft. So let’s dive into the Tips!

Content Is Only King If It’s Great:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - King Content

Blogging Like A Rock Star – King Content

How do you make your content great? Great content passes the “I’m not bored with this” test. Think about it, does your Headline get attention? Can you grab new readers attention with eye catching visuals, engaging videos and easy flow writing style? Dust off your Crown and utilize some of these ingredients;

  • Headlines To Grab Your Readers Attention! Keep your Headlines short but sweet, related and matching. The best Headlines will grab the readers attention, “okay you got me for a few more seconds”. The best thing to know is that your Headline can grab a readers attention but what follows needs to do the same. Here’s an example, “10 Tips To Make Money From Your Blog!” “How To Write Great Content In 3 Easy Steps!” Readers love lists, numbers & don’t like to be confused by headlines that don’t fit the content that follows it.
  • Meta Descriptions, if you’re using a free platform most often the Meta-Title & Description are derived from your heading. So you want a good and concise description of what the content is right in the heading. This is important not only for S.E.O. but when your Posts or Article show up in other places not have a good Description in the heading will leave your posts way in the back of the line! On Self Hosted sites the Meta-Title & Description areas are usually located directly below the content box when your creating & editing, be sure to fill those in before hitting “publish”.
  • Adding images & video will make your content more appealing! What are great images? Your images should be related to your content but should also evoke a response like, “Eewww”, “Cute”, “Funny”, “Cool”, “Laughter”. Images that create a internal response or a emotional aspect help to make your content a “hit”. You want hits and not duds, let me put it this way….”Who would you rather listen to on any given day..1) A dreary professor or 2) A teacher that makes learning fun?” Give value and keep it interesting. Some of the coolest images you can use are on Flickr. Pick the ones that give you a particular feeling (use creative commons, they’re free). Make a note that you will get the best response from images that convey happiness vs images that convey sadness or anger.

How To Add Your Rock Star Elements:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - Add Your Rock Star Ingredients

Blogging Like A Rock Star – Add Your Rock Star Ingredients

You’re Niche or Market are constantly on the search for value, the stuff they want. How to lose weight quickly, great diet with little exercise, developing the best golf swing, making money online, the best foods to eat, make money blogging, who’s dating the hot people, etc. Where ever you fit into your chosen Niche, you must attack some of the common keywords and keyword phrases. Continue to use these same keywords through out every post, but do this for your audience and not the search engines! Don’t let S.E.O. dictate to you what’s popular, let your audience do that. One of the best examples is Pat Flynn, his primary keyword phrase “Smart Passive Income” didn’t exist until he built the audience for it. Go ahead and Google Search “Smart Passive Income”, Pat Flynn is there multiple times on the first and subsequent pages! His primary keyword wasn’t even a searchable traffic keyword until he built his audience around it! Now you would have to pay and arm or leg to outrank him for it or spit out ba-jillions (hey it’s not a word but you get the point), of content targeting what is basically his keyword phrase!

  1. Blogging Like A Rock Star - Do Some Research

    Blogging Like A Rock Star – Do Some Research

    Target primary keywords (about 4 that are searched and have traffic that’s 5K to 50K per month as a start) that aren’t the most popular but have decent amount of people searching. I recommend using U.S. search numbers to start with. These are your “Hub” keywords, now also add some related keyword phrases of your primary ones, these are like satellites to your primary keywords. These targeted keywords will help you build up an audience, but always provide great value with your content by helping them solve the biggest problems or pains in your Niche.

  2. Always ask yourself before hitting publish, “did I just provide great value”? What’s the answer, “Yes it’s pretty good!”, “Maybe”, “Meh”, “Blech”? Don’t rewrite the whole thing, read it and then revise! An old writer’s saying  goes something like this, “write like your drunk and edit like your sober”. Think that’s a Hemingway quote. Direct your writing as if you are talking directly to the reader, get them involved by asking questions and providing them with value. Great value beats “fluff” all the time! Read your post out loud just to make sure it makes sense and sounds good, use a friend as a sounding board if it helps.
  3. Use the greatest source EVER to assist you! Whenever you get stuck and need some fresh ideas to write about, this is what I do – First I think about, “what do I know now that I wished I knew before about my Niche?”. Second if I want to know about a new subject or want some good research for an idea I search YouTube for “how to ___ fill in the blank”. Third and last I search other blogs in my own Niche for more ideas! That alone should keep you swimming in great content!

Above all it is the consistency of doing all these things together that will ultimately build your great audience of eager readers. Now just when you thought that was it I’ve got some Secret Sauce to give you! Just by adding these 3 elements, you will start getting somewhere from day one (well almost but this will be one of your most rewarding habits, promise!). For every post, page, article or promotion, all the way to the emails you send out. Include these 3 elements:

Blogging Like A Rock Star - Blogging Your Masterpiece copy

Blogging Like A Rock Star – Blogging Your Masterpiece copy

  • Reach – Is the content reaching your targeted audience where they are?
  • Engagement – Did you include a great Call To Action? “Click Here”, “Comment Below”, ask your audience to do something. You never get anything if you don’t ask for it.
  • Conversion – Did you include a method to get leads onto a list, buy a product, sign up for your Webinar, etc.?

Hope you enjoyed the value today, share with a peer or friend and make sure you check out for more of The Goods!

