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Home Blog – Latest Updates & more blah!


Home Blog – Latest Updates & more blah!

Welcome back! I got behind this week, not getting much of what I wanted to do done as the snow had other ideas. Just finished answers to all your reader comments and questions because I want everyone to know I’m looking and hearing you. Not getting much in the way of suggestions yet. So here I’m asking (read as blatant promotion) for more Facebook likes, Google +1’s, Twitter and blog followers. A look forward to what is in the works for GTGuilloryonline in the near future.

Make Money Stuff

Be the marketer and make online money come to you! I mentioned this somewhere last year but it never hurts to repeat helpful hints.

  1. Seasonal Offers

    Seasonal Offers

    Some money ideas shared by successful marketers are seasonal promotions. Valentines is almost upon us, did you run any promotions for it? If not you can still find a good offer for the current Tax season, check the networks with, or even The great idea behind this is that it applies to most every niche! On your site or blog do your readers need a Valentines delivery, or need reminder where they can get their taxes done right? Of course this applies to them, so go ahead and start monetizing your blog to make seasonal offers too!

  • If you have low traffic or don’t have your blog or site already monetized don’t rush it. Plan your set up and look at some of your competition sites for ideas. Ask yourself some of these questions:
  • Have you ever clicked an ad, how big was the picture?
  • What type of ads would you click on and why?
  • Where does my competition place their ads?
  • Part of your seasonal campaign can include a nice landing page and sign up (recommended). Promote it to other avenues too, ads on your site are a passive income! They will start bringing you an income long after you’ve forgotten about them. All of a sudden you start seeing some profits from ads on your site in between managing all the tasks of your blog or site (which is looooong after you put them up usually). Yes that’s how it works, work hard at your site and as you progress you will be surprised at the different things that start coming in!

My Date With Alexa – Don’t Tell My Wife!

  1. Ever thought about what methods to use so you can improve your Alexa ranking? I was thinking that very same thing last weekend. “What better way to show readers how to improve their sites!”, sometimes I’m a little bit gullible if you catch me at the right time. So I went straight to the source, Alexa herself (or himself if you prefer, ha). So I signed up, paid a small fee that promised to raise my ranking faster than normal. All I had to do was upload their code which was a small bit of java script. Well on this site, unlike my others I don’t have access to the cp-panel. CP-Panel is where a site owner would install that type of code, I asked my trusty WordPress assistance for help. “Um, we’re sorry Mr G but we don’t allow Java scripts because they cause other issues”, said the courteous Ms Help Admin. “Man, what am I going to tell Alexa?”, I thought.

    Back Link Vision Stats

    Back Link Vision Stats

  2. So Alexa cut me off but was sure to tell me that, “you can add the script to other sites you own”. Well maybe we can be “just friends”, is all I heard. Good ‘ol S.E.O., (and tons of shameless promotion) giving great returns! Yea! So remember, you don’t have to go on a date with Alexa and flash any cash! Research your keywords and spread your Web footprint far and wide, (oh, and don’t forget the back links). Last time I checked it must have still been listing previous months stats as the site before was ranked 1 billion something but before that it was around the 10 billion mark! Should move up even more by next month!

Reader Comments and Q & A

Comments, Suggestions & Answers

Comments, Suggestions & Answers

Over the past week I’ve been answering every comment, and I will continue to do this for now on. The majority of your comments go to spam because either the site can’t verify the email address or there is something not quite right about the link you have provided. I do not answer ANY comments that are negative about another site/blog or marketer, or if your site link is adult oriented. I do welcome comments and appreciate the praise but want more suggestions on subjects that can help you get started online making money from home, make or increase your business profit. On to the comments!

  1. Comment/Question: The top question is about the sites RSS feed and many of you have asked why you can’t subscribe to my feed or where to find the RSS.                                          Answer: I don’t have an RSS feed for one reason, I’m growing the audience and time spent right here. Since so many are asking I will install a sign up and send to all a newsletter that will have even more insights into making money. That’s why you come to the blog, finding good readable content that helps you succeed online.
  2. Comment/Question: Looking for a security plug-in, looking for a good S.E.O. plug-in, do you know of any?
    Word Press Bundle Beast

    Word Press Bundle Beast

    Answer: Yes I do, in fact you can install Captcha on your site for protection and always back up your site just in case. On the S.E.O. side of things, did you know that many of the Themes you can get have S.E.O. attributes in them? So updating and changing it every so often will keep your blog looking fresh but also will have up to date attributes.

  3. Comment/Question: Your posts are too short, I like them but can you make them longer?                                                              Answer: The articles on the blog average between 700 – 900 words but the blog entries were kept short so I could do those more often. That didn’t work out so I will put more info into the blog entries.
  4. Comment/Question: Loved the video, when are you going to post another? Will you put any on the blog?              Answer: Because I was clearing snow for part of the week I kind of fell behind on a few tasks and the video was one of them. Trying to get the Passive Income follow up and another done fast as possible. It takes long because I know these videos will still get views until next year as the blog becomes more successful. Yes in time I will install some “how to” videos right here on the blog.
Hard At Work

Hard At Work

Well that’s it for now, back to work on the next videos, articles and checking on all my data! Stay tuned!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn

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  2. could you explain more about keywords? I just started blogging last month and am having trouble finding my voice, and figuring out what to write about. I don’t quite understand the keyword feature.

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