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Passive Income Video – YouTube I’m Here!


Sorry this one is just a short message, I know I’ve been threatening to get some video’s done since (let’s not bring up the past okay). Anyway it’s finally here:

You may notice a few small changes, the first is I am now responding on the blog to each and every ones comments. What?! You may be wondering why I would do that? It’s all about engagement (we talked about engagement of your audience a few articles back). This is the best way I know to let you know that I hear your comments and that you can also engage with me here. So take that to your own blogs and sites, after all who keeps coming back to a site that never responds to them?


Go see the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, just search Glenn Guillory.

More updates on the way!

Dedicated to your success,



Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

3 thoughts on “Passive Income Video – YouTube I’m Here!

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    • Great call, I have Hootsuite but haven’t gotten around to using it yet. Everyone should go check out these recommendations, there are also apps popping up all the time to automate your tweets. GTGuilloryonline

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