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How To Choose The Right Auto-Responder

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How To Choose The Right Auto-Responder is extremely critical for your business. Because if you plan on doing marketing with your Blog/Site, Affiliate Marketing, just about any Network Marketing for the long haul choosing the wrong one will cost you big. Your Auto-Responder also represents your business ability, poor service will make it look like your business is also providing poor service.

Why Auto-Responder:



What do you even need an Auto-Responder for? Your Business really needs to build a list if you want to leverage the power of the internet. With your Auto-Responder you can collect the information of your leads and stay within the FCC rules. Marketers that avoid or violate those rules will find it extremely hard to get back up and running after your IP is black listed. Having the auto-responder allows you to cultivate the relationship with your leads. Plus you can send as many emails to them as you want because you just can’t send 100’s of emails from your normal email box without raising big flags everywhere!

Too Many Choices, What’s The Difference:

Right now there are many different auto-responders to choose from, the most common ones I’ve listed some of the top ones here:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • GVO

Between just these 4 I’ve listed here, each one has some subtle differences. Take MailChimp & GVO, these are typically free to get started and will attract a fair amount of $$ challenged new marketers. Once your list exceeds 500 then monthly charges will kick in. Far as I know, these companies notify you as your list starts to approach the 500 mark. They do not have the same functionality of Aweber & GetResponse but most new marketers don’t even notice (more on that later). With Aweber & GetResponse there is more functionality and they’re made to be very user friendly. I use Aweber because they are typically among the first to respond to changes that might affect your marketing. This is big because it helps you stay ahead with your marketing without doing something that violates upcoming regulations without your knowledge. There are things that Aweber will not allow because they are committed to keeping their service regulation compliant. Wouldn’t you rather know you’re compliant without reading Federal (and in some cases country regulation too) regulations and trying to understand that stuff? That’s why I use Aweber primarily!

The Biggest Reason To Choose Wisely:

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Choose-Wisely

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Choose-Wisely

About a year ago the hack towards many of the services we marketers use actually affected me. I was using two different Auto-Responder then (some affiliate companies will already have integration with a auto-responder, so I ended up with two), and about 3,000 people on each one. Well the hack actually didn’t shut down the auto-responders but it slowed them down. Well my “other than Aweber” auto-responder shut down for 2 days to complete some prevention and safeguarded measures. That didn’t sit well with me and I moved to get my list moved into the other auto-responder that was treating me better in my eyes. So I learned “how to” migrate my leads from one to the other. Here’s the bad news, migrating from one to the other requires everyone on the list to double opt-in to this new list and auto-responder. If it doesn’t sound that bad to you now imagine this, “Hello, hope you have enjoyed being a part of Company X with Glenn. We need you to sign-up for our new list and then confirm again to keep getting emails from us”. Would you do that? The majority of my 3k plus leads didn’t either, huge sinking feeling but I’m over it now (kind of over it).

So now that you know how to choose the right auto-responder I hope you join me in using Aweber. The first month is only $1 and it’s pretty easy to use.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1


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How To Choose The Right AutoResponder - Call Me

How To Choose The Right AutoResponder – Call Me





Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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