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Defining Your Avatar

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Defining Your Avatar, ever hear of this in Marketing Your Business? What the heck is a Avatar? While it may sound a bit confusing, Defining Your Avatar is gathering the details of your best customer. Knowing your customers habits, average age, favorite sites and all the other statistics can help you a great deal. This post will help you clear the air of confusion and give you the knowledge to help in Defining Your Avatar.

Who Is Your Avatar?

Defining Your Avatar - How To

Defining Your Avatar – How To

Every business that markets products have extensive data on their customers, so much that this data has become more valuable in this Internet Age. When you watch Sponge Bob with your kids, most every commercial is geared towards the ages that are most likely watching the show. So your sugary sweet breakfast cereal would be perfect to market during this show because that’s where your Avatar will be. You don’t market to the parents even though they are the ones buying the products, your Avatar will get the parents to purchase because your marketing speaks to them. Parents are less likely to buy the sugary cereal for themselves. How to identify your Avatar:

  • What does your best customer look like
  • What activities does your customer participate in
  • How old, how young, what’s the average age of your best customer
  • What online sites does your best customer visit the most
  • What other products does your best customer buy
  • What common problems does your best customer experience
  • Is your best customer married, divorced, single, male or female
  • Does your best customer have children, doesn’t want children
  • College educated, professional, executive, laborer, etc.

What Are Your Avatars Pains:

Defining-Your-Avatar - Be-A-Entrepreneur

Defining-Your-Avatar – Be-A-Entrepreneur

As a Entrepreneur your biggest accomplishment is solving problems for others. You identify what common issues your Avatar has and you market to that pain and provide the solution. Write down what the biggest pain points are for your market. Tons of pain points are out there, it just depends on your own particular niche and Defining Your Avatar. For example:



  1. Getting and keeping fit – Market the best solution to lose weight & keeping fit
  2. Unable To Pay The Bills – Market the means to make additional income & save more money
  3. Bad Job, bad boss – Market “How To” start their own business to no longer need a job
  4. Health Concerns – Market best practices to improve health and wellness

How Knowing Can Save Time & Money:

Defining Your Avatar-1

Defining Your Avatar-1

Once you have defined your Avatar, your marketing is more focused towards the people that need & want your services and or products. Take a moment and think about this, which is more profitable:

  1. Marketing a retirement system that creates more retirement income to people ages 40 – 60 or..
  2. Marketing the same system to people of average ages 20 – 40

You can see now the advantages of Defining Your Avatar, people in their twenties are on average not concerned in the least about retirement. On the other hand older people will give retirement issues greater thought and have a greater need for retirement solutions. Although a small percentage of those younger people may have given retirement some thought and shown interest it’s a super small group. Spending advertising dollars on people outside of your definitions would be a waste of not just money but also time.

Not The Last Step:

Don’t just stop with Defining Your Avatar and letting the information get stale, keep at it because things do change. Just last month I learned that 40 -45% of my niche likes to buy SUV’s. That’s another market I can test my advertising in for buyers of my products. You can do the same, more than anything you can teach this to your Team! Always be the student and learn more of your craft that is your business.

Share this with your Team and comment below, I love comments and respond to all of them personally. Need a plan to step up your business or looking for a business to start? Make an appointment and be sure to include what you’re goals are and a phone number for me to contact you:

Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Until the next, Your Friend Glenn

Defining Your Avatar - Call Glenn

Defining Your Avatar – Call Glenn

Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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