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My name is Glenn Guillory. This is about
where most marketers would hype their
solutions, tell you just how great they are, and
try to dazzle you into buying their wares.

That’s just not me. So you won’t see any of that
here. In fact, I’m probably just the opposite.

Not flashy, not slick. Just honest. Forthright. REAL.

In fact, not long ago, I was right where you
are today. Thinking about all the potential of
making money online, hoping that it could actually
work for me. But then doubting everything that
I read or seen was actually possible.

If that sounds like where you are now, you’re
smart to doubt. Stay guarded, but also stay
curious. That combination works wonders.

While most gurus will overwhelm you with their
skills and experience and practically intimidate
you with their claims of bank account-busting
deposits and million-dollar product launches…
I will simply tell you what you can expect if you
take these little steps to make money online.

In fact, I’ll start by telling you the opposite of
what you’ve probably already heard.

First, making money online is NOT push-button

If anyone tells you that making money online is
something you can do with just a few clicks of
your keyboard while you’re watching the latest
episode of Modern Family… RUN!

Anything that nets results takes some time and
effort. However, once you get going, you’ll be
surprised about how easily you can make money.

Second, you WON’T be able to quit your job in
60 days and finance your retirement within a year.

If that was possible — and it worked flawlessly
for everyone — it would be the front-page story
on every website, news channel and newspaper.
But it’s not.

However, if you are looking for a little extra cash,
say to enjoy a new vacation or upgrade your kitchen…
and then eventually replace your income, that’s not
only possible… if you do it right, it can happen.

Third, this WILL NOT be free.

“And you don’t pay a dime…” that’s the favorite line
of most online marketers and gurus out there. Only
the government can promise ample reward without
any cost at all (that you can see).

However, the price you pay is aligned to how much
you wish to make. Want to start off small, just invest a
little. Once the cash starts flowing and you want to
make more, then you can afford to invest a little more.

I hope by reading this, you’ve realized that I’m
not the typical slick marketing guru. I started just where
you are, I paid my dues, and now I’m doing well for

You can get there too. I’ll show you just how. In fact,
if you wish to learn about one of the fastest and most
proven ways to earn money online, contact me!

Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Keep an eye out for more articles. I promise, each
one will present some value that will help you on your
journey to making money online.


To a more rewarding future,


P.S. Anytime, if you have any questions, you can always
connect with me at Just mention this page and have a real email address to get replies.

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5 thoughts on “About GTGuilloryOnline

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  2. Let’s look at 3 areas that Twitter helps anyone develop, simply through practice, that will give them the skills needed to be a good blogger. The topics discussed by PLR articles are more or less endless.

    • Sure, you can make money strictly on Twitter but as a whole business that’s just one part of a great online presence. I will say that Twitter is the PERFECT place to hone your call to action skills! GTGuilloryonline

  3. When blogging your ability to get visitors to return
    is just as important as traffic generation itself.
    Major newspapers like ‘Guardian’ and ‘The New York Times’ have blogs for
    their readers to posts breaking news and comment on the news.

    • Yes but remember all those “big-wigs” didn’t get on board until they had no choice. It’s all about choice too, make it interesting and give a good read. A fellow online blogger says, “tell a story, that’s what is interesting”. See the Big Guys forgot how their big conglomerates got started. It was never perfect or even “professor” approved, but it was interesting stories people weren’t getting anywhere else! Stories, content, just be the best you and keep delivering. People will keep coming for more because it has “value”. GTGuilloryonline

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