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Home Business Myths and finding success online. Have you joined multiple companies looking for the right one? Got into a Home Business that gave you high expectations then let you down? In most cases the reason it didn’t work for you is one of the Home Business Myths, knowing how a Home Business truly works. Here I will outline to you what need to learn about your business to really make it really work well.

Join The Best Company Myth:

A great company pays you commissions on time and has a complete great customer support system too. Some of the better companies for new marketers are “done for you” because many of the business parts are taken care of so that you can concentrate on getting leads into your business. What’s usually missing is having that one person of experience (Coach or Mentor who values YOUR success) to actually assist you in promoting you instead of the company . You should know people will join you when you are positioned to help them get leads and make sales in their company of choice. This gives you the leverage to later promote your company and make sales. So by having the leverage of value, which company you join and which offer you have doesn’t matter.

Get Your Offer In Front Of The Masses Myth:



“All you need to do is get your offer in front of hundreds every day & you will get sales!” Here is one of the biggest misunderstandings for new marketers..EVER! Why? The best results is that you will get 1 – 3% actually join your offer. Those leads will be sold much in the way that you were but what happens when you’re not making sales at a better rate? Disappointment follows and the same happens to your leads because there was never much value outside of your offer. When you offer real value, then those hundreds are grabbing the value your giving and will grab your offer too!

The Part Time Myth:

“In just a few hours a day you can make as much money as you want”, this too is a myth. How can you accomplish something you’ve never done before to get a result you have never had? This is another one of those things that can actually work for some but doesn’t work well for everyone. What’s the most important aspect of actually building a Home Business? Your “Personal Value Level”, you build it up to gain knowledge and experience.



Never Make Calls To Anyone Myth:

It’s great having a sales team from your Company making sales for you, I use it myself buuuut (new it was coming didn’t you). Read the example below the image:




  • Think about one of your Co-Workers wanting to buy a car your selling.
  • Can you imagine one of YOUR Co-Workers just walking up to you with cash in hand saying, “I’ll take it”?
  • Even people that know you don’t just “buy” from you without having a conversation about it, “how does it drive?”, “can I get it for less?” “anything else I need to know before buying?”.
  • You want to have conversations with your leads in order to better help them solve whatever there problems are. What better way to find out and build trust than letting leads know you really are who they think you are through live conversation by phone call, Google Hang-Out, Skype, etc.?

One the biggest struggles is getting leads consistently and this is my number one secret that helped me start getting leads: MITS PPC Course

Giving you value, I hope you enjoyed this one. I’ll talk to you again real soon!

Your Friend Glenn: P.S. Call Me, Contact Glenn Today: 1 On 1 Coaching Call Appointment:

Business Frustration - Call Glenn

Business Frustration – Call Glenn


Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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