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Email Marketing – Getting The Most From Upsells

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Email Marketing – Getting The Most From Upsells


One of the most powerful keys to your business is having a great sales funnel. Upsells, front end offers (your main product and bonus if you have them), and back end offers. These are all automatic once built from your lead capture pages (opt-ins), auto – responder lists and landing pages. Your funnel gives you an ability to constantly promote your offer while still making sales on auto-pilot.


So what is an upsell and how do you capitalize on it?


First you should have a great offer (a product with a high conversion rate) and your funnel complete. After you should be solely focused on two things:

1.    Constant promotion to build your list

2.    Establishing and maintaining a relationship with your email list, also referred to as keeping your list engaged


Too many marketers make the mistake of pounding the pavement (so to speak) for traffic to their sites and adding potential customers to their lists. Getting sales often enough so you can be a full time marketer, right? If your funnel doesn’t have some good upsells YOU WILL NOT KEEP subscribers on your lists! So what is an upsell and what does it do for your business?


Here is what an upsell is in regards to your funnel:

·      Your upsells are basically offers built into your auto-responder that will generate income.

·      Upsells work when they offer great value to your readers (that’s the secret sauce). Do not try to upsell your customers on offers that don’t give them great value (solves a need or problem) and don’t upsell unrelated items.

·      YOU need to be knowledgeable about what you’re offering as your upsells, such as performance, quality, etc. You’re the expert so you should have tried it out at some point (never upsell products you don’t know and haven’t tried).

·      Done right upsells are the first block of a affiliate marketers steady income stream.


Email Marketing –

·      For the upsells to give you the best benefits you have to engage your list even though you may have a good auto-responder follow up series.

·      Your follow up series is a set of pre-written emails set up within your auto-responder. These emails are sent at particular intervals such as specific days of the week, times and or days after a previous email.

·      A good list will send out emails to your list for 3-6 months (yes it’s a lot of emails but some are large as 12-24 months for Guru level marketers).

·      Engage your list by sending out broadcasts to them with “valuable content” at least twice a week.

·      Whenever possible try not to step on your auto-responder emails. What I mean by “step on” is to try and avoid sending a broadcast email and follow-up on the same day.

·      Test and research your emails unless you have a proven set established by your affiliate network. Split testing, sign-up forms, tracking codes and surveys are the main tools of marketers for this. Some of these are even provided by the leading auto-responders these days.


Do keep in mind that some of your upsells may not be available forever, unless they are your own products. Also be aware that some affiliate offers may get pulled or have a predetermined expiration date unknown to you. So they can and often do suddenly go inactive and you don’t want an email to go out with links that don’t go where they are supposed to go. Periodically check any links in your auto-responder/link tracking service to make sure they still work properly.


A great funnel converts sales on the back and front end but without upsells you’re only getting a fraction of possible profits for your business. Part of your marketing schedule should include looking for great deals that give your readers value. Keep your list engaged so they grow to know and trust you. Your upsells will be the one of the greatest assets you will have that bring in profits even when you’re asleep!


To a more rewarding future,

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Author: Glenn T Guillory

Marketing success, primary goal is to help new-intermediate marketers finding success. Always available to help marketers get started or increase their profits. My sites have articles always with this in mind and I hope they help you too! My specialty is helping marketers learn how to get more & better leads for their home business

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