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Do you ask for leads to follow, look at your ads, click your links? You won’t get any of what you want if you don’t ask it. You will Get What You Ask For in Marketing, but are you asking the right people the right questions? Marketing all starts with keyword research aimed toward your desired results, so how do you ask the right people the right questions is what this post is about.

Avoiding The Wrong Keywords:

Marketing - No Bad Words

Marketing – No Bad Words

Overall you want the appearance of great professionalism, only good & positive words. But bad words aren’t the only words you want to avoid in marketing. You want to keep away from the most common keywords in your industry and also avoid having the words used with your keyword and in your advertising:

  • Free
  • Quick Money
  • Fast Money
  • Push Button
  • Free & Easy

Just about any combination of the above words will generate tons of clicks and responses but the majority of people you attract with these words are not where most of the buyers are. What you will see instead when using these keywords will be “Freepreneurs”. These are people that look for free stuff and want magic buttons to make money. Having one thousand of these clicks never equal the positive response of one targeted lead.

Why Asking Is All Important:

Get into the habit of asking for what you want a lead to do in all of your marketing. In your posts, ads, articles on other media or platforms you must let the lead know what you expect them to do. Click here, leave a comment, take this quick survey, sign-up. This is called having a “call to action”, once you start implementing a “call to action” in your marketing you will see a noticeable increase in response if you don’t use them now. Just imagine reading a great post from someone and not having any means to see what else they have written? That’s a possible lead that writer has just lost simply because they didn’t have a simple “click here” and get more value training just like this.

Circles That Feel Like Straight Lines:

Marketing - Get-What-You-Ask-For

Marketing – Get-What-You-Ask-For

You always want to double check the path you send your leads on and keep it all congruent. All this means is that you want to make sure that you are providing exactly what you stated in your ad or posts. Think about it like this, if you ask for Opt-Ins for your list you must provide what you promised to deliver. If you offer more Tips or Training for someone to sign up then when the lead signs up they will see “Tips or Training” sent to them from you. All of your marketing should perform like a never ending circle but feel like a straight line to your leads. Not a traffic jam of lost proportions:

  1. Lead finds your Site and Opts In for your list for Tips
  2. List gives more Tips as promised and sends leads back to Site
  3. You give more & more value to the lead on the list & your Site
  4. Your list gives the leads related promotional income generating offers
  5. Emails to your list send those leads back to more value on your site
Marketing - Your Winning Smile

Marketing – Your Winning Smile

So make sure you are asking for the actions you desire in all you do in your marketing, ask the right questions and always provide exactly what you promise. Now you know that having great “call to action” is required in all your marketing, be sure to ask the right thing from the desired people. It’s much like marketing your winning smile! Always think to yourself, “did I put a good call-to-action” in there?



Let me hear your comments below, I respond personally to all comments and questions. More value soon, always your friend Glenn.

Happy Marketing/Blogging

Marketing - Get What You Ask For - Call Me

Marketing – Get What You Ask For – Call Me


Best Ways To Make Money Online – Passive Income Ideas

Get started let’s make a passive income right now!

Find out how to make passive income work for your online business. Here you will find an outline for types of passive income, plus answer concerns of how you can start earning your own passive income. A description of what passive income is, what it can mean for your bottom line and how you can achieve these legitimate ways to make money online.

What is passive income:

I was reading another blog the other day (this is where you gasp with shock), but this guy was really fed up with so many claims about passive income. He says that it is super difficult to achieve a passive income, heck I’ve never claimed it was easy. Did I? What passive income is not: You may have heard so bad examples described as passive income. Real Estate properties claim to be passive income, but what happens when something breaks? Owning property is not passive income because:

  • You have to dedicate time and effort towards maintaining a property because when you don’t the costs will catch up with you at some point.
  • Think about the “night-mare renter” or even the unseen natural disaster that causes your insurance rates to skyrocket.
  • Property or real estate only provides passive income in one instance and that is when it can consistently put money in your pocket without taking it back out again.
Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income Streams –

Well all was not a waste because I enjoy a good rant and I did get some good information from his article. Did you know that Samuel Jackson (Jeri Curl partner to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction) has been in films that have grossed over 700 billion dollars! Because of that fact (eh, it’s estimated), he is one of the highest earners in Hollywood! What’s that got to do with passive income you might ask? Well when your films, books, music does HUGE numbers it’s anticipated that you will do similar numbers again and again. You or your agent will negotiate for an actual stake, slice, residuals, and marketing percentages. When you have a stake in a product that will have a large market like that, well payments will come for the rest of your life. Paul M. of Beatles fame built a huge financial empire with passive income. He bought the rights to most of the Beatles (except the ones M. Jackson beat him to), recordings and thousands of other musician’s hits. Then because HE owned those rights, he was paid money every time the music was used, re-recorded or played. These are called passive income streams, can you see why those who have one want more?

Passive Income Ideas –

Another example of passive income comes from the current U.S. President! Did you know that President Obama gets paid royalties on his books when there sold, reprinted etc.? He has earned substantial money every year from his books (six figures of it!). Here is one more, successful product creators with ownership can create a lifetime passive income because they receive royalties long as the product is still sought after by the market. Can you imagine if you had a killer app that millions loved to use on the internet? There once was an app called the “most annoying thing in the world”, that was developed sort of as a joke. This was the birth of “Crazy Frog” that became apps, videos, music, etc., a marketing dream! The creator became the latest dot com type millionaire at the time (Research time! See if you can find it). The best idea is this one, create a great product and it will provide for life. This is exactly what most marketers do, right now some of the most successful marketers are making passive income from apps!

Looking For Passive Income Ideas

Looking For Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Definition –

Definition: Passive Income is pretty much the result of aggressive or sustained actions that result in a recurring income thereafter. Passive Income continues long after the initial “work” has been completed.   

Right now there are some different sources of passive income that are available for you to start earning right now. I do want you to keep in mind that most passive income ideas involve much time and effort but nothing ever gets done without taking action!

  1.    Niche Website/Blog; Most every successful site in the web today send multiple income streams to their owners. What do they have in common that you can put in place with a site of your own? They have a multitude of ads (Google pays for ads and the clicks on your site when installed). These sites earn a passive income (not the only income) solely from the high volume of traffic that visits and clicks on the ads.
  2. Blog and create you own digital product; Research John Chow’s Blog, this is where you want to be if you have a blog! When I grow up that’s what I want to be, a blogger of that caliber (we all do, who knew!). John has over 250k average readers and over 100k followers. If you look at his sites you will see ads all over the place, but a good portion of those are actually his! See once you exceed over a certain number of daily readers, people will start contacting you and things will happen. When you create great content that engages readers you will grow YOUR audience. That same audience will want offers of products made by you! Whatever your specialty is in ebook (kindle books work well), video download, applications, the ideas can be endless!
  3. Here is one way to create your own passive income; Partner up with a experienced marketer who has made and still makes tons of money. Get this top marketer to use his expertise to make sales to the leads you get. The more leads you get, more sales he can create for you! What could be easier for your own passive income? You do have to do actual work in getting leads but you get someone else who knows EXACTLY how to market those leads for profit.

Your success online is my goal,


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