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Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online

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Here are the Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online. I wish I understood this when I started so this article is intended to get you ahead of the game. Follow these steps if you want to avoid some of the struggles most have in trying to establish a Home Business with these Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online.

There is no particular order to these but you do need to understand that all of these things are important. It doesn’t matter if you plan on learning paid or free strategies because you need to understand that there is so much to learn. Just concentrate on never stopping to learn about your chosen business and implementing what you learn.

1) Get To Know & Become The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money - The Best You

Top 10 Steps To Making Online Money – The Best You

Top Leaders, CEO’s other successful people have certain qualities and you must see some of these qualities in yourself. Often I look at successful people as champions and actors, they become what they desire most. You need to be the best you online by showing you have top leader qualities too, you should always appear to be the alpha in the room. Not by being the loudest, smartest or biggest presence in the room but by being noticed as someone who not only helps others and has the knowledge

2) Finding Your Knowledge In The Market

You really need to have resources to keep current and to catch up to other leaders. You don’t have to be an expert but you can become one (you won’t know when it happens until long after it does). Use books, pod casts, groups on Social Sites, forums and sign up to a few email lists in your niche. Don’t overwhelm yourself with grabbing too many all at once. Get a few and as you learn to share the knowledge you learn then add more. You need to focus on identifying the greatest challenges that people just like you face in your market the most. Concentrate on knowing the solutions by trying them yourself, this is knowledge you will be able to share with the people that start following you.

3) Success Has Nothing To Do With ANY Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Not Your Offer

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Not Your Offer

I’ve personally tried many different methods, systems, networks & companies to make money online. Even though I had some success with some of them I couldn’t sustain and grow my results. I thought I just had yet to find the right offer. This was one of my own struggles because I didn’t know then that it was my own skills that weren’t on par for success. For every success Making Money Online, there is a string of failures behind them. Until they built up their skills, plus they had great mentors and paid for a great Coach. Part of your spending in this business is for your own education, never hesitate to invest in yourself. Knowledge is only power if you know how to use it. Generating leads, selling your products are revenue generating activities and you have to learn “how” to do them daily.

4) Reach Out & Communicate

No matter how many people sign-up for your sites or respond to your ads and buy stuff you will rarely make enough to fire your boss that way. You must learn how to profit even when someone tells you no or maybe. Making Money Online is all about communication and the more people you can actually talk to about your business on the phone or in person the more you will succeed. Also reach out to other marketers that are willing to share tips and experience with you. Not all of them will, but you only want those that see in you similar qualities they identify having too.

5) Other Marketers Are Your Biggest Buyers

When you get sold on a system or offer you might think that it’s right for everyone. Truth is that most people won’t have any idea what they’re getting into so the few that do join will be lost or just give up. Be the problem solver, not the “hey my company is better than yours”. Take this example on why other marketers just like you will be your biggest buyers:

  • Other marketers in your market are already familiar with your niche
  • You both have experienced the same or similar struggles
  • You provide a solution to those struggles and find these are the “hungriest leads”
  • When your solution works well for them they are even more willing to try your offer

6) Don’t Sell, Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Communicate

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Communicate

Forget all that sales stuff, who wants to talk to a salesperson? Would you believe that marketers are still taught to try and sell to their friends, family and everyone else within 3 feet? It’s true, you would just run the other way when you see that person coming! The truth is that actually works for some people but it doesn’t work well for everyone. Don’t “Always Be Closing”, this is the wrong mentality! You really want to “Always Be Opening”! People want truth, answers & results! Give it to them and they will be calling you daily to get that value. Other leaders in your company will be asking you “how do you do it?” Be part of the conversation and offer value, people are attracted to value. The value you build is from all those things about your market that you consistently learn every day to share with those that follow you, sign-up for your lists & newsletters, track you on Social Sites, all of them are part of your Team. Reserve the biggest details and successes with those that join your Team, the ones on the outside looking in should get value but try to keep it basic because you really don’t know what level they’re at until they join you and you can talk with them personally. No one has ever made big success with any Home Business without help..think about that for a moment.

7) Consistency Is King

“Build it and they will come”, well even that came from a movie with advertisements, stars going on the talk circuit and people talking about it. That’s how you have to approach Making Money Online, get your products and solutions out to the people who want & need them over and over! Do you follow any successful blogs? How often are new posts put up? I’m not saying that you need to put up daily content on a blog but where ever you do that should be your goal. Put out great content (value again) on a consistent basis, at a minimum you should put out value every week with the goal of being able to put out interesting niche related content multiple times a week. Every successful marketer on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. puts out useful content on a consistent basis. Work your way up to doing this.

8) Traffic Is Not Leads

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Get Traffic

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Get Traffic

Imagine your business helps people wanting to look better by removing the appearance of fat in a matter of 10 minutes. So you set up shop at the beach, showing off your toned body from using the product and your competition sets up shop in the downtown business district. Who is more likely to make sales if you and your competition are at the same skill level? You will because more people who are actually thinking about their looks and appearance will be in that location and not in the busy downtown district. Just because many people are looking at your product doesn’t mean you will sell more. Targeted Leads are buyers and Traffic is more like window shoppers. Even people looking for handouts know where the best targeted leads are, they’re usually where all the business pedestrians are because those are their targeted leads. You need to identify who will need and buy your stuff. Write down what their average age is, are they most likely male, female or both, do they have children, homeowners, what do they do for fun? Knowing who your targeted leads are and how to market to them will guarantee Making Money Online. You can’t just stop there though, keep compiling data until you know much as possible about who looks for what you have to offer.

9) Results Are Not What You Expect

The vast majority of every Home Business owners don’t make it, many quit because they couldn’t generate any results. The real fact is that many that quit did have results they just didn’t know what to look for. One thing I like to teach is that doing the same strategy with paid methods will take 3 months to see profit (that’s the minimum result). Just because you’re not making sales doesn’t mean you aren’t making a difference, you still have to be consistent and nothing happens overnight. Using the so called “free methods” take much longer and still produces results but most often they still won’t be sales or income.

10) You Will Fail And Fail, & Fail Again

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - You Will Fail

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – You Will Fail

I would be willing to bet that no one ever told you this before even though it’s been right in front of you for long as you’ve been researching Home Business or Making Money Online. Remember this, “behind every successful marketer is….a ton of failures”. Doesn’t every successful Online Entrepreneur have a story about how they failed before they “figured it out”? The answer is yes, so keep your competitive juices going by acknowledging that struggling and failure come with the territory. Keep at it, “don’t ever stop, keep pushing”.

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Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online - Contact Glenn

Top 10 Steps To Making Money Online – Contact Glenn

Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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