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Home Blog – My Brain On Pause!

So what the heck happened? We went offline for 3 days and I found out something new, some platforms just don’t know what the others are doing. Since I was not moving the site to a “preferred friend” hosting service it was not a smooth transition. Since these two services both utilize WordPress platforms I figured it would work well, nope! I’ve always had great service from both but during this attempted move the response time from both averaged 2-3 days to get an answer. Plan B here I come, will launch another site to get the example going so keep an eye out for that. Whoa!  Moving bites! Just so you know I’m not kicking back with my umbrella drink, jotting this down to let you know I’m still around. Working on a new site launch to make everything clearer which is giving me less time than before. So I’ll cram a few topics in, some updates and the most recent comments flowing in.

Make Money Blogging Useful Tip – Tell me if you ever heard this one before

Can you afford to spend less than a dollar a day for some advertising? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Where's Your List!

    Where’s Your List!

    Go to your favorite freelance site (elance, SEO Mojo, Fiverr, ODesk, etc.) and place a job requirement for 9 banners ( 15-20 is actually the best numbers to test but these numbers are for media buys) and 2 landing pages for your blog or site. The landing page is to expand on the readers interest and the reason for two is so you can compare which combination works best. Make sure they are of the most common size of 300 x 250 or 250 x 250, have varied images and ad copy (your call to action). The 300 x 250 size works better in most cases for sites not geared towards mobile traffic.

  2. Your Banners will point towards your site/blog sign up, encouraging visitors to click on the banner image to get what they need most in your niche. Free offers work great for this, an e-book, free report, video training (a little imagination to be different maybe?).
  3. The whole point to this is not to get sales but to build your list, when you get the Opt-Ins from your landing page those are added to your list. So how and where are you putting the ads/banners?
  4. Find up and coming blogs that you like that get small amounts of traffic and make them an offer, $100 per annum to put your banner on their site! Yes it’s a risk of very few to no clicks on your banners but for the ones that do your paying less than .35 a day! If you get 2 clicks a day that’s an even better return on your investment! It’s about numbers, because you might have to ask 50 to 100 blogs for 3 to put up your banners but it’s relatively cheap. Give it a try!

Recent Stuff, Comments & Updates

  1. comments comments

    Okay I’m getting tons of comments here but I’m going to start getting choosey now. Many of the article post comments are great but some of you are just copy and paste. Don’t get me wrong I love the praise and encouragement, but even a guy with Alzheimer’s (don’t believe my wife, I don’t have it! Too young! LMBO) would recognize repeated comments. So the ones that look like exactly like one I’ve already replied to won’t get approved and posted.

  2. I was reading on another blog the other day and saw a word I REALLY liked! There was a line that said,”Don’t be a Glasshole!”, hah! I’m sorry but I really thought it was funny!
  3. Loads of requests about my contact info, how I write articles, and most of all what I recommend most for starting a blog. I’m pretty sure my contact info is still on the about page, will double check it though. It just so happens I did write a post about creating great articles on, please check it out. Oh, please leave a rating if you liked it!
  4. The last question that seems to keep coming up is how to start a blog and finding more info about money online.     1. You can start up a new blog fairly easily with the free methods and have the biggest benefits. Which help starting your first blog offering some additional methods for your site to get traffic and followers. GoDaddy and being the most poplular. 2. Check out the forums and groups on Social sites for more information towards your niche, if your looking for money online niche their are actually too many to name. Warrior Forum is very popular for making money online and I would suggest to go on any search engine for “(your niche) forums”.

Updates & Latest News

  • updates updates

  •  Any day will reach over 3,000 views on the first Passive Income,   video on YouTube
  •  What area do you need the most info that would help you the   most to make money online? I’m asking and seeking your answers
  •  Site move didn’t work out, so plan B will be a new site. Will continue on this blog as I get the new up and ready.
  •  Continued expansion into the Social Media areas to increase the Brand, are you doing the same for your business?

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn

P.S. Get your value Mojo from my FB Fan Page! Glenn’s FB Fan Page
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Call Glenn

Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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