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The newest happenings marketing, what is all about. New site, new funnel and finally get to show you more about blogging online profits!


Hey Where Did You Go?

Well it’s good to be missed but I didn’t go anywhere! I’ve been working overtime, my red eyes are now a few shades redder now (sleep is not over-rated! Waaaah!). Been working on the new site, did I mention Usually I really don’t have to put this much effort into a site but I really wanted to do this one right and provide the best example for everyone to see! So let’s go behind the scenes of how this site came together.

How To Get Started:

First I had to purchase my Domain (I actually already owned multiple domain variations of my name, so this step was actually already done). One big difference you may have with this depending on if you want to establish your Brand or Keyword.

  1. Establishing a “Brand” takes much more work and is not necessarily what I recommend for anyone getting started. Think of all the commercials for say….Ford! Magazines, billboards, even ads on the Net are all “Brand” advertisements, meant to keep that name in front of you! The key with Branding is that it really doesn’t “sell”, it’s only useful for establishing a name, item or place.
  2. Establishing a Keyword or phrase is more of what I recommend because it gives you an amount of search traffic already built in that you found during your research of the right keyword phrase for your site or blog, makes sense right? Getting started or getting the first success is critical that you have done the research for your keywords and find the money word! That word is the one you need to use for not just your Domain but also your first 4-12 articles!

So I already had the Domain, needed to contact my Hosting provider to get the Domain registered, WordPress and some choice plug-ins uploaded so that I could get started. You need to know which Hosting service YOU want to use before starting this process, one you know is good but sometimes going with a new one can save you a few headaches! MY Hosting service for the new site is Brainhost, let’s just say their support is not the quickest but I still love the regular services I have. So it took about two (insert bad words here…) weeks for them to get this done! If and when I do another site, I will hire a good free lance person to do it for me. Wouldn’t you think “emergency” is “really fast” or “next day”? Apparently I was mistaken on this, sorry I’m kinda whining. Now if you don’t have your Hosting service install WordPress for you or if you use another platform, make sure that you have someone explain what your steps are after this is done. Some require that you register your site again, fill out and maintain your site maps and other little things we don’t usually have to do. Which ever the case may be, I can almost guarantee you can get some plug-ins to cover all of what you need (ask about site/blog S.E.O. plug-ins too, there’s too many for me to mention).

  1. I picked on of the more responsive Theme designs for my site, this makes it a little easier on you as the admin. Plus it’s better for your S.E.O. and ranking, most all new themes are compatable for mobile so that’s less worry too!
  2. Next you will need to start customizing your site to fit your needs. Do you plan on making some money at some point, or are you going to operate strictly as a biz with products to buy direct from you? I’m going to assume (don’t say it!) that you want a blog or site with similar needs like mine.
  3. You need to have at least 4 articles to get started with, focusing on your Keyword Phrase and linking internally to that first page about your niche keyword! Stay with me here, (wake up and smile)! SECRET SAUCE ALERT!!!

Where The Money Is For Your New Site:

Have you heard yet (at least from me) that monetizing your site is another “most important” steps to accomplish? So how do you get that done?

  • Secret Sauce Alert!

    Secret Sauce Alert!

    What’s your answer? Adsense? Nope! Amazon? Nope!

  • Sure you can add those later but they’re not as important, #1 is getting your sign-up added!
  • Right now, a page or pop-up is the best way to go (converts better than the regular form).
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot the “how”, well I recommend using “Pop-Up Domination” or OptimizePress.
  • You can install both through your site directly or through the FTP (a portal accessed from your cpanel, if the confusion is starting to build right now just ask your Hosting for assistance).
  • You also need to have a new list on your Auto-Responder for this sign-up to complete setting up the plug-in.

Yeah, about that list thing:

Do you know how to build a funnel? I used to sell one of mine, maybe I’ll do that again in the future. Anyway what you need to do is Live - List Email Live – List Email

go into your newly made list and start building a funnel for your new client/subscribers. Dependent upon your niche and type of business you need to have most of the emails already completed (the biggest reason for my lack of sleep, ah ha!). Yes there are additional factors you need to consider for those emails.

  1. Thank you, welcome email should go out immediately to your new subscriber’s. Let your readers know what they can expect from you in your emails. This is your first impression, let people know a little bit of your profile ie. married, kids, passionate about pet birds. This will be the start of your relationship with your readers but don’t make it too long, you will start telling your story in the next 2-3 emails.
  2. “How I got started in this business”, will be in the content of your next few emails. Make it a soap opera if you can, have cliff hangers at the end of the email so your readers want to get your next email. Vary the days on all your emails between 2 or 3 days from the previous sent.
  3. The remaining content can be your offers mixed with offers and useful insights that are “gotta have” information.
  4. Last thing with your list is to constantly cultivate your list relationship with “Broadcasts”. These are the emails you send 2-4 times in addition to the automatic ones. Why? Don’t you know when you get an auto email and a personal one? Believe me your audience knows!

Go out and make it a great day!

Dedicated To Your Success,


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Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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