Until the next,

Your Friend Glenn

Blogging Like A Rock Star - GTGuilloryblog.comLogo1v1

Blogging Like A Rock Star – GTGuilloryblog.comLogo1v1

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How To Choose The Right Auto-Responder is extremely critical for your business. Because if you plan on doing marketing with your Blog/Site, Affiliate Marketing, just about any Network Marketing for the long haul choosing the wrong one will cost you big. Your Auto-Responder also represents your business ability, poor service will make it look like your business is also providing poor service.

Why Auto-Responder:



What do you even need an Auto-Responder for? Your Business really needs to build a list if you want to leverage the power of the internet. With your Auto-Responder you can collect the information of your leads and stay within the FCC rules. Marketers that avoid or violate those rules will find it extremely hard to get back up and running after your IP is black listed. Having the auto-responder allows you to cultivate the relationship with your leads. Plus you can send as many emails to them as you want because you just can’t send 100’s of emails from your normal email box without raising big flags everywhere!

Too Many Choices, What’s The Difference:

Right now there are many different auto-responders to choose from, the most common ones I’ve listed some of the top ones here:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • GVO

Between just these 4 I’ve listed here, each one has some subtle differences. Take MailChimp & GVO, these are typically free to get started and will attract a fair amount of $$ challenged new marketers. Once your list exceeds 500 then monthly charges will kick in. Far as I know, these companies notify you as your list starts to approach the 500 mark. They do not have the same functionality of Aweber & GetResponse but most new marketers don’t even notice (more on that later). With Aweber & GetResponse there is more functionality and they’re made to be very user friendly. I use Aweber because they are typically among the first to respond to changes that might affect your marketing. This is big because it helps you stay ahead with your marketing without doing something that violates upcoming regulations without your knowledge. There are things that Aweber will not allow because they are committed to keeping their service regulation compliant. Wouldn’t you rather know you’re compliant without reading Federal (and in some cases country regulation too) regulations and trying to understand that stuff? That’s why I use Aweber primarily!

The Biggest Reason To Choose Wisely:

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Choose-Wisely

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Choose-Wisely

About a year ago the hack towards many of the services we marketers use actually affected me. I was using two different Auto-Responder then (some affiliate companies will already have integration with a auto-responder, so I ended up with two), and about 3,000 people on each one. Well the hack actually didn’t shut down the auto-responders but it slowed them down. Well my “other than Aweber” auto-responder shut down for 2 days to complete some prevention and safeguarded measures. That didn’t sit well with me and I moved to get my list moved into the other auto-responder that was treating me better in my eyes. So I learned “how to” migrate my leads from one to the other. Here’s the bad news, migrating from one to the other requires everyone on the list to double opt-in to this new list and auto-responder. If it doesn’t sound that bad to you now imagine this, “Hello, hope you have enjoyed being a part of Company X with Glenn. We need you to sign-up for our new list and then confirm again to keep getting emails from us”. Would you do that? The majority of my 3k plus leads didn’t either, huge sinking feeling but I’m over it now (kind of over it).

So now that you know how to choose the right auto-responder I hope you join me in using Aweber. The first month is only $1 and it’s pretty easy to use.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1


Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment below if this was a value for you. Will talk again soon and please check out some of the other places I share value:

Your Friend,


How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Call Me

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Call Me





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Attraction Marketing, how you can grow your business and build a great responsive audience with your blog or site. Attraction Marketing is exactly what it sounds like, attracting people from your particular niche or market segment. In this article I describe how you can grow a responsive audience that will eagerly grab and share what you’re doing.

Have A Vision:



What is the goal of your business? Sell your own products, affiliate offers, get volunteers or anything else you need to know a few things for Attraction Marketing.  Growth of your business through your marketing efforts will show from interaction & responses by your audience. To get interaction and responses you need to have something more than just standard company information on your products. If your goal is to sell something you need to have a greater perceived value to give your audience:


  1. Identify who your audience is, average age, interests, single, married, etc. Some marketers call this info their “Avatar”, all it means is knowing all you can about who you market to.
  2. What are common problems of your audience that you can solve (lose weight, save time, improved golf swing, make more sales). Write these down and really get into it because this will help you to identify the value you will provide. A big key to Attraction Marketing success.
  3. Next you should be focused on building a list from your identified audience. An email list will be the resource of your business income. The actual bulk of your income initially will come from the real interactions you have with your list or the “follow – up”, this is where the big money is made.
  4. Figure your Vision end result or goal and build from the end backwards to the present.

Plan & Execute:



Now that you’re getting closer to your vision and know more about your audience let’s get into how your plan will be achieved with Attraction Marketing. The biggest value you can provide is by solving the issues of other people in your niche just like you were looking for! This is where you identify how to provide the answers, better & bigger does not work well but providing the common solutions will build your audience and list quicker!

  • Provide a solution with a “Lead Magnet”
  • Add leads to a list on a auto-responder, this is your newsletter
  • Provide continuous value on your Blog & Newsletter (your emails)
  • Direct your leads towards your vision through the newsletter
  • In it’s entirety this is the basis of your “Funnel”


Tools & Resources:

  • Make Capture/Lead pages for your Lead Magnet with this low cost system called MITSPages
  • Use an auto-responder like Aweber (what I use) or MailChimp (free until your list exceeds 500)
  • I could never include every detail in this (might end up being a book) so the last resource I wanted to list is my contact information. If you are just getting started with a blog and would like some 1 on 1 help just reach out and send me an email:

Would you like to learn what I do to help your business? My business is not for everyone but I know it is a positive life changing benefit. Do you dream of your own Home Business? Call me:

Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Attraction Marketing - Call Me

Attraction Marketing – Call Me

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Use these great tips for your blog!

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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