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Home Blog – That ‘Ole Grey Matter ‘O Mine (the latest in money)

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Home Blog – That ‘Ole Grey Matter ‘O Mine (the latest in money)

This week updates for, latest in comments and answers with a few bits & tips thrown in! Start pinching those pennies because something big is coming soon!

Did You Hear About The Latest Hack Attempts?

Hackers Coming

Hackers Coming

Home Business security is getting mucho attention these days. I’m just bracing for the latest big hack. The other day seen a news ticker that said a U.S. military site was hacked. Well I’m getting back-ups done plus I’m crossing my fingers too. I miss the days when large hacks weren’t even acknowledged in public, Sunspots anyone? Here’s the deal, Target, Apple’s Cloud Server, GetResponse, Spotify, AWeber, Bitly and the latest big one was Sony. Some still think it was a publicity stunt for Sony but aren’t large hacks becoming more common? You just can’t turn a blind eye to it and really believe that if you’re online you won’t be affected in some way. Did I mention the Sunspots? Hah!

Comments! You know one of the biggest drawbacks from having a “always on” brain like mine is that I really don’t remember everything I have written (booo!). Just so you know, maybe you haven’t been here much but this is how it works here. I try to answer every comment, I will even answer your emails to me (you can contact me at but I can’t reply to spam emails (see above). So if you see one of your comments here, please take a look at your link to see what I mean. I’m here to help but it’s a bit harder when I can’t email you from the link you used to comment. Also I tend to delete repeat comments, if you post the same comment word for word more than once it’s trash. I want your comments and will really try to help you solve an issue or two, so keep the original comments coming please. Hey I really do try to work in many as possible!

Here’s the latest Q & A:

gtguilloryblog reader comments

gtguilloryblog reader comments

Question: I love your platform and your writing has encouraged me to start my own blog! What do you recommend for someone new?

Answer: “Like New” or “Fresh Out The Box”? Two things I always repeat when I recommend anything online. 1. do your research and 2. Take action! I really think for new bloggers that getting your feet wet with a free blog is the way to go. You can make mistakes and create a number (your choice, just manage your time) different blogs until you get the feel of your biggest passion. Another consideration is to ask yourself this, “what do I want the result to be?” Do you want to make money by providing a great need, change the world, what? Make a plan A and a plan B starting from the end and work out the details in reverse! Let me know if that helps you!

Question: With your writing style why aren’t you writing a book or something?

Answer: Way to put the pressure on! Sometimes I think you guys and gals are collectively coming up with ways to get me to commit (hey, I’m not afraid of commitment! No really!). I have the opportunity but not the time right now, but maybe I can see it in the not too distant future! Maybe I’ll just start with another e-book and see how it goes.

Question: Where can I subscribe, where’s your RSS feed?

Answer: Yes I’m getting this more and more, see my first few sites I actually started as a sort of S.E.O. experiment. I wanted to teach myself and others the power of media buying and share my experiences. I really didn’t anticipate much response at all. So go check out or and sign up to the RSS feeds there.

Want some more tools? Let’s get some Social tools!

Building your list is the single greatest resource for your business, what better way to build that list than with a great Capture/Lead Page?

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Grey Matter Overload or Help, Make It Stop!

I must confess I’ve been afflicted by several Marketer Bugs! Fat fingeritis, Hot Shiny Button Syndrome and worst of all Information Overload! Heal thyself (I said heel)! Okay I don’t have any suggestions for Fat fingeritis but I can help with the other two!

Grey Matter Overload

Grey Matter Overload

Shiny Button Syndrome is what we all go through at some point (go ahead admit it) where everything that sounds great (this has gotta work!) we buy it. Before the dust has even settled on your download, the buy button is engaged again! Aaaaahhhh! The best solution for this is the Delete and Unsubscribe buttons to counter Shiny Button Syndrome. Want to know a secret? Most of those offers WON’T work anyway if your attention is divided towards all those other offers, ad copy and emails. So when you get the latest shiny object guaranteed for your business to EXPLODE, remember you have to give it your full attention to really see it work (or not) as promised. Isn’t great ad copy awesome! This same method works with Information Overload, well most of the time. Just keep in mind that learning new things requires your undivided attention but don’t try to do “18 simple modules!” in one or two days. Are you going to remember that stuff? Try to get as much value from new things as possible, even if it didn’t work well you can share that information with your own audience.

Latest Updates for are ongoing, be sure to check out my other sites. More to come soon, but until next time please keep coming back and I’ll keep more articles coming!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn


Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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