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Home Blog – Comments, Latest Stuff & Updates, even more blah!

Wow! Another crazy week, both Aweber & GetResponse went off-line for some reason (great to know it happens to the big ones too, but don’t say I said it! lol), some upcoming insights for the blog! GTGuilloryonline

gtguilloryblog - Shocked!

gtguilloryblog – Shocked!

I’ve been taking some input from a well known millionaire that I had never heard of before and his take has me more excited than I can remember for my biz. If you love marketing and working your own business for more success you will be floored like I was when I start to reveal how I implement these new (new to me and probably you too) methods. Oh before I forget, I bought a franchise! Yea! Hold the applause please! Yep, bought one, and right now(even as you are reading this), I’m learning how to place the pickles just so.

Yes I found the Mac D’s of Internet Marketing! No, it doesn’t involve any real pickles (no pickles were harmed though,…mmm! sorry). A different way of thinking? A little, but what really opened my eyes and gave me that ah moment(ah-ha comes later), was the failure of S.E.O. and Traffic!

Let’s see if I can slim down what floored me, I ask you “would you spend $1 to make $1.10?” Your answer of course is “heck yeah!” Well how long would you do that? Forever right? Because soon as you applied that 10% as it reaches another dollar then you would put in $2 to get $2.20 right? Sounds so simple but how many of us are doing that? How is it possible? The majority of us, myself included spend $X hoping that we have the right tweaks and changes to get $X back! This usually works for me like, twice out of 5 attempts but I was taught that was successful. Nope!

I had to ask myself then and there, “why am I not trying to make money in EVERY aspect of my business?” Wouldn’t that be the best example to every reader? “Be successful like him and make money like Glenn does!” Wouldn’t that help you more, don’t you think that’s the best help I could give you? After all, don’t you relate to my articles because we are all starving for the right something to work? Not everything I buy works, everything I tell you about does and I tried it first before explaining how it works to you. This is why some of you really “get it” with the tips and trails I write about. YOU are the ones I want along for the ride with me to have a better online return.

Pay A Pretty Penny For What Works

Pay A Pretty Penny For What Works

For the one thing that works for us all I would pay a pretty penny, show me how I can be successful and don’t pull any punches! I want to explode my business and help others do the same because really I’m upset (yes I should let it go, but I’m not ready) that we spend our hard earned money for solutions to only get it in small portions. Then we find out later that the whole solution to our problem now is because we didn’t buy that one final ingredient! Well that’s when I’ve said, “Ooookay, I’m outta here”! Just tell me in the beginning you really don’t have all the secrets, or be really honest and tell me that you’re going to charge me over and over for things that only work half well as what you’re using. (Yes I’m ranting)

Yes I feel our bond growing stronger! Don’t you feel it too?                                                 So all of my other businesses will be on hold with the exception of the blogs until I finish my “Franchise” training. Yes as a marketer you never stop learning or testing. Speaking of testing

Traffic Failure! Or “The Mighty Facebook letdown”

gtguilloryblog - Money In The....Face?

gtguilloryblog – Money In The….Face?

Tried the Facebook for a penny, then I decided to apply my Media Buying experience to getting Facebook Traffic. I had never done a Facebook Media buy on a large scale so I considered this a first step (warning: ALWAYS keep you media buys small at first, yes I do know better but couldn’t resist). So I started this in January, completed the Facebook experiment in February and here’s how it went down:

  • Spent $700
  • Added 2k to my fan page likes
  • My ads were in front of over 300k Facebook users
  • 4 Opt-Ins generated to my list (passive income), 2 unsubscribes
  • 2 Sales

Failure? You be the judge, I had ONE fatal flaw that caused my campaign to not get optimal responses. Can you guess what that was?


I didn’t find my starving audience! Let me put it another way, Eddie Murphy once said, “If you give a starving person a cracker it’s the best food ever! But if you give a cracker to someone who just had a meal, well it’s just a plain old cracker!” Yes it was an experiment but I didn’t find the starving audience! I could have just spent $2 if I knew where those 2 clicks were buried! Then my returns would have been 2 conversions for 2 sales (plus later sales from my funnel) and a 300% return! Now that’s marketing! No it’s not over but I will get it figured out and give you those details at a later time, gonna bang my head!

Coming soon!

  • My brand new site! Working on it, but when will I sleep?
  • THE Best Franchise for Bloggers/Niche Sites/Online Businesses Period!
  • Article “Free Failure – S.E.O. vs Paid/Media Buys

Apologies for not being able to work in the comments, promise to make that first with the next Home Blog post! Now I’m going to go and bang my head on the wall some more to get the Facebook thing figured out! You know I will ; }  That’s a smiley with a wink!

Thanks for your patience and thank you for visiting!

Dedicated To Your Success, Glenn


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Call Glenn

Call Glenn


Home Blog – Comments, Latest Stuff & Updates, blah!

Whoa! What a week! I am soooo tired right now, (you say how tired are you?). So tired my dream was of having a dream of getting some sleep, (badda baa, mild audience claps). Ah so much for comedy, anyway some of you know that I intended to have a video running for the blog near the start of this January. Didn’t work out that way and I was slightly overwhelmed by doing something I had never felt the need to do. Yes I’m guilty of thinking it would be easy, man you all should have warned me! Now I know how geezers feel, because there was way more than I expected (get offa my lawn!) ha! First up, let’s talk comments!

What’s new in Comments –

  • As of this week I’ve been answering every approved comment, so if you didn’t…

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  2. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if
    you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or
    anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very
    much appreciated.

    • Absolutely! Get it all the time and I do have protection against it. On this blog I use Askimet, used to just delete them all until I realized that some were real people. The larger your audience grows the more suspect your site will be to even more so get your protection but keep in mind that a small portion are real people responding to your site. GTGuilloryonline

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